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Piedmont Environmental Council Questionable Motives Exposed

PECThis is a great article by Cameron Jones that appears in the Fauquier Free Citizen written by Cameron Jones:

“The Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) was founded in 1972 to promote and protect the Virginia Piedmont’s rural economy, natural resources, history and beauty.”

This quote is straight from the website of one of the oldest and most successful land preservation organizations in the United States, the Piedmont Environmental Council.

Their home turf is northern Fauquier County and southwestern Loudon County, nestled in the heart of horse country in northern Virginia, and they defend this territory without mercy against all who would destroy a view shed that exists nowhere else in the eastern U.S.

They proudly proclaim that the “PEC’s commitment to stewardship of conserved lands will ensure that much of this region’s valuable farmland, forests, wetlands, scenic countryside and historic heritage are forever protected.”

Mickey_Mouse Their major achievement and the one they proudly point to most often, is their conquest of “the mouse”, when they took on Disney and ended their plans to build a theme park in northern Virginia. Clearly they fear no developer, no national entity, and certainly no mere citizen of Fauquier County.

So why is it they did nothing to stop one of the biggest travesties that has occurred on their turf in recent history? Why did they refrain from uttering one syllable to stop the besmirching of the view shed in one of the most protected landscapes in all of America, the Crooked Run Valley Rural Historic District?

Crooked Run Valley Rural Historic District is a national historic district located near Paris Virginia in Fauquier County. This district encompasses 386 contributing buildings, 27 contributing sites, and 21 contributing structures, and soon it will include yet another contributing structure that will surely not enhance its historic or scenic value.

This new structure is being built on a property in the middle of one of the most visible landscapes in Virginia, one that tens of thousands of people pass through each year.  It is also visible from one of the most visited sections of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, is visible from the PEC’s own prized Piedmont Memorial Overlook property, and will forever be part of the open space that surrounds the village of Paris, one of the anchors of the Crooked Run Rural Historic District.

Contruction_EntranceThis new addition to the Crooked Run Historic District is also located in an area prized and protected for its agricultural soils, and it sits in in the midst of numerous Civil War Battlefields which are still being studied for their historical significance.

So what is this structure that the PEC obviously values above all these things they have sworn to protect in perpetuity?

It is a cellular tower.

But it’s not just any cell tower. This tower is being built on the property of one of the PEC’s leading citizens (who may stand to benefit to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars); a citizen that has been the recipient of the PEC’s coveted “Land Conservation Award”.
Mind you, the PEC is not in favor of cell towers. They have vehemently opposed virtually every cell tower built in Fauquier County for years. Recently they pulled out all the stops to block a new and much needed tower in the southern part of Fauquier near Casanova, even though over 200 citizens of Casanova signed a petition in favor of the tower; even though these citizens and Fauquier EMS need the tower for safety reasons.

They have stated in the past that “new cell towers are being proposed throughout the County, which may bring better service into more remote rural areas, but could also bring an intrusive industrial type use into areas valued for their picturesque landscapes.”

Read the rest here.

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Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

One Response to “Piedmont Environmental Council Questionable Motives Exposed”

  1. robert shannon

    Yet another example of the hypocrisy ,evident in land use tax schemes, conservation easements , federal farm subsidies etc etc. How many of you know that the Virginia Country Club is in a “agriculture land use classification ” ? These schemes , started years ago as a way of helping the small family farmer, and they have now morphed into a revenue drain on every locality, defended as preserving open space, but clearly being abused by those with the pals in elective office who run interference anytime they are challenged and exposed for the tax scams that they are.

    It is rampant in every jurisdiction, the crony pals of those writing the rules make exceptions for themselves if the price is right. Here in King William in the summer of 2014 King William taxpayers made a ‘loan” to a private developer, at least that is what the former County Administrator called in in a newspaper article, stating the developer would be ” paying the county back” No details of the terms , no mention of any interest in the loan , duration, repayment schedule etc, just they (the developer ) would be paying the county taxpayers, who’s name the money was borrowed in would get the money paid back.

    Here now weeks before the local election I have raised the question why have “negotiations” taken so long ? Why haven’t we heard a word about this “repayment” , that was reported to be in negotiations for 18 months ? What are they negotiating , the arms deal with Iran ?

    What makes this so disgusting is that the Board of Supervisors chose to borrow $440,000 to fix a infrastructure problem clearly brought on by mismanagement of the project from the beginning, and now are trying to sneak through the back door the taxpayer funded build out of infrastructure ,sparing the politically connect developer from the costs.

    Citizens who have this tax scams costs shifted to them in higher real estate & property tax rates won’t see anything change unless and until they rebel. In Essex County the same guy who snookered King William taxpayers when he was the County Administrator, is now serving as the ” Economic Development Director ” for Essex—and guess what he is up to ? He is down there in Essex trying to have the Property Tax on Airplanes eliminated ? Nice to have friends in the right place.
    Bob Shannon King William


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