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I blogged on the German phenomenon of the Pirate Party (Here’s their website in German) earlier this year when they won several seats in the Berlin city state parliament (Berlin is a separate city-state due to the division of Berlin during the Cold War).

Well, they did it again:  In the Saarland!

Saarland is one of those places that you might know if you are a history buff or a stamp collector but it is now a state in Germany.  And their state parliamentary elections were held recently and while Chancellor Merkel’s party won the election, the big story was the Pirate Party:

The real winner of Sunday’s election was Germany’s newest political force, the Pirate Party, which campaigns for political transparency and Internet freedom. They won 7.4 percent of the vote, despite having had to rush to cobble together a campaign after snap elections were called. They will now be represented in the 51-seat state parliament with four seats. It is their second entry into a state parliament after winning almost 9 percent of the vote in the Berlin state election in 2011. The Pirates’ success is likely to cause concern for the Greens, who are in danger of losing voters to the political upstarts. Observers attributed the Pirates’ success in Saarland partly to voter frustration with perceived political corruption in the state.

There may have been some local issues, but the Pirates are serious and they are now a serious force in German politics.  Der Spiegel, the leading magazine in German) reports that the Pirates are the THIRD largest party in the nation!

According to a survey released by the pollsters at Forsa for broadcaster RTL on Tuesday, the political newcomers currently enjoy 13 percent of voter support and are now the third most popular party in the country ahead of the environmentalist Greens, which lagged behind at 11 percen

Check out the photograph of the Pirate Party convention in Munster in this Der Spiegel article (I can’t print it as I do not have permission):  Yes, it reads like how the Ron Paulians write the word “R3volution”!  And the Pirate Party has several things in common with the Ron Paul movement in this country:  Transparency, liberty, skepticism (that’s putting it mildly – I am not yet sold on their copyright positions and Paul has not spoken on it other than oppose SOPA/PIPA but I do agree copyright needs reform) with copyright and patent laws, more democracy etc. The Pirates are attracting the youth to their cause.

I think that many Europeans have had it with the Tweedledee/Tweedledum nature of politics in Europe:  Fundamental change in the EU and its institutions and slavish obedience to EU elites are off the table.  Well, so was the Fed and non-intervention here in the USA BUT the Ron Paul people brought it to the fore!

What the Pirate Party needs to do is see that the EU is their enemy.  Here, from Der Spiegel is one example:

A few years ago, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, a member of the FDP, could have become the heroine of this Internet freedom movement. As a member of the opposition, she and others had filed a suit against the data retention legislation.

But now she is German justice minister. Last week, the European Commission gave the German government a final, four-week deadline to agree on a new data retention law, in order to implement the EU’s directive on the issue, otherwise it could face legal action. Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger is in a no-win situation. The legislation won’t happen without compromises with the conservatives, and even her own watered-down proposal earned her much criticism among the web community. “Bye bye FDP,” Pirate supporters tweeted sarcastically.

Well, bye bye FDP (Free Democratic Party, a pro-business, semi-libertarian party) indeed:  They only garnered just over one percent of the vote in the SaarLand and got shut of the state parliament.  The Pirates got over SEVEN percent and got four seats!

But the Pirates need to become a trans-European force for liberty.  If the Pirates need help, I got a little time.  Feel free to contact me!  Ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch!  My first unsolicited advice is:  Take back power from European institutions, reintroduce the Deutsche Mark, no more bailouts, and fight for liberty!  Don’t be Tweedledee or Tweedledum!  Be the Ron Paul Revolution in Europe!

UPDATE of SORTS:  There are Pirate Parties in other EU nations, too:  Of course the movement started in Sweden, but is now in many nations.  Here’s the website for the Pirate Party International which is meeting in Prague this weekend (Tom, got any expenses to send me? 🙂  No, he says!) here is more information on that.

During this conference, the General Assembly – the highest body of the PPI – will decide upon the admittance of new members to the PPI, elect a new board and discuss and vote on amendments to the PPI statutes. In addition there will be an open space and a parallel session for Pirate Party Europe/EU discussions.
Speeches will be given by Amelia Andersdotter, Swedish Pirate Party’s Member of the European Parliament, and Laurence Vandewalle, Policy advisor on telecommunications and free culture from Greens/EFA Group in the European Parliament. Saturday’s program will be closed with a keynote address by Cory Doctorow, blogger, journalist and well known anti-copying-monopoly fighter.

Like I said, I’ll help!  We need a voice of LIBERTY in Europe (and in the USA, too!) immediately!  THIS is good news!

In addition there will be an open space and a parallel session for discussions about the forming of a Pirate Party Europe/EU.

Yes, there is a US Pirate Party, here’s the website.  But I think this is better done in the USA as a group and we have it:  The Ron Paul Revolution!  We are the pirates of the USA!


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