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Politico Made the Case to Arrest Hillary for Collusion

One thing about the Mainstream Media reporting fake news. It tends to comne back and bite them.

I love reading old stories where the fake news was working hard to smear Donald Trump.

This past October, the real news revealed that the “Dirty Dossier” was paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton Campaign. A Law Firm was hired as a “go between” to obfuscate the source of the money. The Law Firm, Perkins Coie, was forced to admit that they were paid by Hillary to relay the money to Fusion GPS for the fake dossier written by a former British Spy Christopher Steele. Some of Steele’s “sources” were Russians. And this Dossier formed the basis for the investigation into the Trump Campaign for Colluding with the Russian.

Even the New York Times had to report this:

WASHINGTON — The presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee paid for research that was included in a dossier made public in January that contained salacious claims about connections between Donald J. Trump, his associates and Russia.

A spokesperson for a law firm said on Tuesday that it had hired Washington-based researchers last year to gather damaging information about Mr. Trump on numerous subjects — including possible ties to Russia — on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the D.N.C.

The revelation, which emerged from a letter filed in court on Tuesday, is likely to fuel new partisan attacks over federal and congressional investigations into Russia’s attempts to disrupt last year’s election and whether any of Mr. Trump’s associates assisted in the effort.

The president and his allies have argued for months that the investigations are politically motivated. They have challenged the information contained in the dossier, which was compiled by a former British spy who had been contracted by the Washington research firm Fusion GPS.

Last July (2017) Politico was busy making the case that Trump won the election by “colluding” with the Russians. Keep in mind that in July 2017 we did not know that Hillary had paid for the dossier using a couple of middle men (a law firm and Fusion GPS) to dig up dirt on Donald Trump. Christopher Steele – a Brit – was her source. And he used Russians.

To date, after spending untold millions to connect Donald Trump with Russia, the best they can find is a meeting where a Russian Lawyer in Trump Tower met with Trump Jr. No collusion, no laws broken. But we now know that this Russian Lawyer met with Fusion GPS before and after the meeting in Trump Tower. So was this an attempted setup by the Hillary Campaign?

But Politico really stepped in it on this one. In July 2017, before we all knew Hillary hired a foreigner to collude with other foreigners, Politico was speculating on how Trump’s supposed meeting with a foreigner could land him in jail. Only it turns out we have proof Hillary was the one colluding and potentially breaking election laws. Keep in mind, Brits and Russians are both foreigners.

Collusion is not a federal crime (except in the unique case of antitrust law), so we should all just stop using “collusion” as a short-hand for criminality. But that doesn’t mean that the alleged cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russia is of no criminal interest. To the contrary, if true, it may have violated any number of criminal prohibitions.

For example, if Donald Trump Jr. sought “dirt” on Hillary Clinton from the Russians, he might be charged with conspiring to violate the election laws of the United States, which prohibit foreign nationals from contributing any “thing of value” to an electoral campaign. The opposition dirt is at least plausibly a thing of value. And to the extent that the Trump campaign aided, abetted or advised the Russians (or any other hackers) about what would be most useful to steal from the Democrats or how best to enhance the impact of their release, they may well have violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

Just substitute Hillary for Trump in that last paragraph.

Where is the Special Counsel for Hillary? Far left Politico made the case – accidentally.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

4 Responses to “Politico Made the Case to Arrest Hillary for Collusion”

  1. GeneThePopulist says:

    Lock both liars up, Hillary and Trump. I won’t shed a tear for either. But keep in mind, the next administration will undoubtably go back and lock up Trump and his administration.

    The difference between you and me Tom? You believe in the right vs the left. I believe in the right versus the wrong. Two entirely different things.

    • Tom White says:

      Except Trump is not a liar. He has been 100% honest with his plans and has kept every promise.

      And Gene, you wouldn’t know right from wrong if it bit you on the arse.

      Do you recall how many bad Republicans I have gone after over the years? And Democrats?

      Trump is the first politician (but he is not really a politician) to say what he will do and do what he said. Nobody’s perfect and he has fought the Democrats, the media and his own party and still managed to scratch off a lot of things on his list. And he has 7 more years.

      Go back and read this post from 2 years ago in the early days of the primary.

      You will see why I believe Trump is the greatest president of my lifetime. People like Cantor said all the right things, but intentionally lied. And I worked hard to get rid of him. Trump hasn’t accomplished everything yet, but he is doing what he can when he can.

      And a lot more Republicans that hated him are moving to embrace him now. And he still has 94% of his base. That is simply amazing. And he has even gone up in jis job approval from Democrats. Albeit by only 1 point and he up to 11% Dem approval from 10%.

      You may hate him, but if you want jobs, a great economy, far less unnecessary government intrusion and a country that shines in the world, he’s your guy. If you want to see America destroyed, poor and the 3rd world’s newest member, keep going the way you are going.

      I am on the right side of History.
      Tom White recently posted…Politico Made the Case to Arrest Hillary for CollusionMy Profile

  2. Bob Shannon

    The two contrasts are very telling. The last administration was run by a Communist President. Socialist–Progressive–Liberal–Communist, all interchangeable terms, all essentially mean the same thing, a over Lord Federal government that distributes goods and services based on a designed allocation model they tweak to take from those they determine have too much, and give to those that again they determine have too little–it is Communism by any definition. Intellect , ingenuity, sacrifice, hard work meant nothing, it was all about redistribution( the man used those vey words in his 2008 campaign).

    In modern politics the tax code and free stuff are tools to implement your own version/system of control. Capitalism abhors these measures and will slowly die when they are left in place for too long. Trump ( hopefully) came along just in time, our free market system ( what was left of it ) was on life support, in dire need of some dismantling and refurbishing the basics. Trump is re-instilling the basics.

    Now we have a business guy who has actually done something in his life besides teach Law for a few semesters. This guy understands profit/loss, understands regulations effects on capitalism , understands the basics of supply/demand economics and is going about dismantling much of the destructive forces that have built up over 40 years of a nanny state mindset.

    Candidates for the highest office should be given a McDonalds franchise and made to run it for 2 years. Most of them would drive it into the ground because they come from a world that simply has no understanding for how things actually work
    Bob Shannon King William

  3. Paul Thiel says:

    Bob, your comments are so right on, most politicians have no clue how to run a business or what goes
    into a profit and loss statement ! Most people, and this includes many lawyers, when asked what is a Pand L or a balance sheet think you are using a foreign language.

    Our buddy GeneThePopulist still believes Bill Clinton’s meeting on the tarmac with Loretta Lynch was just a
    coincidence and they only talked about family and the kids ! Just a question?-did Bill meet her just before the
    Clinton Foundation got off the millions they paid for the FISA Document !
    Paul Thiel, Mechanicsville


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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