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Obama’s Pakistani Taliban Friends Claim NYC Bomb Credit

Napolitano - A Terrorist's Best Friend

Napolitano - A Terrorist's Best Friend

So, Big Sis will most likely blame America for this bomb, rather than radical Islam, but the facts are in. Pakistani Taliban set the bomb. Guess where the vehicle came from? If you said Texas you get a cigar.

Wonder how the terrorists got to Texas? Let’s see. Which foreign country borders on Texas? I remember! The one Obama wants to ignore! Mexico. Something about civil rights, something Obama clearly believes should be extended to Mexicans and Pakistanis. Texans, Arizonans and New Yorkers don’t need no stinking civil rights.

Yea! This time the bomb didn’t blow up.

This time.

With Janet Napolitano in charge of Homeland Security, it is hard to have any confidence in our safety.

And as Obama bows his way around the Muslim world, he has managed to convince the radical Islamists that terror has paid great dividends. Obama is no longer using the big stick, rather, he becomes submissive. Terrorism has become a valid and effective weapon against Obama’s America.

If you want to know what the terrorists hear in Obama, watch this video where he declares himself a Muslim:


Napolitano – A Terrorist’s Best Friend

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

10 Responses to “Obama’s Pakistani Taliban Friends Claim NYC Bomb Credit”

  1. Dennis White says:

    If it turns out the ‘facts’ about Obama’s Taliban friends are not responsible will we be seeing a headlined retraction? It is folks like you that have given us conservatives a bad name.

    • Tom White says:

      Dennis, perhaps you misread the Headline. The Pakistani Taliban claimed credit for the bomb. If it is later determined that they did not do the deed, then that does not change the fact that they claimed credit. My headline is still true. It simply states a fact.

      The video proves his claim to Muslim roots and friendship with these people.

      Maybe if you focused on the liberals a wee bit more, and not on the only media holding Obama accountable for his actions, you would actually help. But, of course, if you were actually a conservative you would already be doing that.

  2. Dennis White says:

    It is your story-not the headline- that contains the substance of untruth. To whit:
    “…the facts are in. Pakistani Taliban set the bomb”. (emphasi mine)

    The most any of us can say is that some organization or individual claimed this. But the mayor and the City of New York have called this claim untrue. The NYPD does not believe this to be the case. The FBI and Homeland Security do not believe this to be true. I’ve been following this story all day…everyone involved have cautiously stated it is an ongoing investigation. Mayor Bloomberg said in his latest press conference that it was unlikely that “the Pakistani Taliban” were serious suspects. The facts, clearly, are NOT in.

    Again, my question to you is: If it turns out the ‘facts’ about Obama’s Taliban friends are not responsible will we be seeing a headlined retraction?

    I believe thos who will not practice caution and integrity in what they are willing to print as ‘fact’ have done a great disservice to the conservative cause. This is what seperates some from Bill Safire, Bill Buckley, Pat Buchanan and those who know the danger of throwing out as much as possible and seeing what sticks.
    Instead of being introspective you choose to mock me, claim things about me you couldn’t possibly know and question my conservative credentials.
    Mr. White, I’m a life-long conservative, an admirer of Ronald Reagan, and a thoughtful, patriotic American who spent a good deal of his life in service to his country. I’m also a practioner of intellectual honesty.

    I have nothing more to say.

    • Tom White says:

      Dennybop, you wrote:

      “Instead of being introspective you choose to mock me, claim things about me you couldn’t possibly know and question my conservative credentials.
      Mr. White, I’m a life-long conservative, an admirer of Ronald Reagan, and a thoughtful, patriotic American who spent a good deal of his life in service to his country. I’m also a practioner of intellectual honesty.

      I have nothing more to say.”

      I say you are a complete liar. 100% no doubt liberal, pro Obama liar. I can smell you guys a mile away.

      My initial instincts that you were a lying liberal were confirmed in about 5 minutes. I know both of the Conservatives in Washington State, and you ain’t one.

      And you are NO Log Cabin Republican, either, if you catch my drift.

      Perhaps if you had not commented hundreds of times on Huffington Post – Dennybop – you might have someone believe that you are a practitioner of intellectual honesty. Your lie is exposed.

      You are just another boorish liberal troll pretending to be conservative.

      Sorry, I don’t take kindly to liars. Especially bad ones.

      By the way, I am an IT expert. Did you ever find your lost email folder?

  3. Dennis White says:

    Apparently Tom is one of those late to come to the table conservatives who believe they represent the whole of American conservatism. Anyone who relies on facts and caution before attacking, in their view, cannot possibly be real. Anyone with whom they disagree are “are liberal trolls” or possibly a RINO. However I *am* surprised he has told me I’m NOT a Log Cabin Republican “if you catch my drift”
    No matter how Tom chooses to smear me, he cannot-will not- stand down from his intial shoddy claim that it is the Pakistani Taliban that tried to blow up Times Square.

    • Tom White says:

      Dennybop – I call you a liberal troll because you ARE one. Not to smear you. You did that yourself.

      You are not a RINO, not even a Log Cabin. You are an aging gay punk rocker living in liberal Seattle who hates Conservatives. The link I provided is proof.

      See, a true Conservative would be more concerned with the lies from you liberals that will never be retracted than with a blog reporting a fact.

      And as you are an avid HuffPo reader and commenter, it is obvious that truth has no meaning in your life. Your nearly 300 comments on HuffPo give me a keen insight into your political beliefs and every aspect of your life. Including your punk roots.

      The fact that you did not (and cannot) deny my proof that you are a liar speaks volumes about your character, or lack thereof.

      And I suppose that your belief that I somehow smeared you with a pack of truths hits home because deep down you are ashamed.

      I will pray for you.

    • Tom White says:


      You sent the following somewhat paranoid and delusional response, and perhaps deleted it.

      “It is in your own best interests to discontinue contacting me. Do not contact me via e-mail or through any third party or hosted forum. I have already turned over information to my ISP and web host regarding your threat to attack my computer. I will also be turning over the transcript to the Washington State Attorney Generals office.
      Dennis White”

      Just for your paranoid little mind, I made no threat against your computer. I was simply asking if you had received an answer to the following post you entered in techarena and several other places:

      As I said, I am an IT expert and was extending an offer to help you troubleshoot your problem if it has not been resolved. Nothing more.

      And as to contacting you, you signed up to receive comments. If you no longer wish to receive comments, you need to click on “Manage Subscriptions” and select your desired option.

      You only received emails if you requested them, you are also allowed to use an anonymous name and the email is optional.

      Again, I will pray for you.

  4. parban says:

    Dear Tom, cutting edge analysis on the NYC bomb plot. Even with so little education and a little mind you have succinctly put down the problem with the rest of the world. It was quite fascinating to read your take. Nobody gives us Americans the respect, freedom and deference we deserve in this world. After all, we are the modern civilization, we are where freedom rings and we are the nation where God bestows all of its glory in plenty.
    Little credit to Obama for stopping this blast ! He should have failed. That way, it would have made him look worse than Bush for 9/11. But sadly, Bush was already sleeping with the Sauds and helped Bin Ladens relative escape the country. Obama has only poor starving Kenyans as his friends. I say Drill Baby Drill and lets buy some shrimp stocks. Great post.

  5. Tom White says:

    parban, I hear your frustration. You voted for an Ivy League guy that you thought would change things, and you realize you have been duped. You thought things would be better. The economy would recover, jobs would return, race relations would improve, the world would love us. Instead, you have helped vote in a president that has decimated the economy, jobs are history, businesses are in shambles, and the debt has already surpasses all previous presidents combined, with nothing to show.

    The environment has been trashed by his failure to inspect rigs, miners have died for the same reason – poor oversight. The free health care you were promised is actually going to double your premiums, gays still must maintain military bearing, and there are more protests from SEIU paid astro-turf pro illegal immigration crowd, and real protests by former Obama voters turned Tea Party that have had their eyes opened.

    Now, terror events are becoming a daily event. Obama reads them their rights and they go the way of OJ and walk back into our society to commit more crimes. At least OJ was put where he belongs before he killed again.

    And then we still have wars on two fronts, previously pretty much won, but now, inept leadership at the top has both wars in doubt.

    And the rest of the world sees the president as a laughing stock. A weakling who bows to his superiors.

    I understand completely. I voted for an Ivy League Conservative who made a lot of promises, too. Fiscal conservative? He put in so many left wing programs that we were beginning to think he was a progressive. And 9/11 happened on his watch. Although Clinton blinded our intelligence gathering, taking boots off the ground and depending on eavesdropping, Bush never blamed Clinton. He simply fixed the mistakes and kept us safe for 7 years.

    And it must really embarrass you to see Obama go after white men for terrorism when the Islamic radicals are to blame.

    I feel your pain. You are reaching out to encourage us to vote out this scourge that has infested this country – the progressives. I am there for ‘ya. We will get upwards of 100 seats in the House in 6 months, and we will return the Senate to Republicans, who have now pulled far away from the failed policies of the “center” and are firmly right wing – knowing any move to the left will spell defeat at the polls.

    The battle is in good hands, sir! Fret not! Although I do appreciate your comments that serve as a constant reminder of the arrogance and ignorance of the left.

    America SHALL be returned to proper governance and the progressives and liberals will be purged.

    I appreciate your encouragement, it gives us all focus!

    PS – Say hello to Dennybop for me!


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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