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Nothing Underhanded in the 97th Convention Race! Please?

Let me start this post with genuine admiration – for John Fredericks – he was one of the first if not the first talk show host to support Donald J. Trump – way back in 2015. As one of his trailers put it: Fredericks was a one person conductor of the Trump Train. If I had been as smart as Fredericks was, I’d be a federal judge or ambassador to Zimbabwe now!

I also like Fredericks’ style; he tries to be civil in dialogue and is very patient with callers. He also has a variety of viewpoints, although his big issue is economic nationalism (and I strongly agree).

However, I was profoundly disturbed by what I heard about the 97th delegate race. Let’s start with what I agree with Fredericks about it:

I agree there could have been more transparency about the process and how to decide it. Primary or convention? I found out about the issue in an ironic way that might get someone fired from the Peace campaign ( 🙂 ): I heard it from a call from the Peace campaign (I am sure sent to hundreds if not thousands of callers so I am not special!) with a polite instruction to call Scott Wyatt and ask for a primary because all Republicans should be involved in the process. (And yes I did call Supervisor Wyatt and spoke at length about things. I’ll let the Las Vegas rule govern that phone call.)

However. I am also told that the process was known to GOP insiders and I cannot refute that. The candidate selection process of a political party is not something that is required to be broadcast to the general public. Since I hang out more with libertarians and Libertarians and am not a member of any political party, I was not familiar with internal GOP politics.

I also agree with Fredericks in part about the Wyatt candidacy issue but I do not find the comparison with the Senator Carrico fiasco on all fours. The senator in the far west was accused of deciding not to announce his retirement to the public until after the filing deadline but he allegedly told his hand-picked successor. Even if Wyatt was a candidate in his heart when the process started and even if he picked a proxy that he knew he’d vote convention to “rig” the method selection that is not the same thing as rigging the selection so as to ENSURE his hand-picked successor got the GOP nomination. However, Supervisor Wyatt did recuse himself from the actual vote and my review of the state GOP party plan allows a proxy to vote as he or she sees fit.

I agree with Fredericks Wyatt should have distanced himself even more from the process. But, now there are two candidates in the race and who do we select.?

I want to warn both sides how I feel about it: I have already indicated to the Libertarians to maybe find a candidate to run in the 97th. The reason is because I fear there will be underhanded tactics in this process or at the convention. I will not hesitate to attempt to recruit a LP candidate in the 97th if I feel that the process was abused by either side.

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

5 Responses to “Nothing Underhanded in the 97th Convention Race! Please?”

  1. Bob Shannon

    Enough of this guy Peace. He not only flip flopped on the Medicaid Expansion he then has the gall to broad brush any who opposed it , trotting out the now tired racist charge labeling anyone who opposed expansion with mention of Jim Crow or massive resistance

    Just on the basis alone of term limits it is time to dump this phony. In his latest mailer he claims he is ” endorsed by CONSERVATIVE LEADERS WE KNOW AND TRUST, then lists local elected officials who are a whose who of the biggest progressives in local elected office. Supervisor Travis Moskalski and Supervisor Bill Hodges are tax & spenders Moskalski a former Chair of the King William Democratic Party, Hodges a public sector slave who doled out pay raises in December 2018, after a budget was passed in May denying pay raises because tax payers were picking up hundreds of thousands in health insurance premium increases. Odd we didn’t see Supervisor Dave Hansen
    or Supervisor Bob Ehrhart’s name on that list of endorsements. Anyone who knows local politics know those are the only two conservatives in King William. Additional school board members ( big spenders in the first order themselves) climbed on board the Peace train because in reality they are all progressives who trot out platitudes and slogans when they believe it suits their purposes.

    Peace has refused to champion term limits, referendum reform, or school choice. He broke his back securing a 10 million dollar grant to have a natural gas pipeline run down here to benefit a single company for one of his big campaign donors, promising how it was going to ” open up development all along the 360 corridor”, and some 10 years later the pipeline is still serving 1 customer. The nation has accumulated 22 trillion in debt because of the likes of guys like Del Peace.

    If Wyatt takes the tone and places the required emphasis on Peace not being trustworthy he will win this at the convention. If he doesn’t have the heart for the fight, then he has no business being in the race to begin with. The last thing we need is to replace one RINO with another RINO.
    Bob Shannon King William

  2. Kim Singhas says:


    You are not a member of the Republican Party in King William County and have endorsed Libertarian candidates for state and federal offices in recent elections so I doubt you could serve as a delegate to the Republican convention without some scrutiny from the convention credentials committee.

    Many people have signed up to serve as delegates to the 97th Republican Convention May 4th who like you are not members of their respective local Republican Committees so I would respectfully ask that you and others read Article VII, Section J of the Republican Party of Virginia Plan of Organization I have attached below to address ethical conduct for candidates as it relates to Legislative District Committees.

    Decide for yourself if this convention was rigged:

    RPV Party Plan:

    Ethical Conduct

    1. Voting members of official committees shall exercise their best efforts to conduct the business of the Party in good faith, with reasonable care, skill, and diligence. They shall hold as confidential all party information, documents, and communications clearly designated as confidential of for limited dissemination or use by adopted policy of the committee. They shall refrain from participating in unethical activity, diminishing the dignity and credibility of the Party.

    2. Recognizing that not all possible conflicts represent an actual conflict of interest, voting members of the State Central Committee and District Committees shall voluntarily disclose, in writing, any known potential or actual conflicts of interest to all members of the official committee on which they serve in a timely manner after becoming aware of such conflict.

    Even if Wyatt was a candidate when the process started, he then selected a proxy from Hanover County that he knew would vote for the convention over a primary to “rig” the method selection.

    Wyatt, at the very least, was ethically and morally compelled to disclose in WRITING any POTENTIAL or ACTUAL conflict of interest. Said conflict not only encompassed his intent to run, but also the fact that the “proxy” is his close friend who only joined the Hanover County Republican committee once he learned of Wyatt’s intent to run. The wife of his chosen proxy only recently joined the Republican Women’s Club in July of 2018.

    Wyatt, once appointed to the 97th LDC as the Hanover rep with the heavily weighted vote which by itself determined the method of nomination, repeatedly told citizens who called him, even 24 hours in advance of his announcement, saying “I have no idea if I plan to run.” That’s ethical?

    I have written extensively and published here my opposition to Conventions over Primaries as a method of nomination for statewide, federal, and state legislative offices and Mr. White has published my blog posts here because many readers of VA Right believe that conventions disenfranchise voters.

    ONE PERSON from Hanover County ( Scott Wyatt and/or his proxy) chose a method of nomination for their representative in the HOUSE OF DELEGATES from 3 counties and now a
    very limited pot of voters probably less than 1000 will be allowed at a convention to decide to hire him, without the voice of the other 66,800 registered voters in the 97th?

    That is the very definition of a rigged convention.

    Wyatt from the 97th and a handful of Republicans who actually reside in the 55th HOD District- my district ( Delegate Buddy Fowler’s district )- orchestrated the appointment of Wyatt to the 97th LDC.

    Former GOP Chairman Russ Wright from Rockville located in the 55th in Hanover County removed Dave Fuller as the 97th LDC rep for Hanover County (as Wright was walking out the door of his two year term) and has stripped the voices of the close to 80,000 residents of the 97th in the process.

    Russ Wright is also a PRO CONVENTION vote on the State Central Committee for 1st District.

    Residents are finally waking up to this fact and are LIVID at the process and the attempt to suppress their voices. Upheaval in the three county Republican Committees is happening as a result of this convention.

    Section J also states, “They shall refrain from participating in unethical activity, diminishing the dignity and credibility of the Party.”

    You the voters in the 97th have been fully informed of the Republican Party Plan and can decide if Wyatt and his supporters have acted ethically and have upheld the dignity and credibility of the Party.

  3. Kim Singhas says:

    I would also like to add as “food for thought” for the members of the Hanover Republican Committee mostly those from the 55th HOD who meddled in the 97th Convention process and the Tea Parties who thought this convention was a good idea…

    The following is but a short list of citizens who have every right to vote who are disenfranchised voters by this convention process in the 97th:

    Any and all Handicapped people with any DISABILITY whatsoever who are unable to sit in a convention all day on Saturday May 4th in the uncomfortable high school auditorium seats especially those in wheelchairs or who use walkers or other assisted devices or oxygen.

    Single moms or dads with children who don’t have DAY CARE all day on Saturday May 4th or who can’t afford Day Care….
    Nursing moms
    very pregnant mothers to be
    Mothers of severely disabled handicapped children…. who must be cared for 24-7
    Fire- EMS- and all emergency workers on call that day
    Sheriff’s Deputies, any and all Law Enforcement or State Police working 12 hour shifts that day

    Doctors and Nurses and all hospital staff on call that day or who work 12 hour shifts at hospitals
    Any employee who has to work any job that Saturday- retail, restaurants, farmers, landscapers, roofers, plumbers, car mechanics, etc.

    Elderly people or others who are just unable to sit in an auditorium for an incredibly long day due to heart disease, circulatory diseases, pulmonary disease, diabetes, arthritis, or a long list of disabling conditions like MS, Parkinson’s Disease, CP, or other autoimmune diseases.

    Military, reserve or active duty, deployed can’t vote in this convention. Not the one man one vote version that is.

    And of course those who must GO TO THE RIVAH for the weekend to mow grass or put their boats in the water or who planned a Kentucky Derby Day party May 4th ( tongue in cheek) or those who will be attending graduations or weddings it is after all a Saturday – MAY.

    This is why I oppose Conventions. At least people in the categories above can find 30 minutes to vote in a primary on a Tuesday in June when the polls are open from 6 am to 7 pm. Especially since the Hanover GOP committee also has PRIMARIES planned all over the county that day for its supervisors’ races. This convention process has turned elections in Hanover County into a Circus.

    Sitting at Hanover High School all day on May 4th is not an option for too many people who deserve a vote for their representative in Richmond in our General Assembly.

    Do you really want to elect a Delegate to the General Assembly who rigged a convention to win the nomination by disenfranchising the very people he is SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT as a legislator?

    Delegate Chris Peace supported a Primary as the method of nomination so that all eligible voters in the 97th had a voice in selecting their Republican nominee in a SAFE REPUBLICAN seat in a Republican House of Delegates holding on to its majority in Richmond by ONE Single Republican DELEGATE seat and of course that Wing and Prayer Delegate seat held by Delegate David Yancey- the one pulled out of a hat because of a Tie with a Democrat at the ballot box ………. think about that.

    There is too much at stake here for amateurs to be rigging an election process in the 97th.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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