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Palin right to step down – Letter to the Editor

This from SaraPac.

Letter to the Editor by Elsie M. O’Bryan, Houston, AK
Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman
July 6, 2009

To the editor:

In case you’re wondering what this Alaskan thinks of Sarah stepping down before her term is up…

I know, from my own observation of the articles and editorials and multiple facetious ethics complaints that Sarah could make no move — regardless of how mundane — without constant harassment. Yes, I use the word “harassment” because I believe that is what it has been.

No political figure is immune, nor should they be immune, from questioning (those who know me know I’ve done my share of that on the local and state level over the years) of motives, proper procedures, etc. That’s part of the process.

However, when it comes to the point that a person who is attempting to do her best in the position she was elected to do cannot do so, and when the cost in time and money to the individual and to the state to defend against allegations, becomes the prudent thing to do to step away.

I think it was an unselfish move to have chosen to step away from the office of governor and I believe that it was a matter of analyzing the ability to continue to be effective and judging that with the onslaught of attacks of every move and concluding that it was time to step aside.

I believe it is time to impose a fee for filing ethics complaints, which can be refunded if the complaint is found to have merit. I believe those who filed multiple complaints, which were dismissed, were on a well-thought out campaign that cost them nothing. There needs to be a process whereby folks can continue to file complaints and expect a fair and unbiased review, yet those who use that process for a campaign for destruction are held accountable for a part of the expense.

Has she been a good governor? Yes she has. Has she been able to accomplish getting major goals accomplished through bringing thorny players together? Yes.

Would an ugly male be treated the same way by the media? Murkowski wasn’t. Obama isn’t.

I have to agree with one commenter who stated, to the effect of “Just believe what she’s saying.” Don’t look for alligators under rose bushes.

I only hope that some of the media people and “bloggers” who pushed this to this extent can have a measure of conscience and learn that there is a line and they have crossed it.

Elsie M. O’Bryan


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