Carrie Smith, Oxford, Miss.

I could suggest to Trump:  Please help me make America Great Again! 

Spin out what’s behind each of your campaign slogans. Ms. Clinton, why is our country so divided now, and how will you be able to coax its citizens together on the major issues of the day? Mr. Trump, why do you think America is not great now, exactly when was it great before and what specifically made it great then vs. now?

Ellen Lambeth, Vienna

Can’t answer that.

On election night, if you are defeated, will you call your opponent, acknowledge them and support them as the president-elect? What will you do to heal the polarization caused by the campaign?

Ray Strano, East Norriton, Pa.

This is the tradition and I would continue it.

That was fun!  Maybe Sanders – Constitution Party 2024?  I am not running and I doubt it very much but running for office is better than you-know-what every day!  To answer the commenter that asked me if I was trying out for Trump’s speechwriter – great job but I’d rather be assistant White House Counsel in charge of devolution – getting rid of executive orders and regulations that are unconstitutional or unwise policy and making America Great Again!