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No Personal Endorsement in the GOP US Senate Race Yet…Here’s Why!

I was going to endorse one of the three US Senate contenders last week.  But I am seeing a surge of support for Bishop E. W. Jackson in endorsements and that a PAC has entered the race in his support that hs attacked Corey Stewart, the chairman of the Prince William BOCS (I texted John Fredericks last week if he felt Jackson was coming up on the rail and could take the primary in a surprise) and I wanted to use that development to pause for a moment.

My respect and admiration for Libertarians around the nation (Senator Laura Ebke and now Texas judiciary candidate Mark Ash and they are not all the LPers who can win their election) extend to Matt Waters, too.  Now I think if Waters won it would be the political long shot of long shots; however Waters is not a lightweight.  He is a fundraiser for Students for Liberty and he is articulate and well-versed on the issues.  Here is Waters’ webpage on the issues.

I think if Del. Nick Freitas wins the GOP nomination, he has the best chance to win the whole election.  (Here is The Bull Elephant’s take on it.)  I used to like Senator Kaine – even though I disagreed with him on the issues – he was the kind of likeable pol that you could meet up for a sweet tea and go away friends – but the infamous debate with Pence that I suspect many Virginians watched (Kaine is the first Virginian running from the Old Dominion for President or VP since 1840.  1840!), that debate showed a snarky Senator Kaine – not likeable or gracious at all – and after this election he is shrill about Russia etc., and he was shrill on John Bolton – suggesting Bolton could not get a security clearance (There goes the sweet tea night with the senator!); I think Kaine is still sore about the election.

There is a sleeper issue that a liberty candidate can use against Senator Kaine:  The permanent authority to go to war that is arguably also a permanent authority to detain indefinitely Americans.  Both sides are against this bill:

The New York Times warned that the bill could “give future presidents the authority to throw American citizens into prison for life without charges or a trial.” Not surprisingly, Obama’s decision generated enormous outcry across the political spectrum, from Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, on the right to Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., on the left.

Not very often I agree with the Other Sanders or the NYTimes.  But Ron Paul is golden for me.  (Paul endorsed Del. Freitas and so did US Senator Rand Paul, too.)

I think this is a potential blockbuster.  And Freitas has a modulated manner about him – when he is on the John Fredericks show, he is so brilliant how he can take a issue like bathrooms and transgenders and turn it into school choice answer for example.  Freitas also had bills on civil asset forfeiture, ballot access and has sought out the libertarian lane.

But will there be a liberty candidate in the race?  Freitas is not a sure thing and Waters might not get his 10,000 signatures (ought to be NO MORE than 5,000 and the 10% rule ought to change, too!).

I don’t see how I can endorse Corey Stewart.  He’s just too shrill.  But I do have a long history with Bishop Jackson and I got to simply pray about it and mull over it over the Memorial Day holiday.

Stay tuned…

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

28 Responses to “No Personal Endorsement in the GOP US Senate Race Yet…Here’s Why!”

  1. Paul Blumstein says:

    How is Freitas “not a sure thing”?

    • Jay says:

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  2. Jordan V. says:

    NICK IS NOT A SURE THING. Because Nick Freitas has a mail order college degree from some unknown online college. He claims to be a Latino yet his children are blond and red headed like Scots-Irish. Freitas is a Portugese name NOT LATINO as he claims. ( NICK FREITAS is another Fauxcahontas liar like Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts who claimed to be INDIAN to achieve Tenure at Harvard Law).

    Somebody PLEASE pull Freitas’ military and school records and those of his children and SEE IF THEY CLAIMED TO BE LATINO before he RAN FOR US SENATE as a MINORITY. Do That deep OPPO Research NOW.

    What EXACTLY does Nick Freitas actually do for a living? What has he done for the last nine years to earn a living to support his family? Marrying your high school sweetheart isn’t earning a living as posted on his campaign site. In his campaign speeches he puts on an act like he just pulled up in his ABRAHAMS tank in his Green Beret uniform and jumped out and is running for Senate. That’s not true. He’s been out of the Army for 9 years. It’s NOT ON ANY WEBSITE. HE NEVER SAYS WHAT HE DOES to support his family in Culpeper County. Or does he have some benefactor – the money just comes in each month so he can perpetually run for office? This is for certain: He sure holds some nonessential job that allows him to campaign full time apparently.

    Serving as an enlisted Sergeant in the US ARMY isn’t exactly the qualification to write laws and treaties and nominate federal judges, US Supreme Court Judges and vote on cabinet
    positions. According to one seasoned attorney who writes legislation in the General Assembly what Nick Freitas doesn’t know about the LAW is frightening. He couldn’t write his own bill for repeal of Civil Asset Forfeiture legislation without a real Lawyer writing it for him. YOU WANT TO SEND THAT TO THE US SENATE?

    Look at the guy who started the campaign to DRAFT NICK FREITAS for US SENATE? Daniel Bradshaw. #NEVER TRUMPER who immediatly went to work for the EW JACKSON Senate CAMPAIGN after the #NEVER TRUMPERS drafted Freitas. Smell a rat? YET? You Should. These Daniel Bradshaw, Mike Troxel, Steven Brodie Tucker, Travis Witt, Steve Albertson, Elliott Harding, Zach Williams, and Middle Resolution #NEVER TRUMPERS are nothing but ABC’s. Anybody but Corey disrupters in the Republican Party. They would rather lose to a Democrat in November than run a Trump supporting Conservative like Corey Stewart.

    Once you figure out that their fake “Liberty Rising Campaign” is that rogue bunch of millenials and washed out bloggers out of the 1st and 5th Districts who want to smoke pot and have their student loans forgiven ( Like their Congressman Tom Garrett has promised them) and that they support legalized prostitution and pornography and gambling and deregulation of alcohol ( same people who wanted Denver Rigglemen for Governor) and who support DACA and Amnesty and cheap foreign labor for the AFP and Koch Brothers operatives, YOU will run to the polls to vote for Corey Stewart who is not campaigning on a #NEVER TRUMP PLATFORM apologizing that it is too difficult to campaign with Trump in the White House like Barbara Comstock, Rob Wittman, and John Whitbeck.

    If you support Donald J. Trump for President the only vote for US SENATOR is Corey Stewart. If you support building the WALL along the Mexican border and stopping the flood of illegal drugs and Alien criminals into this country, Corey Stewart is your SENATE candidate.

    Freitas is an open borders guy- never forget that. LIberty Rising is LIBERTARIAN and that is not conservative.

    • Jay says:

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  3. Sean D. says:

    Hey John Fredericks…..


    Ask Faker Latino FREITAS where he works, who he works for and WHAT HE DOES TO EARN A LIVING………… ask him for the name of his employer and a description of his business and Nick’s job responsibilities….. after all he is running for US SENATE. Voters have a right to know.

    Ask Freitas if he enlisted in the military as a LATINO? Ask for the records. Ask for his 2010 census records. If he’s Latino why do his children have blond hair and blue eyes? Ask for his children’s school enrollment records? Are they Latino minorities? Inquiring minds want to know.

    This guy is getting a pass and NO ONE ASKS HIM THE HARD QUESTIONS. He spews his rehearsed speech about the Declaration of Independence and Constitution but supports the Convention of States to rewrite it. Liberty Rising my A**.

    People like you who just fawn all over candidates with good hair IS HOW we ENDED UP WITH BOB CORKER in the US SENATE from Tennessee- a disgraced RINO who earned millions in one term.

    Nick is a #NEVER TRUMPER, supported Eric Cantor over Dave Brat in 2014 and has been created/ handled by a scary bunch of rogue political operatives in Virginia in a campaign that rivals state senator then US SENATOR Barack Hussein Obama from the Illinois legislature in 2004.

    • Jay says:

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  4. sandy lane says:

    reading Jordan V.’s comments I am reminded of the same named Pieces Of Sh*T who promoted Loudon Delegate David Ramadan in 2014 for statewide office as a REPUBLICAN nominee. LMAO.

  5. Essex Tea Party Patriot says:

    The readers of VA Right continue to be the brightest conservative minds in Virginia Republican politics.

    Readers finally figured out being a Delegate from RED Culpeper County is not an occupation.

    Great job exposing Freitas’ frailties.

  6. Trump Supporter says:

    Let us put this Freitas issue to rest once and for all on this blog post.

    Nick Freitas is a Cantorite.

    Freitas supported Eric Cantor over Dave Brat in 2014. The last time the VCN Cantor cabal ran a veteran for Congress his name was Scott Taylor and he turned out to be a total RINO who supports LGBTQ legislation and DACA AMNESTY and is a #NEVER TRUMPER like Nick because Eric Cantor supported Jeb Bush. Nick is VCN ( Cantor’s Pac) and is being propped up by the Legalization of Marijuana millenial crowd ( Elliott Harding and his roommate Zach Werrell, Brodie-Tucker and Mike Troxel et al) in the 1st and 5th Districts who claim to be LIBERTARIANs except when they are running Republicans and working on their campaigns for MONEY.

    Freitas is pulling the old ed and Rafael Cruz campaign trick. Freitas is going into Latino communities claiming to be a LATINO to get their vote with his blond wife and blue eyed children.

    He will not support the Trump Agenda. He will not vote to build the wall or fund it. He will not oppose illegal immigration. HE will vote for DACA because Eric Cantor supported it. Freitas is a Koch Brothers Globalist politician… don’t ever forget it.

  7. Sandy Sanders

    First I really do appreciate your input. Thanks to Paul Blumstein, Jordan V, Sean D, sandy lane, and Essex Tea Party Patriot for coming by.

    I feel most of this (Not Paul Blumstein’s post) sounds more like character assassination not serious discourse. Yet I want to know: What is wrong with either Freitas or libertarianism? Yes there are planks about open borders and legalizing drugs but even the open borders recognize safety of a nation. If Freitas is Portuguese, that is Hispanic for sure. And the Latino might be closest Official Federal Government (try applying for a federal job and you’ll see this list) and Portuguese is not one the list. Latino is.

    Here is the Linkedin page for Frietas:

    Now I would say if you do not like a pol’s position on an issue, go engage with him or her. Lots of good libertarian/conservative(s) were fooled bu the COS until they read up on it.

    I do not know about former Del. Ramadan so I cannot say that is good or bad.

    I guess I might be a “washed out” blogger but I do not smoke pot nor do I have any student loan but I can say we ought to be thankful to have a representative like Tom Garrett.

    Personal endorsement next week at the blog. It’s between Freitas and Jackson. Thanks again for coming by.


    • Twenty three and Frito says:

      no Mr. Sanders once again you are WRONG and once again need to be advised to stay in your lane.
      Portugese people descended from PRE-CELTIC cultures.

      They are not LATINOS.

      Freitas is lying………about being a Latino. To get the votes from people too stupid to know.

      Let us see his birth certificate where his mother says he is a Latino.

      • This discussion is exactly why all this ethnic labeling is offensive. I would think that Brazil is part of Latin America. But thanks for coming by Twenty three and Frito. I had no idea my announcement that I plan to wait until after Memorial Day would engender this kind of excitement. It’s almost enough to make me a formal LP member.

  8. Old Redneck's spawn says:

    As a Democrat I believe Leslie Cochburn’s campaign is going to find it fascinating that Congressman Tom Garrett’s campaign staffer and social media strategist Zach Werrell lived with/lives with Garrett’s Washington Staffer Elliott Harding, an attorney.

    No wall or Separation of congressional staff and campaign? Does the FEC have any opinion on that?

  9. Viktor Sedlak says:

    Because of this thread US Senator Tim Kaine, a former CIA operative, will search every birth certificate, school record, census record, military document, and medical record for the Freitas family and if Nick Freitas is the Republican nominee and ever self identified as WHITE and is now campaigning as a Latino, it will be exposed. Think about that before you endorse VA RIGHT.

  10. William V. Gadsen says:

    Congressman Tom Garrett is the poster child of failed Virginia Right endorsements. And remember the people who made Garrett a Congressman: Ben Slone, Steve Albertson, Steven Brodie Tucker, Mike Troxel who is now running Whiskey Rebellion loser Denver Riggleman for Garrett’s seat, Bill Stanley (Middle Resolution’s State Senator), Zach Werrell and RPV Chairman John Whitbeck

    Be very wary of the candidate this group backs for Garrett’s replacement.

    • Sandy Sanders

      See my other comment but what choice do we have? The Dem is anti-Israel. Thanks again!


      • Calvin Rippy says:

        What choice do “WE” Have? Who is “WE” ? YOU live in the 1st District Mr. Sanders. Unless you have moved from Hanover.

        The Republican voters of the 5th District have several choices and none of them should be Bryce Reeves, Denver Riggleman, or Martha Boneta all run by Garrett’s associates who knew he was an alcoholic when they sent him to Washington according to Garrett’s own words. ( WAPO video) Monday.
        JUDGMENT? anybody?

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