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NY Times Laments Their Inability to Create Another Trayvon Martin Race-Bait Incident in Georgia

Radical Race-Baiter Christian Hater Kim Severson

In a New York Times story yesterday with the headline “Black Man’s Killing in Georgia Eludes Spotlight” the writer, Kim Severson seems upset by the fact that somehow a white man in Georgia shooting and killing a black man has not drawn the attention of the race-baiters like Al Sharpton and his ilk and there are no race wars and massive protests going on in the small, rural county of Toombs, Georgia where the incident took place – nearly a year and a half ago.

Before we look into the case, we will first take a look at the writer, Kim Severson. It is usually good to see if there is some potential agenda behind stories like this that seek to divide Americans along ideological lines.

So when you need an investigative journalist to write a race-bait story, the New York Times heads right for the most qualified and knowledgeable writers to do this type if inflammatory piece, right? Well, of course not. The New York Times long ago stopped using true journalists. So Severson’s background as a Food Writer is perfect for a sub-par paper like the Times. But it wasn’t so much her foodie expertise that attracted the paper. Rather it was Severson’s experience as a radical and outspoken Lesbian and her war against Christians that drew the Times her way.

Apparently, in the radical world of Severson, a company owned and run by Christians who even have the audacity to close on Sunday and promote such wrenched  institutions as Traditional Marriage are somehow anti-gay. And when that company is Chick-fil-A and they dare come up with a signature sandwich that Severson described in another Times article (which ironically was published the same day as the Georgia killing – January 29, 2011) as:

The Chick-fil-A sandwich — a hand-breaded chicken breast and a couple of pickles squished into a steamy, white buttered bun — is a staple of some Southern diets and a must-have for people who collect regional food experiences the way some people collect baseball cards.

New Yorkers have sprinted through the airport here to grab one between flights. College students returning home stop for one even before they say hello to their parents.

But never on Sunday, when the chain is closed.

Nicknamed “Jesus chicken” by jaded secular fans and embraced by Evangelical Christians, Chick-fil-A is among only a handful of large American companies with conservative religion built into its corporate ethos.

And to a radical Lesbian Christian-hating race-baiting food critic like Severson a wonderful reason to bully a corporation that is run by people who happen to be Christians.

But I somehow doubt that Evangelicals would embrace the term “Jesus Chicken” as the article seems to imply. She probably just intended to say Evangelicals like the sandwich.

And I suppose that it would rock Severson’s world if she knew that I count among my friends a number of Conservative Christians who happen to be gay and also like Chick-fil-A sandwiches. But to be honest, we are not friends because they are gay, but rather because we share a lot of similar views. And also because they are not as filled with hate as Severson.

So, can a radical Lesbian Christian-hating race-baiting food critic like Severson write an article spewing her hatred and move beyond Lesbian related food issues and wade into the Al Sharpton “fan the flames of racial hatred” club and still tie it in to food?

Well, I have to give Severson a gold star for trying. But overall, she failed miserably.

But she did try all the “twist the facts” tactics that ABC and NBC used in the Trayvon Martin case, but there are a few facts in this case that convince even Al Sharpton to stay away.

The NY Times story started off properly with an inflammatory title and even a decade old picture of the young man who died sitting on Santa’s lap. A really creative race-baiting tactic reminiscent of the “Trayvon as a Child” selection in the more famous case the Times would like to imitate. An “A” for the deceptive optics, though.

And as we dive into the story, the first few paragraphs twist the truth and leave out the most important details in a really good effort to start a race war in Georgia on par with the Sanford, Fl case.

LYONS, Ga. — Norman Neesmith was sleeping in his home on a rural farm road here in onion country when a noise woke him up.

He grabbed the .22-caliber pistol he kept next to his bed and went to investigate. He found two young brothers who had been secretly invited to party with an 18-year-old relative he had raised like a daughter and her younger friend. The young people were paired up in separate bedrooms. There was marijuana and sex.

Over the course of the next confusing minutes on a January morning in 2011, there would be a struggle. The young men would make a terrified run for the door. Mr. Neesmith, who is 62 and white, fired four shots. One of them hit Justin Patterson, who was 22 and black.

The bullet pierced his side, and he died in Mr. Neesmith’s yard.

And this is all people like Al Sharpton and the New Black Panthers, Barack Obama and Attorney General Holder normally need to cry racism and set “Dead or Alive” bounties on that racist white guy. I have to admit that the “sex and pot” bit being included in the opening lines was a bit of a shock, but I would imagine an editor insisted that be included because “pot” came up in the Trayvon Martin case and made Sharpton look a bit foolish. But there were enough important bits left out to start a race war, even with adding sex and marijuana.

I suppose the first thing that kept Sharpton away was the fact that the two brothers, ages 22 and 18, were having sex in separate rooms with the two girls and one of the girls was 14 years old. It is hard to garner a lot of sympathy for a person engaging in the statutory rape of a child. Sharpton is not the brightest tool in the drawer at MSNBC (and that is a very low bar). But even he can see that this might be problematic. Adults, drugs, children, sex. Not a pretty picture.

And it is no easy task to paint Mr. Neesmith as a racist. The 18 year old girl living at the home is a grand-niece whom he took in and raised as his own. She has a black parent. Also, Neesmith and his late wife took in numerous foster children over the years. Not exactly the Neo-Nazi Skinhead stereotype the left looks for,

So Severson was relegated to use the “racism by proxy” technique developed by her fellow radical leftists.

That race played a significant part is not hard to imagine here in a county that was named after Robert Toombs, a general and one of the organizers of the Confederate government.

Well, that pretty much proves that Neesmith is a racist, right? (Let’s just ignore the fact that Robert Toombs was against secession and frequently criticized Jefferson Davis.)

Ok, for the few left who are still skeptical and somehow don’t get how living in a county named for a Confederate makes you a racist, Severson pops out the smoking gun of proof in the next line:

A black woman has never been named Miss Vidalia Onion in the annual festival that begins Thursday.

Well, the Miss Onion contest isn’t judged by residents of Toombs County, but that was not important to the writer. But this does actually add a food element to the story and establishes Severson’s qualifications to write this story.

And if you still need proof Neesmith is a racist:

And until last year in neighboring Montgomery County, there were two proms — one for whites and one for blacks.

And of course this is rock solid proof for the New York Times! Racism by proxy once removed.

And of course there was one extremely important bit of information that Severson completely ignored. For that, we must go to an actual news source that covered the story as news instead of a tool to race-bait. Local TV Station WTOC reported:

“Based on the facts that we have at this point in time and through our investigation by the Toombs County Sheriff’s Office and investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the defendant, or alleged perpetrator, is charged with felony murder, false imprisonment and aggravated assault,” stated Middle Judicial Circuit District Attorney Hayward Altman.

Felony murder. Imagine that. A racist white man shot a black man who was secretly in his home, doing drugs and where one of them was raping a 14 year old girl. And before they left the house, they physically attacked the elderly Neesmith.

And he was charged with Felony Murder and the case was sent to a Grand Jury, a fact Severson also omitted. And the Grand Jury indited Neesmith on 7 counts according to Southeast Georgia Today:

June 23–  A Toombs County grand jury has indicted a county resident on seven counts including malice murder for the shooting death of a man who made a late night visit to his daughter’s bedroom.

Sixty-one-year old Norman NeeSmith is accused of killing 22-year-old Justin Deshaun Patterson of Montgomery County.  At the time of the shooting in January, Toombs County Sheriff Junior Kight reported NeeSmith caught Patterson in the early morning hours with his 18-year-old daughter in the bedroom of their mobile home at 220 Harden Chapel Road.

So what is the latest?

In February, NeeSmith entered a guilty plea for involuntary manslaughter. Judge Kathy Palmer will impose a sentence at a hearing in early March.

Apparently that hearing was rescheduled until April 12, 2012.

There has been no update as to any sentence and no information on a postponement could be found. One would suspect that the case has again been postponed or the Court has not yet filed the sentencing documents.

At any rate, this shameful attempt at inciting racial tensions has sadly become the adopted tactics of the Obama supporters in an effort to change the subject. And it is bogus and blatant attempts like this to divide the country along racial lines that are the true outrage.

There is no racism here. No matter how hard the left tries. Neesmith was charged and plead guilty to a crime. This is how the justice system works. The fact that the man could spend a year in detention is beside the point. And the presence or absence of bars wherever he serves his time is also irrelevant.

What is relevant is that liberal activist hacks like Kim Severson should stick to reviews of the latest Barbecue Restaurant an Atlanta and leave the race-baiting for cases where racism could actually be a factor.

And the Times wonders why their circulation is down.

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