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NYC Bomber White Male or Whitewash? Another Richard Jewell Incident?

Falsely Accused of Atlanta Olympics Bombing, Richard Jewell was another white male suspect.

Falsely Accused of Atlanta Olympics Bombing, Richard Jewell was another white male suspect.

Normally, when a bomb goes off, or even if it is a complete failure like the show bomber and the underwear bomber, when a foreign terror group claims responsibility, well, that’s that.

But lately, the Obama Administration seems to be going to great lengths to deny any connection to Islam where terror is concerned. Obama is quick to blame white policemen over black professor Gates without a clue as to what occurred, quick to blame Tea Party crowds for racial epithets, where none were actually uttered, and although all of the terror related events during his presidency have been related to Islamic extremists, Obama casts blame on Limbaugh and Beck.

Yet when an unstable Islamic soldier shoots up an Army base, Obama wants to avoid “jumping to conclusions” and then buries the investigative report forcing Congress to subpoena the information – so far unsuccessfully.

So, when yet another failed bomb attempt is followed by claims from an Islamic extremist group, and the Administration discounts that confession in favor of the 40 year old white male seen on a video, something smell wrong.

It is obvious that this administration really wants the terrorist to be a Timothy McVeigh clone, and it appears their penchant for political correctness has now extended to terrorist investigations.

So, ignoring the claim by a Pakistani Taliban cell, the investigators release, to great fanfare, a video of a white male stopping to pull off a shirt, stuff it in a bag, and move on.

If you have not seen the video clip, the NY Times has it half way down on the left in this report.

A few things strike me as odd about this video. First, why does the video begin with the man already nearing the center of the camera’s view? I would expect the video to begin with him at the car, walking a few steps and stopping. But he is already completely in the video at the beginning of the released clip. While it is hard to determine exactly where he came from by the portion released, he does not seem to have come from the direction of the SUV.

Second, a few of the other passersby are in short sleeves. It seems to me that the man removes a sweatshirt in favor of the cooler T-shirt beneath. Saturday was a 90 degree day in New York.

The man did not look suspicious to me. And “looking over one’s shoulder” is hardly unusual in Manhattan. He also stopped behind a post to set his bag down and remove the sweatshirt. I have used this maneuver many times myself. You use the post to block the crowd. In a crowded airport or city sidewalk, stopping in the middle may get you trampled. This is an action normally used when you have been walking in a crowd for a ways.

It is truly disturbing that Homeland Security would use something this obviously non-related to cast aspersions on white males.

Have they forgotten the Atlanta Olympics bombing? I am sure Richard Jewell has not.

Now comes word that a possible “International connection” may be involved after all.

International connection? Sounds like Islamic Terrorists to me.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

9 Responses to “NYC Bomber White Male or Whitewash? Another Richard Jewell Incident?”

  1. Woody says:

    Richard Jewell has forgotten the Olympic bombing. He’s dead. Richard died a very premature death. I met him years after he was accused, and it was clear that he never got over it and was always suspicious of others after that. He was awarded a million dollars for libel from a network, but he still lived a simple life as a small town policeman. I felt very sorry for him. But, of course, he was a white male, so no one wrote or cared about how his life was destroyed by the false accusations.

  2. KEVIN G says:

    It’s to make the white male evil. They need and wish and hope it’s a white male. Because most crime is done by non whites. They are upset about that and need to make the white male just as bad. They the evil liberals want and wish the tea partiers were as bad as the liberal out of control mobs when they get together too.

  3. gene willis says:

    no the media and news outlets have found a new terrorist,it’s called……the white man boogie man.when somthing horrible happens and they cant defind what cause it,blame the white man boogie man,when people die from somthing not of this country and they need an explination,blame the white man boogie man,yes,white man boogie man is there answear,because only white males are capable of such attrocities and not minorities.blame the white man game!all liberals play it,even the self hating white males.extermely sick!!

  4. gene willis says:

    at first glance of this high tec video you can see the entire face and skin tone of this person.notice how indepth the video is of this fourty year old tea party the close up reveals,a middle age white man for sure.his eyes blue,hair dark,with balding in the back,about 5’11 maybe 6’1.walks just like a white male too.yep,typical white male bomber,no terrorist here.this white male american even tried to escape to his neitive country.remember,only white males are terrorists,not forigners.pick a side.

  5. Digimon1954 says:

    there was anothere suicide bombing in iraq today,it seems the white 40 year old bomber has struck yet once more,this time in a market place.the media isnt sure why all these white males are bombing people and places?but you can be sure,msnbc and the rest of the self hate white liberals and self centered progressives well not stop lieing about…..i mean telling the truth about oh,hell,it.s a white male in his 40’s!

  6. gene willis says:

    i just looked at the camera shot again and sure enough,at a distance it was a middle age white doubt about can see his blue eyes and white skin glairing from the street.sure dose look like a white male in his fourty's.why you can even see his eye brows fro that camera angle.he even walked like a fourty year old white red neck.must be him.lame stream media on the political correct on the's blame whitey the white guy. no body else hates this country more then whitey the white guy.this grainy camera far distant shot proves it.! see anti white media on the job.

  7. MichaelS says:

    And now…Obama does it again…This time with the Treyvon Martin case…Rushing to judgement with Mr. Zimmerman, just like he did previously and like what the FBI and Media did to Richard Jewell! What an cluster!


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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