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PEC’er Gate Update: The Piedmont Environmental Council Has a New Theme Song – Check it Out!

Those whacky pretend land conservationists have been busy. They needed a theme song that they could use at their Christmas Party this year and I think this is a winner for them!

So what do these left wing PEC’ers do when they are caught harassing (in a video no less) property owners? Well, they blame the victim, what else.

Here is an email from one of them.


First, let me say I am as concerned as anyone about incursions of government or NGO's against an individual's property rights.  However, I am not, nor ever have been convinced that Martha Boneta is a "victim" of any effort to deny her whatever rights she has, or ever had, on the property she bought near Paris, VA.  I am sorry the Tea Party has acquiesced on her insistence that is her problem with PEC and the Warren County government.

I have heard Ms. Boneta tell her "story" and I have heard from others who have heard her talk and are convinced she is a sad, unprotected victim of assaults on her "rights".  I have had considerable training in public speaking and was quite interested in Ms. Boneta's presentation from a professional view.  I am sorry to say I noticed several misrepresentations and contradictions as she tried to convince her audience of her plight.

Additionally, Ms. Boneta is an attorney, or at least has had experience in the law, and should have been well aware of the contingencies attached to the property she bought from the PEC, including their right to investigate the property thoroughly on what ever basis was stipulated in the sale.  In fact, she received a substantial monetary consideration on the purchase of the property because of the contingencies attached to it.  She is very careful not to mention anything about the original contingencies of the sale or that she was able to buy the property at a considerably reduced price in any presentation I have heard or about which I have read.  This leads me to believe any problems she says she has had with PEC is as much of her making as it is theirs.

As for the problems with the Warren County Board of Supervisors, the only fee she has paid is the one required for the use of the property for an event.  The $50,000 fine she mentions in every presentation never happened.  The investigations of her property she cites as so egregious were in keeping with the county determining whether or not she was abiding by the conditions of occupancy required by county law.

I have no idea what her real motive in all of this is, but I believe many of her problems are caused because she is trying to break the contingencies to which she agreed when the property was purchased.  By involving the Virginia Legislature, and whoever else she can convince of her "victimhood" she runs the risk of changing agriculture laws to the detriment of lifelong farmers.  

I truly believe you would be doing yourself, and your members, a real service to put aside any emotionalism caused by the accusation "property rights violations" and investigate more thoroughly all of Ms. Boneta's statements to find the reality of her situation for yourself.  You might want to start with the story of the "children's birthday party" - did it really happen as she said it did?  Also, where people actually living on the property without required sanitary facilities, such as running water and toilets? (That is one of the issues Warren County had that led to there concerns and possible inspection.

All I am asking, Ron, is to get the emotionalism out of the equation and investigates the facts of her story?

Margaret Hobble

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