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These articles are encouraging news for non-interventionists; the r3volution indeed grows and continues! 

First in Newsweek, we have several signs of progress.  Try this out:

Then a funny thing happened on the way to the chopping block. The controversy quickly died. Steele retracted part of his statement, and other leading Republicans and conservatives stepped up, if not always to Steele’s defense, at least to second his skepticism about Afghanistan. Fiery pundit Ann Coulter called Steele “absolutely right” and laced into neocon hawks Bill Kristol and Liz Cheney, who were among those who had called for Steele to resign. Some GOP legislators, like Rep. Tim Johnson of Illinois—who has long opposed funding for both Afghanistan and Iraq—even wrote notes of support to Steele. “Since March our office has gotten 450 e-mails on Afghanistan,” an aide to Johnson told NEWSWEEK, “and only three have said ‘send more troops.’ ” 

Wow!  450 emails and only three said send more troops!  That’s improvement.  Newsweek also cited Rep. Chaffetz’s opposition to funding the war.  Newsweek even cited a blogger (alas not this one!) in his opposition:

Chip Hanlon of, a California-based blogger and Tea Party activist, says the issue resonates with the “true libertarians” in the movement. While they remain a minority, they’re usually the loudest and angriest at meetings, says Hanlon. “They saw Michael Steele’s comments as the first right thing he said.”

But, we have others who want to stay the course like Newt Gingrich:

Among them is Newt Gingrich, who is considering a 2012 run. In a speech he plans for the end of July, the former House speaker will hit the president hard, siding with hawks like Kristol. Gingrich thinks the U.S. can’t afford to fail in Afghanistan, but it certainly will unless Obama’s July 2011 deadline to begin withdrawing troops is dropped. “The morning we collapse in Afghanistan, the energy level of our enemies will quadruple,” Gingrich told NEWSWEEK. “This is not a war of choice.” The problem, he added, is that “the president’s current strategy is hopeless … If you have a commander in chief that no one believes, and a strategy that can’t succeed, then I think it becomes very difficult to get people to carry water for him.”

Former Speaker Gingrich is a brilliant man I admire very much.  But he’s wrong about this issue. 

The other article I found in the Orange County (CA) Register online.  It says that Steele managed to survive his remarks and cited the great antiwar activist Justin Raimondo (at as saying that he would have been kicked out by now if there was not some support for this position. 

Raimondo cites the Tea Party concerns about finances as a moving factor:

“People on the streets recognize this – the tea partiers,” Mr. Raimondo said. He said the tea partiers mostly have been focused on economics. But now people see that “we’re bankrupt. Such people have more common sense than, say, members of Congress.”

As my readers know, I called for  GOP officials to stand with Steele and I was encouraged to see this California state assemblyman to take our side:

One local Republican who has seen what’s going on is Assemblyman Chris Norby, R-Fullerton. Writing on, he called on like-minded Republicans to “speak up. … There are others who question an open-ended commitment of blood and treasure to prop up [Afghan President] Hamid Karzai and his illusory government.

Be encouraged!  We are winning!  But we’re a long way away from victory.  The seeds planted by Cong. Paul in his campaign and the work by us are bearing fruit. 

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