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I said I discuss the NCAA field in a day or two.  Now this great article says a lot of what I would have said so read it and we’ll discuss it in class in a day or two!

No, we’ll discuss it now!  Every regular season and tournament winner ought to be selected.

Texas Southern on the 15 line is actually a disservice to the second seed that they have to play against (Arizona).  When you overseed one team, you give it unmerited favor (Can you say Georgetown?  They are among the most overrated teams [Notre Dame is another – in football] in basketball.) and that also sets up the overseeded team for an upset.  BUT that also happens when you underseed another team, you again create a situation where a better seeded team is set up for a possible upset.  Texas Southern beat Kansas State and Michigan State on the road!  That’s pretty impressive.  Deserves better.

UCLA seems to be the consensus that they got a huge break.  Temple, Colorado State or even Murray State ought to have had that spot.  Yes, Montana and maybe one or two others might have been bid thieves but that is only because the selection committee seem determined this year to give the major conference retreads another chance.

North Carolina with 13 (That’s THIRTEEN) losses got a number four seed.  Now I am a Tarheel by birth and wanted to go to UNC as a kid but they didn’t seem interested.  UNC’s liberalism may have justified that decision by both me and the university.  In spite of that, it seems to me that was a overseed.  Again, this hurts the overseeded school to be an upset pick.  Harvard does not seem as strong as in prior years but they might win.

Villanova as a number one seed – questionable.  Duke?  Nope.  Virginia was the regular season ACC champ (Notre Dame won the ACC tournament!  ND?  How far from the Atlantic again is South Bend?) and that ought to count for the number one seed.  Maybe Arizona instead of Villanova.  Now the difference between a number one and number two seed is huge:  Ask Iowa State.  (They might have been overseeded, too and see what happened – early tournament exit.)  No number one seed has lost a first round game and it is not likely to happen this year (Wisconsin-Coastal Carolina is best chance) but several second seeded teams have lost their first round.  And the second round is even worse for second seeded teams than first rounders.

I agree Murray State has some weaknesses as a team.  But they did win 25 straight games and their regular season championship.  That would have been enough for me.  Let them go to Dayton.

Not sure Texas or maybe Indiana should have been selected, either.  Dayton apparently was one of the last four in.

VCU?  It’s a close case the seven line against Ohio State.  I think it could have gone either way – six or seven seed.  But the A-10 tourney victory ought to be worth something – usually at least one seeding line.  I would have given them the six.  Maybe swap with Providence or Butler.  It’s almost better to be 11 than seven sometimes.  Both George Mason and VCU were 11 seeds.

I am sure it is tough to select the best 68 teams.  I do not question the integrity of the members (I do question the integrity of the process due to Division I officials doing the selection) but I believe tough questions ought to be asked before the members of the committee are selected:  Do you favor good teams from mid-major conferences or a retread from a major conference?  The RPI is useful – like the SAT as per grades as a measuring rod for the marks – but the major conferences because they do play one another, that league play brings up the RPI of all the teams.  Strength of schedule is very useful.

But I’d take every conference regular season and tourney champ.  Should need only four First Four sites in four different sites (increase the field to 80) to accomplish it.

Class dismissed.


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