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Wheres Eric Cantor Displays Juvenile Behavior

Where Is Intelligent Life?

Photo Taken By Virginia Right! Blog

Photo Taken By Virginia Right! Blog

As if the name were not enough to convince you, all you need to do on Wheres Eric Cantor is ask Brad a question he is intellectually unable to answer and he takes his ball and runs home.

It is a shame that some of the sub par blogs are unable to deal with being questioned. Especially when they know they are wrong.

Brad wrote a post he titled “Cantor & O’Bannon, Sittin’ in a Tree…”
Ok. I had a feeling I was dealing with a 10 year old, but after asking him to give me a cost benefit analysis with specifically detailed questions, he decided I had broken some fictional rule (what was it, Brad is always right?) and posted the following:

Yes, you’re being banned. Yes, you should read the rules. You can find them on the “About” page. No, this is not a site for you to waste my time by hijacking threads. No, I don’t take requests from you.

And, no, I really don’t care what you have to say. I gave you a forum to come to some kind of point and you could not behave. So goodbye.

Here are the questions for which I was “banned.”

Here are the items I considered in my analysis:

1. Estimate the cost of extending unemployment benefits from 26 weeks to 59 weeks as required by accepting the money.

2. Estimate the cost of increasing the weekly benefits by the unemployment stimulus required amount.

3. Estimate the cost of providing unemployment benefits to part time workers.

4. Add the annual cost of items 1, 2 and 3 and multiply by 10 years.

5. Subtract $125 million.

This will leave a substantial shortfall over the next 10 years. Perhaps as much as $1 Billion.

6. How much will we have to increase unemployment taxes on businesses to make up that money?

7. How many additional jobs will be lost due to the additional tax?

8. How much will we have to cut Education, Transportation, Public Safety or other programs to make up the shortfall?

Keep in mind we are already $6.5 billion in the hole. We MUST cut government spending.

My analysis shows $125 million is change. Pocket change.

30 states have already run out of unemployment money, all of them accepted the unemployment stimulus.

I had seen the ridiculous name he picked, which has been more than enough to tell me there is no enlightenment to be found on such a blog, and he has never actually posted anything I found the least bit interesting. Mostly just childish chatter. However, when a photograph I personally took showed up on his blog, I had to take a look.

What I found was a childish person named Brad who seems totally incapable of original thought, much less an actual adult level dialog.

This confirmed my original impression. This is a place inhabited by Lilliputian intellect, though on a much smaller scale. A few left wing blogs actually make a point once in a while. This is not one of them.

Totally devoid of intelligent life.

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