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Nancy Russell MUST Step Down as Chair of Hanover Republican Committee

Nancy Russell has become the embodiment and symbol of the friction between the truly Conservative Republicans and the left wing of the Party that fancy themselves “moderates” who are quite content to violate the Republican Creed while they “get things done” with the Democrats who want to burn the Constitution and allow government to make all of our decisions for us.

In what was an egregious and unforgivably partisan error, Russell sent out a letter prior to the 7th District Convention identifying herself as the Chairman of the Hanover County Republican Committee endorsing Linwood Cobb, the eventual loser in the election.

And to make matters worse, Russell was in charge of the Hanover Delegation’s voting and counting process.

So much for remaining neutral and objective in a primary.

And the HCRC Facebook page was plastered with Pro Cobb and Cantor posts and many  anti Gruber and Brat posts. Objectivity is expected of the Chairman. And she failed.

As someone who was personally attacked by Russell in an attempt to disenfranchise me as a 7th District Convention Delegate, the hostility of the Hanover Committee to anyone not supporting the primary candidate of Russell’s choice is palpable.

And it is not just the convention episode.

The last meeting I attended I was personally called out and criticized for being critical of Republicans who I believe have strayed from the Republican Creed. The irony of criticizing a fellow Republican for criticizing another Republican aside, the entire comment was out of order. And Russell allowed the criticism to stand.

And at that same meeting I noticed that the Committee was passing out pink cards to record attendance with an eye to purging anyone that misses 3 meetings in a row.

It is obvious that under Nancy Russell, the Committee is more interested in purging members than growing the party. Smaller is easier to control, so Russell has no intention of growing the committee.

I know quite a few Conservatives that would join (or rejoin) the Republican Committee in a heartbeat, absent the hostility that permeates the group, myself included.

It is high time we grow the Committee and that will not happen as long as Nancy Russell remains the Chairman. Absent her spine (in the person of Linwood Cobb and Cobb’s puppeteer Eric Cantor), Russell will continue be a complete disaster. She has always been unable to make a decision on her own without input from Cobb. Heaven knows who she will run to now. I suppose she will still call Linwood.

If Russell decides to stay it will be because of her petty vanity and ego. Most Conservatives doubt her commitment to the Republican 7th District nominee because of her inadvisable public statements and bias in the Convention as well as the primary.

The Hanover results at the Convention and the Hanover Primary totals are a resounding vote of “no confidence” for Russell and proof that she is out of touch with the voters. And an out of touch chairman spells failure for the Committee.

Do the right thing, Nancy. Resign and let someone else who is in touch with the voters actually grow the committee for a change.

It is time the Hanover Republican Committee become relevant again.

Email Nancy Russell and tell her it is time to go. Click this link Nancy Russell

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

23 Responses to “Nancy Russell MUST Step Down as Chair of Hanover Republican Committee”

  1. Ron Hedlund

    The people have spoken. Is anyone in Hanover listening?

  2. Joe Nowlin says:

    The Committee voted her in, let them reap what they have sowed. Elections have consequences.

  3. Paul says:

    Like Duh? Anybody that abuses power they she did with sending that endorsement letter for Cobb w/ her HA GOP title on it should resign effective immediately, voted in or not, it was quite offensive.

    I’ve been wondering for a long time why they even read the Republican Creed before the meetings. I found it so absurd it would be comical if not so seriously abused; my wife and I just stopped going.

    If Russell resigns we would likely come back.

  4. Nancy Russell says:

    I shall answer the “charges”

    First, once it was brought to my attention that the HCRC website administrators were posting items that were pro one candidate over another those administrators were asked to cease immediately. In addition, all posts were taken down.

    Secondly, the pink cards are our attendance cards. The State Party plan specifically states that attendance must be recorded. The cards are the best way to do that. They also serve as voting cards. The use of cards is used in other Republican Committees as well.

    Third, I cannot recall the meeting where Tom was “called out” by another member

    Lastly, there are no rules against supporting one candidate over another in elections. I wanted the delegation to know my reasons for supporting Linwood over Fred. Anyone who know me well knows that I am fair minded and would not “fix” a vote for anyone. Once candidates are decided I offer my full support to those candidates.

    I cannot begin to respond to the character assassination in Tom’s final paragraphs. I ask that you reach out to me and discuss any concerns you have.

    I welcome all Republicans to our committee. If you peruse our membership you will see Republicans of many varieties. They all believe in the Republican Creed as I do. I welcome them all

    Thank you

    • Tom White says:

      Nancy – these were not “charges” they were reasons why you should step down. You remaining as Chairman is an admission that you don’t care how many people you drive away. You are far too partisan and divisive an dhave proven that. You have failed to have policies in place concerning Facebook postings and you simply are not the one Hanover needs in the position at this time. It is a new day in Hanover, politically speaking. And you are every bit as partisan on the left wing of the party as I am on the right. Neither of us would be beneficial to Hanover right now as Chairman of the Committee. We need someone who has trust across the spectrum.

      If you don’t care about the Committee, then by all means stay on and continue to oversee the most irrelevant Committee in the state for your own personal ego.

      You are not capable of uniting the factions of the Republican Party and only serve as a wedge.
      Tom White recently posted…IS RAUL LABRADOR going to be the NEXT DAVE BRAT?My Profile

  5. Bob Nelson says:

    I believe other unit chairs have endorsed specific Republican Party nominees in primaries and identified themselves as such. Nancy’s endorsement in an internal Republican Party contest is a reason to have her resign? Pretty weak tea. After all, you are only automatically removed from membership if you support a non-Republican in a general election — not obviously a primary, much less a party election. And other than general divide and conquer tactics, how could a Democrat make a big deal about that?

    As for the pink cards, they are required due to requirements in the RPV State Party Plan, ones the units are subject to. You are only removed as a unit member if you miss three consecutive meetings, and you can submit a proxy to toll/satisfy that. Not real burdensome.

    I 100% agree we should grow the membership. Nancy is committed to doing that; and it is happening, precisely because of the Cantor/Brat, Cobb/Gruber, and Hill/Gillespie contests, and outreach by HCRC members who supported (and even opposed) some of the the winners in those contests.

    As for the Cobb/Gruber election process and participation by supporters for both candiates in it, I thought there was agreement that it was fair, and all worked cooperatively to count the votes and certify the results. Seems like a good lesson in moving forward and building the party.

  6. Smith III says:

    Speaking of “requirements”; how nice it would be if there was actually a Republican “requirement” that all elected Republicans actually adhere to the same Republican Creed that is read before each meeting.

    Why do they even have the Republican creed if people like Cantor are allowed to disavow it and the HA Chairman and other elected officials (many of which admitted that they knew Cantor was lying btw) just turn a blind eye to it? – which essentially contributed to Cantor getting ditched.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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