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O’Bannon calls on opponent to denounce ACORN

Editor’s note: A few days ago, Tom Shields made the following ridiculous statement:

Yesterday, Tom Shields called on his opponent, incumbent John O’Bannon to repudiate Bob McDonnell’s beliefs that working women, contraception, and child day care are detrimental to society. Shields also called on O’Bannon to explain his own extreme record on women’s issues. O’Bannon has yet to distance himself from Bob McDonnell’s radical views or explain his own voting record in support of that agenda.

Acorn Sting Nets Prostitution Assistance Offer

Acorn Sting Nets Prostitution Assistance Offer

Even more troubling is Shield’s support of his mentor Bobby Scott’s vote to continue funding Acorn. With Acorn’s support of child prostitution, Shield’s sees a 20 year old thesis as an “extreme record on Women’s issues” as the more important issue. I can think of no worse exploitation than what Acorn was seen doing on the tapes. At this point, the only logical conclusion one can reach is Shields supports ALL of the actions of Acorn. His silence and acceptance of money from Scott and the SEIU (an Acorn affiliated union) speaks volumes.

Tell us where you stand, Mr. Shields, because we have no idea. The Tapes show Acorn willing to support the most extreme degradation of women and children! Surely that is enough to make you repudiate Scott’s vote and return his donations and those of SEIU and pledge to shut down Acorn.

Press Release from Delegate O’Bannon:


News Release
Shields dodges questions about ties to Bobby Scott and bad vote on ACORN

Richmond, VA, September 22, 2009: Recent revelations concerning employees of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) encouraging or assisting tax fraud, illegal immigration, and child prostitution have caused the organization to be condemned by Democrats and Republicans alike.

Despite widely reported media accounts and extensively documented and videotaped evidence depicting ACORN employees dispensing advice to undercover filmmakers posing as a pimp and prostitute, Congressman Robert C. “Bobby” Scott (D-VA3) was one of 75
Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives who last week voted to continue funding the organization with taxpayer dollars. The vote to prohibit further funding of ACORN passed the House by a vote of 345 to 75.

Congressman Scott has actively supported the opponent of Delegate John M. O?Bannon III, M.D. (R-Henrico), Tom Shields, sponsoring a fundraiser for his campaign and donating $250 to it earlier this year. Shields served as a Legislative Assistant to the Congressman from 1992 to 1996.

Since Scott?s vote to continue taxpayer funding for ACORN, Tom Shields has been silent on the issue, failing to denounce either continued funding for the organization or Scott?s vote. Conversely, he attacked Delegate O?Bannon in an email sent Monday entitled “Disgusting,” because O’Bannon’s campaign’s website featured a link to a blog that asked Tom Shields to take a stand on the ACORN issue.

“The voters deserve to know whether or not Tom Shields approves of the actions of his former boss, Bobby Scott, in continuing to provide federal funding for ACORN,” declared O?Bannon. “While he attacked my campaign for providing a link to a blog that questioned his position on ACORN funding, Tom Shields conveniently avoided declaring his position on ACORN?s corrupt practices and continued taxpayer funding.
“The fact that Tom Shields is unwilling to speak out against his former mentor or ACORN is further proof that all his talk about bringing „a new generation of independent leadership? is just that – talk. This is clear evidence that when push comes to shove, Tom Shields will fall right in line with the Democrat Party bosses every time.”

“Tom Shields tells voters he will be independent and pragmatic, but his silence on this issue is deafening.”

First elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 2000, John M. O?Bannon III, M.D. represents the 73rd District, which is comprised of portions of Henrico County and the City of Richmond.

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