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A disturbing story from the United Kingdom about political correctness (and really anti-Christian feeling) run amuck.  An electrician named Colin Atkinson who works for the Wakefield and District Housing (WDH) organization (apparently something like a cross between a homeowner’s association and PBS in that it is taxpayer funded) has been threatened with discipline – not for stealing or cursing or even being impolite.  This electrician and veteran is liable for firing because he displays a small Christian cross in his van.

Here’s the story!  Highlights follow:

The organisation claims the cross may cause offence but says it strongly promotes “inclusive” policies and allows employees to wear religious symbols at work.

It has provided stalls at gay pride events, held “diversity days” for travellers, and has allowed other staff to display photographs of Che Guevera, the revolutionary leader, in their office.

It’s okay to promote a mass murderer but not the Prince of Peace.  This is not unexpected; the Bible is clear there will be persecution in the latter days (“Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for may name’s sake.” [Matthew 24:9(KJV)]) and this is a prime example of it.  But they don’t call us the Church Militant for nothing, Atkinson’s fighting back:

“The treatment of Christians in this country is becoming diabolical. It is political correctness taken to the extreme.

“I have never been so full of resolve. I am determined to stand up for my rights. If they sack me, so be it. But I am standing up for my faith.”

He even has legal support in that a legal defense group is helping him, the Christian Legal Centre.  The good barristers at the CLC are surely busy these days in the 2011 United Kingdom.  We’ll see what happens in the land of trial by jury and the rights of Englishmen.  I urge my readers to respectfully protest!  Here’s the website of the WDH; time to complain to the leaders of this taxpayer-funded outfit that they need to drop this case.

If anyone wants to know how to place faith in Christ as Lord in these final days, here’s the site!

UPDATE:  Colin Atkinson’s charges were DROPPED!  Here’s why:

However, following intervention by the Christian Legal Centre and national media coverage, disciplinary action against Mr Atkinson was dropped and he can continue to display his cross, attached vertically, to the glove compartment of his WDH van.

If you helped by complaining to WDH, rah for you!  Thanks!


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