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I did not hear the debate last evening in Ames but I heard about it and heard the Ron Paul highlights.   They were great!

I also read comments from two sources I admire and respect but on this I disagree:  Erick Erickson and Gary Bauer.

Erickson asserted Paul had “embarrassed” himself and Bauer in his end of day report for 8/12 stated this:

Amazingly, Paul went to great lengths last night to portray Iran as a victim of American bullying. Hats off to former Senator Rick Santorum for taking him on and pointing out that Iran is actively fighting us, killing U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. That no one else was willing to speak up and defend the nation they seek to lead against Paul’s slander was disappointing.

But that is not what Cong. Paul said.  He said that we had overthrown the Iranian government in 1953 and installed the Shah and that this was a result of the Islamic revolution of 1979.  I do not see a bit of “bullying” here.

People might boo but we are in several unnecessary wars.  The last three Presidents have started wars that were not necessary.  President Clinton (ably assisted by his Secretary of State Albright, who actually said the deaths of 500,000 children in Iraq due to the Hussein sanctions was “worth it”) attacked Serbia for no reason in 1999.  (Our 2008 nominee, Sen. John McCain, wanted GROUND TROOPS sent to invade Serbia.  Thank the Lord the Serbians surrendered first.)  Then President George W. Bush attached Iraq and also continued the war in Afghanistan long after it was necessary.  Finally, President Barack Obama attached Libya without even the fig leaf of Congressional authority, claiming he answered to the authority of the UN!

So, lets admit Paul is right.  Iran is a grave threat to our nation and must be carefully watched.  But we and the UK DID overthrow the government in 1953 and installed the Shah.  That was wrong.  Paul stated the non-interventionist position well last evening.  Former Senator Santorum was wrong on his history and was called on it.

Rep. Bachmann insisted that foreign terrorists have no constitutional rights under Miranda.  She did not learn that at William & Mary!  Paul, the non-lawyer, was right again.  He said Bachmann had turned the rule of law on its head and feared the government could decide prior to trial who is a terrorist and then execute that person under certain circumstances.  Wars usually costs liberty; these era of wars is no exception.  The Patriot Act with its many anti-liberty provisions is just one example.  Paul also reminded the hearers the financial costs of all these wars.

I thought Paul did well in spite of bum mikes and disrespect from the Fox News crew.  If Doug Wead had anything to do with his preparation, I say RAH for him!  Every Iowa resident ought to listen to the Daily Paul’s compendium of the Paul remarks and vote accordingly.






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