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Nick Freitas Opens Door to Jim Gilmore to Lose to Tim Kaine

With the weak leadership at the Republican Party of Virginia apparently pushing Nick Freitas into the 2018 Senate race to topple far left Democrat Senator Tim Kaine, Jim Gilmore has to see that as a plus for his chances to win the nomination.

And Gilmore will, of course, lose.

That’s not a knock on the former Governor. but an observation stating the obvious, given the political landscape for the Republican Party in Virginia.

Republicans, fresh off an ass-whooping the likes of which they have never seen, appear to be on a “full speed ahead” course to grant Tim Kaine another term.

The #neverTrump Freitas will serve as a siphon to pull votes away from Corey Stewart. Not that the #neverTrump crowd would vote for Stewart, but as Ed Gillespie found out, Stewart has a lot more support in Virginia from the same folks that put Trump over the top in the 2016 primary.

And while the #neverTrump crowd along with the RINO establishment want to blame Trump for last year’s defeat in the House of Delegates and top 3 races, that is completely the wrong message to take away from the 2017 election.

Yes, the Democrats masterfully used fake news and lies to scare a large (and largely ignorant) anti-Trump turnout last November, but the Republicans – with the exception of Lt. Governor candidate Jill Vogel – distanced themselves from Trump and allowed the Democrats to turn Trump into the boogie man without challenge. So the Democrats tied Trump with the fake news and reports about him to every Republican running at every level. And the fearful Republicans, with few exceptions, ran away from Trump and allowed the Democrats to bludgeon them bloody in the election.

Had they challenged the Democrat’s false narrative, the defeat wouldn’t have been nearly as bad. The House would not have come down to a drawing for control. (And perhaps a court appeal.)

No, the spineless GOP ran from the fake news and failed to embrace the Trump economy, jobs reports, unemployment decrease and general rise in the American mood after 16 years of mediocrity and incompetence.

So we have Corey Stewart as the only candidate to stand up to the media lies about Trump, the only candidate to refuse to be cowered by Democrats and the only candidate not afraid to buck the trend of Political Correctness and advocate for American’s and Virginian’s.

But rather than support a candidate that can actually win, it appears that the #neverTrump crowd, which has mostly become #neverStewart, prefer another defeat by another candidate who will run from Trump, alienate the Trump base and the voters who care more about Virginia than the GOP Power scene.

Pity. Cutting off your nose to spite your face is never an attractive option. But this is where Freitas supports want to go.

And we all know what will happen. Freitas will pull the #neverTrump vote and widen the divide within the Party, Stewart will pull the #MAGA -MVGA voters leaving someone like Gilmore an open path to the nomination.

And on election day, the #neverStewart’s and the #MAGA-MVGA will unite and stay home, refusing to vote for the #Establishment candidate.

And Tim Kaine glides to another victory.

And RPV Chairman Whitbeck has already appeared to tip his and for Nick Freitas, ensuring another defeat for the Virginia Republican Party.

Leadership, in the form of a Chairman that can unite the still warring factions of the Trump-Cruz Presidential Primary of 2016 is the only way Republicans will see the light of day again in Virginia. John Whitbeck simply has alienated too many Republicans to get the job done.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

17 Responses to “Nick Freitas Opens Door to Jim Gilmore to Lose to Tim Kaine”

  1. Richard M. says:

    Missed you Mr. White.
    Hope you enjoyed your long overdue sabbatical. Mr. Sanders is doing an outstanding job educating VA Right readers in your absence. We at our house love Sandy and his Libertarian Contrarian views.

    Appreciated the insight into the politics of the Republican nomination for US Senate this year.
    Interesting that candidate Corey Stewart announced for US Senate right out of the gate to all of his supporters after Ed Gillespie won the nomination for Governor. As I see it, spoiler and memory impaired Bishop EW Jackson announced he was running for the GOP nomination for US Senate because losing twice badly just wasn’t enough evidence for a lawyer that he is unelectable in Virginia. Memory impaired you ask? I attended the 2013 state GOP Convention and IF Corey Stewart hadn’t thrown his support and his delegates over to EW Jackson, Pete Snyder would have been the nominee. Snyder was always “supposed” to be “the LG nominee.” But EW Jackson showed up and gave the speech of a lifetime. EW Jackson lost all credibility with me for trashing Stewart for his record in PW County.

    “The Reverend” BISHOP EW Jackson apparently doesn’t believe in Religious Freedom and the right of free people to build houses of worship in PW County. Mr. Stewart does. He read the Constitution in law school. seems like.

    So here comes that Christian Taliban group you speak of. Christians who are homophobes and islamophobes according to their leader State Central Committee member of the Republican Party of Virginia 5th District Pastor Travis Witt ( They are the #Never Trumpers and ABC’s Anybody But Corey professional campaign operatives led by Daniel Bradshaw, Mike Troxel, Travis Witt, Steve Albertson, Nick Collete and the gang from 6th, 5th and 1st districts. They draft Nick Freitas for US Senate after EW Jackson announces postulating in a 3 way race for the nomination, their guy wins.

    Republicans told visitors to the Nick Freitas hospitality suite at the RPV advance in December at the Homestead they knew Nick couldn’t win against Kaine they just couldn’t allow Corey to win the Republican nomination. Ah so Christian of them. Truth be told- all those John Adams failed campaign workers needed jobs in 2018.

    So who is Nick Freitas. 38 yo. Born in 1979. Married in 1999. Had first child. Served honorably in the US Army from 1998-2009. Didn’t “attend” college but earned a degree from online Henley Putnam University earned some on line mail order degree in security. Works as a military gov’t contractor who can apparently let him off work to campaign full time for US Senate for nine months and work as a delegate Jan- April in Richmond- not exactly “critical staff.” Get my drift? Was tapped by bad boy Raucus Caucus member Bryce Reeves( failed LG candidate for good reasons) to run his campaign in Culpeper County. Remember Culpeper and Orange in 2014 ? They went Big Time for Eric Cantor over Dave Brat in June 2014. Those people did not support Dave Brat over Eric Cantor under Freitas leadership in the Grand Old Party in Culpeper. So we may all assume Freitas was a pro Cantor guy. LIberty Rising my A**. Cantor has been described as a RINO.

    When Freitas ran for Delegate in Neon RED Orange, Madison and Culpepper Counties he ran unopposed in the primary and the general election. Let that sink in all you pundits out there. Freitas has NEVER run a campaign in a Blue County. Wow – what a leap of faith that he can run in BLUE VIRGINIA against a Harvard lawyer, a former Mayor of Richmond, a Former Governor and a sitting UNITED STATES SENATOR who was a VICE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE in 2016.

    And how would Freitas vote in Washington? Cantor supported the Luis Gutierrez ( D- IL) blanket amnesty plan for all illegals and dreamers and single payer healthcare and any other Chamber of Commerce agenda and bailout. That is the kind of Republican Freitas would be in Washington? Another Scott Taylor (VA- 2nd) who ran some campaign as a conservative Former Navy Seal from Virginia Beach with Cantor’s anointment and now Taylor votes like a Democrat. Problem is we don’t know Nick Freitas because he doesn’t have a voting record to demonstrate to us if he will be another SenatorJeff Flake or Lindsey Grahamnesty, Lisa Murkowski or Susan Collins. Or traitor John McCain.

    And so here we are in Virginia with a candidate for US Senate. A first term delegate whose entire young adult life of twenty years has been working IN and FOR the military- a very narrow view of life and experience and someone who has NO legal depth of knowledge whatsoever according to lawyers who write bills in the General Assembly and are now incredulous that this first term delegate is being run by the the biggest failed campaign staffers of the century for US SENATE in Blue Virginia.

    We applaud Mr. Freitas’ service to our country. He married very young and immediately started a family. He’s a first term delegate with no real campaign experience and no experience writing bills and we are to believe that he is ready to ratify Supreme Court Justices and Federal Judges and pass real laws and treaties and declarations of war? When he can’t even write a bill to repeal Civil Asset Forfeiture in the General Assembly? Without a team of lawyers who oversee his “lack of any legal knowledge.” Wait until the Sheriffs and Police chiefs across the Commonwealth get wind that Freitas is taking away their fun money. Remains to be seen if Bryce Reeves can garner support from the POLICE for his good buddy Nick when he’s supposedly working to rob their piggy banks of civil asset forfeiture money. Win or Lose Freitas is pandering to the Tea Party on this bill by carrying it. Nick Freitas ain’t no Tea Party candidate. Mark Lloyd or no Mark Lloyd on the campaign trail. ( Lloyd FYI is the former failed leader of the VTPPF)

    Ladies and Gentlemen this is your Republican Party of Virginia under the failed leadership of John Whitbeck, Chairman. Who is working hard for Nick Freitas. Violating a code of ethics and conduct expected by a Chairman caught using his influence to affect the outcome of the nomination. The ABCs of dirty Republican politics on display second only to the dirty deeds by Ben Cline and his ilk in the 6th District Congressional race.

    • Culpeper Tea Party Patriot says:

      Greater understanding of why Nick Freitas favors conventions over primaries. Why Albertson’s fellowship wanted a convention for the 2018 GOP nomination – Freitas.

      What do the voters in Madison, Orange and Culpeper think after donating to Freitas for Delegate and working to defeat Democrat Hixon in November. Especially the PACs who donated to Freitas. Ben Hixon claimed Freitas was running 2 campaigns at the same time. Hixon claims on FB Freitas was running for Senate while campaigning for Delegate. Bait and Switch? Further evidence Freitas has no business in Washington.

      For the past 3 years the Culpeper Republican Committee FB page has been the Nick Freitas political campaign page. Began when he became Chairman of the GOP committee. Feel duped yet? These people are major manipulators. Don’t trust people who have agendas and don’t disclose them.

    • Michelle says:

      this post makes me so angry i could scream. that professional political consultants and campaign managers and company owners are allowed to sit on the Republican state central committee?

      Who exactly do we see about that? Marston? Where is ginni thomas and her crew?

      It is time for Mike Thomas, Steve Albertson, Bradshaw, Travis Witt, Diana and Chris Shores and Doc Troxel and that PROXY Spit SWAPPING 6th District crowd be purged from the RPV leadership. They have no right to vote for their livelihoods and where are their disclosure forms?

    • Michelle from Madison says:

      Nick Freitas is a Pro ALEC politician ( just like Speaker Howell and Kirk Cox) Development $$$$.
      and when the farmers and conservative voters in Madison County get a clue that FREITAS supports AGENDA 21 development policies he is TOAST politically …… we in Madison County want to keep Madison Rural and in Agriculture NOT HIGH DENSITY APARTMENTS and WALMARTS……

      Freitas is a Fraud.

  2. Melvin Harris says:

    Nick Freitas was the Chairman of the Culpepper Republican Committee March 2014 to March 2015.
    To ensure Linwood Cobb and Eric Cantor were re-elected in the 7th. Culpeper went overwhelmingly for Cantor in the June 10 2014 primary.

  3. Kenney P. says:

    what is a raucus caucus?

  4. GeneThePopulist says:

    I just do not know where to start Tom. So, I’ll just start with the truth as I usually do.

    1) You mention Trump’s “job reports”. Please, please, please, provide the job numbers you are talking about that show Trump has produced in his first 11 months anywhere near the jobs in the US that Obama did in his last 11 months in office? Not the jobs Trump has created in the China, but in the US.
    2) You mention the people who put Trump “over the top” in the 2016 primary. Can you also document this alternative fact? The worlds second biggest liar won the 2016 primary in Virginia by 212,000 votes. Who is the worlds second biggest liar after Trump? Hillary Rodham Clinton.
    3) Due to the lies Trump told to get elected and continues to tell, and the absolute, total corruption of the republican party, I will support every D, on every ballot, every chance I get. There is no Democrat anywhere, anytime, any place I will not vote for until further notice. Just see youtube for all the past and current Trump lies.
    4) Will you support a Trump coup to keep him in office. Yes or no?
    5) Interest rates rising, fuel prices rising, inflation rising, trade deficit increasing, all under Trump.Trumpcare prices rising out of control. But, the rich are getting richer under Trump, and it has to come from somewhere. And that somewhere is the poor and middle-class. Jeff Bezos is now apparently worth $104.4 Billion thanks to Trump.

    On another note, just look at how easy it has been for N. Korea and the China to make a complete fool out of Trump and you people. A 34 year old, commie, punk dictator, has Trump by his balls and will not let go. The latest “sanctions” have put N. Korea in the Olympics by golly. How fitting it will be if Putin’s new bitch, Donald Trump, awards the N. Koreans a gold medal or maybe two. Wow, those sanctions really do work!

    You just gotta love it!

    • Buddy Hill says:

      Look Gene:

      Blaming Trump for FED POLICY and gas prices ( IRAN) is insane.

      Interest rates are rising because the former FED Chairman Janet Yellen appointed by Obozo is dumping trillions of China held US DEBT. The US can’t afford to keep interest rates at ZERO. Remember TARP you dumbocrats loved so much. Obama’s shovel ready jobs that never happened? Well time to pay the piper.

      Obozo gave Iran $1.8 billion and Iran didn’t feed its people with it and they are rioting in the streets.
      Again Oil prices going up due to Obozo’s failed Iran policies. They spent US money on NUCLEAR WEAPONS instead of FOOD.

      Get back on the meds buddy- you have Trump derangement syndrome

      • GeneThePopulist says:

        1) First off why not let Tom produce documentation to back up his claims? Where is your documentation?
        2) Second, your limbaugh owned, ignorant ass, doesn’t have a clue. Obama only gave back Iran their own money that we confiscated when they confiscated our embassy in 1979. What Iran does with their own money is none of our business. Trump also lied when he promised we would mind our own business in the middle-east while campaigning for pres.. Bring the troops home he said.
        3) The actual number is between $150-200 billion of their own money. Not $1.8. it sounds so much better to you when limbaugh/trump lie and tell you it was taxpayer money.
        4) Americans are also rioting in the streets against Trump. No healthcare and other issues. I can live without eggs and chickens. But not healthcare.
        5) At least Iranians have healthcare. Another lie Trump has failed to deliver on.
        6) We have chicken and eggs, Iranians have heathcare. Wow, that’s a no brainer.

        Trump relies on the continued ignorance of people like yourself to stay in power. Tom and Bob are not going to continue to allow me to present the truth. Only a matter of time before they give me the boot.

        • Tom White says:

          1) First off why not let Tom produce documentation to back up his claims? Where is your documentation?
          Already did.

          2) Second, your limbaugh owned, ignorant ass, doesn’t have a clue. Obama only gave back Iran their own money that we confiscated when they confiscated our embassy in 1979.
          From the LA Times – a liberal Obama loving rag. The article admits that the bounty was paid in non US cash (nothing fishy there, right!) and Obama admitted it was ransom:

          The Obama administration had claimed the events were separate, but recently acknowledged the cash was used as leverage until the Americans were allowed to leave Iran. The remaining $1.3 billion represented estimated interest on the Iranian cash the U.S. had held since the 1970s. The administration had previously declined to say if the interest was delivered to Iran in physical cash, as with the principal, or via a more regular banking mechanism.

          3) The actual number is between $150-200 billion of their own money. Not $1.8. it sounds so much better to you when limbaugh/trump lie and tell you it was taxpayer money.
          The article states that Iran owes US citizens $55.6 billion. This was another dirty Obama deal intended to help terrorists.

          4) Americans are also rioting in the streets against Trump. No healthcare and other issues. I can live without eggs and chickens. But not healthcare.
          They are paid protesters. Hardly anyone that really gives a shit.

          5) At least Iranians have healthcare. Another lie Trump has failed to deliver on.
          A lie? It took Obama 2 years to push through the disaster that destroyed our healthcare. And Trump has tried to repeal it. The mandate is now gone, so Obamacare is almost as good as repealed. I am so glad you like your healthcare. You pay thousands of dollars a year for nothing.

          In 2008, when Obama was elected, the average individual paid $159 per month with a $2,084 deductible. A family paid $369 per month with a $2,760 deductible.
          By 2013, the last year before Obamacare started, an individual paid $197 with a deductible of $3,319.00 and a family paid $426 and a $4,230 deductible.

          In 5 years individual premiums rose $38 or 24%. Family premiums rose $57 or 15% Individual deductibles rose $1,235 or 59% and families saw an increased deductible of $1,470 or 53%.

          Enter the first open enrollment in 2014 and individual premiums went from $197 to $271 over 2013. A whopping increase of $74 or 38%. Family payments increased from $426 to $667, an increase
          of $241 per month or 57%. IN ONE YEAR!

          And Deductibles increased dramatically. Individuals went from $3,319 to $4,164 an increase of $845 or 25%. Families went from $4,230 to $7,771, or $3,541 or 84%.

          Thank you Obamacare.

          This year, individuals pay $393 with a deductible of $4,328, an increase over Obamacare’s first year of 45% and Families saw an increase in premium of 53%. Deductibles are up by only single digits, but an individual now pays $4,328 and families pay $8,352. Which means that you pay $393 per month for 12 months plus $4,328 before Obamacare pays a dime for anything except the few “free” services. So an individual who has an accident or illness will pay out of pocket $9,044 before Obamacare pays a dime. And families will pay $20,604 out of pocket before Obamacare kicks in.

          Individual premiums are up 99% under Obamacare and family premiums are up 140%.

          Since Obama was elected an individual was looking at a maximum out of pocket of $3,992 and a family would max out at $7,188.

          I am so glad you are happy with your Obamacare plan, Gene. Those of us who look at numbers see that Obamacare is a total failure and made the problem worse.

          Trump has instituted a number of measures, but the mandate is not gone until 2019. At that time, Trump will institute a greater range of policies that will lower premiums and deductibles. Starting with getting rid of coverage someone does not want or need.

          Trump relies on the continued ignorance of people like yourself to stay in power. Tom and Bob are not going to continue to allow me to present the truth. Only a matter of time before they give me the boot.

          I think the facts and statistics show that the only ignorance is coming from you, Gene. Bob and I both get our facts from a number of sources, none of which are talk shows or filtered news like CNN, MSNBC or Fox.

          And as long as you remain civil you are free to post whatever absurd comments you wish.

          Tom White recently posted…Nick Freitas Opens Door to Jim Gilmore to Lose to Tim KaineMy Profile

    • Tom White says:

      Gene – turn off MSNBC and CNN. There is no truth there. They fill your little mind with lies with absolutely nothing to back up their claims.

      I believe you failed to comprehend the point of this post. It was not to document Trump’s prowess in fixing the mess Obama created. It was about the strategy Republicans are using in their ignorance, a condition you obviously share.

      There is a list of Trump accomplishments here. These are the things Republicans need to run on.

      But if you need facts, I hope this helps.

      First, it is not fair to compare Obama’s last year with Trump’s first year. As I am sure you recall, Obama came in Jan 2009 with unemployment at 7.8%. It continued to rise all the way up to double digits as Obama and his super majority put out one bad law after another, bringing the economy to it’s knees. Obama told us that near zero economic growth was the new reality.

      Suddenly, unemployment dropped from 9.8% in November 2010 to 9.3% in December. And in 2011 began it’s drop down to 4.8% in January 2017. And it is now at 4.1%.

      So what happened in November 2010 that caused this massive recovery? Well, the Democrats lost their majority in the House and put the brakes on Obama’s crazy. And in 2014, Republicans won the Senate too. And Obama’s damage was contained.

      Trump won the Va primary in 2016. What alternative fact are you talking about?

      Please list the “lies” you think Trump told to get elected. And only LIES. The fact that something has not yet been accomplished – like building a wall – is not a lie. I hear people often mention supposed lies Trump has told, yet I never see examples of actual lies. Most are things like “Trump said 1,000,000 people were still uninsured after Obamacare” when the actual number was less than a million. And many of the supposed lies have turned out to be fact – but the liberal rags never go back and update. Remember the “lie” Trump told about his campaign phones being wiretapped? Turns out to be true. And even after this became known, liberal rags try to make the claim wiretaps must have analog lines and these were digital.

      A coup removes the leader FROM office. There is no such thing as a coup to keep the Constitutionally elected president IN office.

      Obama Fed holdover Yellen has raised the interest rates over and over. Much of the deficit under Trump can be attributed to the interest rate hikes.

      Gas prices have been stable between $2 and $2.50. You may recall the hurricanes we had last year that damaged some refineries. Many of these are not yet at 100%. Supply and demand.

      Inflation is a byproduct of an expanding economy. Negative inflation like we saw under Obama is a byproduct of a contracting economy. Some inflation means the economy is booming.

      Our economy is booming, unemployment is dropping even for Blacks – a stubborn demographic to employ – and America is on the way to being great once again.

      Gene – you are completely wrong about Trump and the American revival that is underway. Imagine how great things would be if Trump didn’t have to fight his own party and intentionally ignorant people like you that will NEVER admit the resurrection of America that is in progress in spite of the proof being all around you.

      There are a bunch of hysterical crybabies that are in a total and complete meltdown because they were so very wrong about Trump.

      I was an early supporter of Trump and he has done far more good than I even dared hope. Eventually he will get credit for his accomplishments, but MSNBC and CNN will never let you know.

      Trump is everything I hoped for and far more. Even the Trump haters in the Senate and House are starting to come on board.

      It’s called WINNING. Get used to it. You can bad mouth it, hate it and try to ignore it. But even you will be paying less for things like electricity.

      Perhaps with the savings you can refill your Prozac. Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone Trump’s tax cuts are subsidizing your healthcare.
      Tom White recently posted…Nick Freitas Opens Door to Jim Gilmore to Lose to Tim KaineMy Profile

  5. Lawrence Wood says:

    Any, and I do mean any, even remotely likely winning Republican Senate candidate in Virginia will need to take 800K plus general election votes out of the Northern Virginia urban megaplex alone, period, to beat Kane and frankly he is the most apparently vulnerable statewide elected Democrat to appear on the re-election horizon for the foreseeable future. Is a zero name recognition candidate like Del. Freitas with minimal elected experience, little cash on hand and no voting base support in the urban demographic areas of the state anything other than an exercise in futility or perhaps more accurately ego? Who in their right mind believes this candidate can generate even a 100K general election vote count in the NoVA tier and what specific “facts” are they basing this silly conjecture upon?

    For those Republican activists that are trying to relive the years of the 2010 conservative unknown Tea Party candidates try to grasp that time and place is gone! I have to look on in close to pity when these zero name recognition, highly ideological driven candidates are continually brought forward by faction elements of the state party (e.g. Riggleman, Reeves, Freitas) to simply flounder and thrash about causing little more than useless friction among the parties consistently underperforming political elements to produce at the end of the day – nothing but a continuation of discord and a Democratic win.

    This constant regurgitation of hopeless candidates by the “liberty” state party faction that have little to no chance at success is well within their rights but we don’t have to also pretend that it is anything other than detrimental to both party unity around a potential candidate that may have a shot at competing against Sen. Kane or contributes in any manner to rebuffing the Democratic hold on state politics. Virginia political factions of all varieties will continue to be little more than a sad joke until they they are willing to give up proselytizing and accept that politics is about bringing forth candidates with demostrable voter base support that can WIN. They don’t award election prizes for soapbox philosophizing and lofty (self defined) ideals. If these individuals are looking for commemoration on their purist traditions I’m afraid they will have to feel rewarded with that sense of self importance alone as actually winning anything with these type of candidates is hopeless as the voting base has completely demonstrated to them again and again to NO avail.

    Which of these candidates can even come close to generating the approximately 800K general election votes a Republican candidate will need to collect out of the Northern Virginia tier to have any shot at actually winning a statewide election based on post 2016 vote trend lines? Once you cut out the candidate fairy dust, what a great guy “isms” and the rest of the totally non relevant bs WHO could generate the necessary vote count to have any shot? Del. Freitas? He may have everything you like except any shot at actually winning the race!

    There is only one guy currently that has even the remotest shot based on previous election history and voter base placement support. But don’t let me stand in the way of simple four function arithmetic logic and observable political reality. Enjoy your anti Stewart delusions and the continuing collapse of the state party if you must.

    • Tristan Stavely says:

      Mr. Woods,

      Your commentary is intelluctually sound. But here is a question….

      Who created this “so called” Liberty Party in Virginia?

      It is a recently concocted scheme to confuse uninformed voters. Was it the creation of Steven Brodie Tucker and Steve Albertson at the Bull Elephant? Is this some new scheme to mine statewide voter data for Riggleman’s 2021 bid for Governor? Or is it the scheme of the half baked Millenial
      “Libertarians” in the 5th District who elected Tom Garrett to Congress? These laughable self labeled “Constitutionalists” who desire to have the government absolve them from their student loan debt and legalize their marijuana and who propose to rewrite the Constitution in a Convention of States?
      All of which Tom Garrett now supports as a Congressman.

      Mr. Freitas’ campaign backdrop is “LIberty Rising.” Sound familiar? Denver Riggleman’s failed “Whiskey Rebellion” come to mind? Created by the same Zach Werrell, Mike Troxel, and Elliott Harding? Bait and Switch slogan of Liberty to obscure the “decriminalization of marijuana” agenda of these Libertarian campaign consultants who hate Trump’s war on drugs? Using the very same Brodie Tucker and Martin and Albertson’s Bull Elephant as a propaganda tool to promote it? Like they did Denver Riggleman’s campaign?

      Mr. Freitas can’t have it five ways. He can’t be an Eric “The Ivan” Cantor RINO Republican from Culpeper and call himself a “Constitutionalist” while he supports the Article V Convention of States and employs “Libertarian” staffers who support legalization of marijuana and abolishment of $1 trillion of student loan debt for all and still call himself a “Conservative” while campaigning at Rick Buchanan and Martha Boneta’s “Tea Party” meetings or what is left of them after Mark Lloyd destroyed them.

      Mr. Freitas should frighten the hell out of any Republican voter. He suffers from a political identity crisis of enormous magnitude and citizens of our nation don’t need someone who doesn’t know which way his compass points in the United States Senate who doesn’t support our President.

      The Democrats would crucify him in November if he were the Republican nominee.

    • Carlton Pacers says:

      Remember 2012 when the Middle Resolution Pac funded Jamie Radtke, a full time housewife and homeschool mother from Chesterfield County, to run as George Allen’s stalking horse for the Republican nomination for US Senate? Rick Buchanan current leader of said failed Tea Party Federation was on that Radtke team. They support Conventions over Primaries because voters are just too uninformed to vote in a primary? June 10, 2014 proved them all wrong.

      Mr. Woods is correct. That Tea Party Federation has destroyed the Republican nomination process in the Commonwealth. Middle Resolution paved that road to hell.

  6. GeneThePopulist says:

    You are now writing nothing but purerly fictional, unsubstanciated, republican propaganda. I just do not see how I can respond to what has now become your brand of limbaughistic, fictional, literary comedy. The public will purge the corrupt republican cesspool once again come November. You cannot stop it by writing comedy on a computer.

    “First, it is not fair to compare Obama’s last year with Trump’s first year”

    What, are you saying its not fair because Trump may be mentally ill? I guess its not fair to compare Va. Right with journalism either? Who is writing the checks to keep the lights on here?

    The question was a yes or no question, Tom. Will you support a Trump coup to stay in power? Yes or No?

    In the end, Russia, the China, N Korea, Iran, will all purge Trump. As they can see he has already cracked under the pressure, they are now putting even more pressure on him.

    • mr green jeans

      ‘Do you do the news? The real news!
      When will the political elites take to heart George Washington’s advice , yes he did say it! “Truth Will Ultimately Prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light”

      Curtain coming down now on the era of corrupt central government of the progressives.
      Infrastructure building to include “The Wall” and many “federal” prisons will bring more good jobs where honest hard working folks will be doing great public service.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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