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Politico Does ‘Hit Piece’ on Presidential Candidate Rick Perry

Politico. There you go again!

The ‘still in denial that they are just another left wing mouthpiece for the Democrats’ publication called Politico is at it again. While they spend an enormous amount of time and digital ink pushing all things green and the Global Warming hoax, they suddenly find it newsworthy that nearly a quarter of a century ago, Presidential Candidate Rick Perry worked for Al Gore’s campaign.

And suddenly, Politico seems to find that Al Gore is no longer Politico’s ‘Global Warming’ golden boy and savior of the Universe. Suddenly, when they want to slam Perry, Gore is the fraudmaster that the proponents of common sense and honest science know him to be.

How ironic it is that Politico now wants to denigrate Perry for, once upon a time, embracing their own philosophy!

Consider thie example of hypocracy from the left wing Politico:

In an interviewwith an Iowa radio station on Monday, the Republican presidential contender explained his role as the Gore campaign’s Texas chairman by saying that “this was Al Gore before he invented the Internet and got to be Mr. Global Warming.”

But in fact, global warmingwas already a significant theme for Gore in 1987 and 1988 — long before his activism led to several books, a Nobel Prize and a part in an Academy Award-winning film. It was also well before the right gave him the “Mr. Ozone” nickname and talk radio heaped endless mockery on the future vice president.Gore, then a young Tennessee senator trying to break out in a crowded Democratic field, mentioned the warming planet as one of his priorities for his presidential campaign in April 1987, according to news coverage at the time.

But let’s remember. In the late 80’s we didn’t know this was all a hoax! We had not yet discovered the conspiratorial emails, because they had not been written. Even the New York Times had a problem covering up these emails exposed in 2009.
And all of the “scientific consensus” we hear about is based on fudged numbers, according to the emails. And even worse, all of the computer climate models (there are some 15 or so) are using incorrect assumptions. And the earth has been cooling for a good while, which is contrary to the predictions and computer models.
Grasping at straws, the stubbornly relentless ‘Warmers’ came up with the theory that the missing heat is in the Ocean, lurking to melt the polar caps and kill polar bears. Only some guy named Roy Spencer  has used actual measurements of ocean temperatures to prove the missing heat is not there.
The only other explanation, which is contrary to all of the global warming computer models, is that the heat simply dissipates harmlessly into space, which pretty much disproves Global Warming. Bummer for Al Gore.
But we didn’t know that in 1987. It has taken nearly a quarter of a century for scientific fact to disprove the scientific “consensus” that was supposed to prove Global Warming.
Now I would be truly worried if Rick Perry was still clinging to people like Gore. That would be a deal breaker. But for a 30-something year old Perry to be “leading” Gore’s failed campaign for President is a non item for anyone but the far left, and supporters of other Republican candidates.
Could you imagine if FoxNews decided to smear Obama by claiming he had once supported the Constitution and Free Market Economics? And said it like that was a “bad thing”?
The “Perry once believed in the same thing we did” smear is pretty funny, when you think about it. But the next “attack” will be even more funny. “Perry sounds like Bush.”
Yea, they’re going to go there, too. The White House ordered them to.

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