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While the Greek Pirate Party only garnered about one half of one percent in the recent election, its counterpart in Germany is rolling right along, having won seats in a third state parliament:  The northern state of Schleswig-Holstein:

Voters in the North German state of Schleswig-Holstein have chosen a new parliament. The Pirate Party has won seats for the first time, while the embattled Free Democrats have fared better than expected.

After its success in Berlin and Saarland, the German Pirate Party – whose policies focus on freedom of information in the digital sphere – has managed to win seats in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein. Following Sunday’s election, the Pirates walked away with over 8 percent of the votes.

The Pirates essentially tied with the Free Democrats, the somewhat libertarian but pro-EU party.

The next state to have an election is North Rhine-Westphalia, the California of Germany with nearly 18 million citizens.  And the Pirates are slated to do very well, maybe even double digits:

On Sunday, voters in Germany’s largest state, North Rhine-Westphalia, will elect a new state parliament. If recent opinion polls ring true, the Pirate Party will have its best election results to date.

Germany’s five leading polling research institutes agree on one thing: The Pirate Party will most certainly enter the North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) state parliament after this weekend’s election. Three of the institutes said the party will receive up to 10 percent of the vote, which would put Germany’s up-and-coming political group on the same level as the Green party, which is currently part of the governing coalition with the center-left Social Democrats.

Their leader in NRW has a notable last name:  Joachin Paul.  Yes, that’s right, Herr PAUL.  He is either a distant relative of Ron Paul or the Pirates wanted some of the Paul electoral skill to rub off on them!  Here’s what chief candidate Paul says:

The Pirate Party’s top candidate in NRW, Joachim Paul, said his party is no longer just a party for younger Germans.

“More and more older people from all parts of society are coming to our party,” said Paul, who himself was chosen to head the state party in the place of a younger candidate.

But the Pirates aren’t there yet:

Since its early days when the Pirate Party had the reputation of being nothing more than a protest party, it has now come up with a comprehensive manifesto. One of the main areas they are looking to make changes is education. However, fewer kids per classroom – one of their main goals – would significantly increase public spending.

Other objectives the Pirates have emphasized include free public bus and train transportation and an unconditional welfare for all NRW citizens. The costs for such endeavors would balloon into the multi-billion-euro range.

The German Pirates need a consultant – a liberty consultant!  Here’s some free advice!  Germany needs to get out of the Euro, free Europe from EU bureaucrats, reform education by allowing home schooling and school choice and endorse national sovereignty.  Reform of copyright and trademarks will require MEPs and the Pirates need to get that motion going.  Ring the Bell of LIBERTY!  SAY NO to Tweedledee and Tweedledum!   Say YES to liberty and sovereignty.



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