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The large but sparsely populated nation of Finland has been linked positively with the United States and liberty throughout the last century.  The former Grand Duchy of the Russian Empire, Finland became independent in 1918.  In the 30s, the Finns won the admiration of the Americans when it did this:

Finland’s reputation as a reliable debtor was established in 1933, when Finland paid the food loan it had obtained from the United States in 1919, in full and on time. Finland was the United States’ only debtor country that continued to pay its war-related debt until the end.

And the only one who did at all!  President Calvin Coolidge (one of our most unappreciated Chief Executives) was quoted as saying, “They hired the money, didn’t they?”  Just a few years later, in the First Miracle on Ice, Finland was able to avoid the fate of its Baltic neighbors when it kept the Soviet Army out of its capital in the 1939-40 Winter War.  Here’s a great video with Sibelius’ Finlandia in the background.   Although Finland eventually had to sue for peace and give up some territory (which has never been restored) it maintained political independence.

However, Finlandization became an ugly reminder of how a larger nation can bully smaller ones into renouncing some of its sovereign ability to freely decide its fate, especially in foreign policy areas.

Perhaps in Sunday’s election, Finland can do us a favor:  They may well vote in an euroskeptic government.  The True Finn party has surged from nowhere to perhaps be the largest party in the nation!  Here’s the report from the Guardian:

In Finland, this sentiment has led to the emergence of the “True Finns” party, which has in turn shattered the broad domestic consensus between political parties over the ESM and the bailouts. This party, led by MEP Timo Soini, has seen a meteoric rise in support over recent months, taking it from the margins of Finnish politics to the heart of the national conversation, with opinion poll ratings of about 20%, close to those of the three major parties. If this translates into votes, it would be difficult for their opponents to exclude the True Finns from negotiations on forming the next government. There have even been suggestions that Soini could become Europe’s first openly Eurosceptic prime minister.

Business Week concurs:

Support for political groups opposed to euro-area rescues was 47.3 percent in the latest poll by Helsingin Sanomat, published April 12. The True Finns, whose leader Timo Soini says taxpayers in the Nordic country shouldn’t have helped bail out Greece or Ireland, has seen its support soar to 16.9 percent from 6.9 percent a year ago.

Business Week quoted one prominent Finn as saying they electors may not cast a protest vote that might hurt the euro region.  I suggest that euro-skepticism is exactly what you need when you attempt to form a supernation (or empire) without the consent of the governed.  I will say for the record that the euro-elites will attempt to tar the True Finns party as racist.  This BBC article sounds like the beginning of the smear:

Finland is officially bilingual, but the True Finns’ nationalism has no room for Swedish. It excludes Swedish as something unfamiliar to Finnish culture. Polls suggest that most Finns share that view and want to stop the teaching of Swedish in Finnish schools.

A political party that wants to give the people what they want!  No wonder the euro-elites fear it.  Here’s from the website of the Finnish Parliament:

The ideals to which the True Finns subscribe require that all members of our society have the right to a life of human dignity. Every citizen is equally unique and valuable. No one has been born into this life in vain; we are all needed. Each and every one of us is entitled in our home country to housing, health care, work and security; these things are self-evident, but will they still be in the near future?

The True Finns are willing to cooperate across party boundaries to enable the above-mentioned goals to be achieved. We are an independent, nationally minded party that presents an alternative and serves as a counterweight to non-criticism of the EU. Standing on a foundation of Christian-social values, we have the courage to point out shortcomings and prompt a social discourse on them in plain Finnish.

GO!  FIGHT!  WIN!  May the True Finns get the largest vote share and elect the first euroskeptic PM ever.  The True Finns, like their forebears in 1939, are fighting America’s battle.  The EU is NOT our friend!

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