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President’s Stimulus Bill: Designed To Fail

Senate Democrats Block ‘Important’ Part Of President’s Plan, Another ‘Narrowly Targeted Exercise In 2012 Politics’


Senate Democrats Reject ‘Important’ Part Of The President’s Stimulus Bill. (S. 726, Roll Call Vote #178, Cloture Motion Rejected 57-43: R 47-0, D 10-41, I 0-2, 10/20/11)


JAY CARNEY: ‘They’re All Important, They’re All Of Equal Value’ Q: “Can you give us any guidance on which part [of the president’s bill] is likely to come up first?” CARNEY:  “…  It really doesn’t matter to us, because they’re all important, they’re all of equal value…” (White House Press Briefing, 10/17/11)


A ‘Narrowly Targeted Exercise In 2012 Politics’


“President Barack Obama didn’t do much to bring along lawmakers on his jobs bill — and it showed… the relentless focus on the American Jobs Act wasn’t about racking up a legislative win. It was always about laying the foundation for … 2012.” (“Obama Looks Past Hill On Jobs Bill,” Politico, 10/11/11)


“The reality in Congress is this bill has virtually no chance of passing and Democrats know that.” (Kate Bolduan, CNN’s Situation Room, 10/19)


“…narrowly targeted exercise in 2012 politics.” (“The Obama Bus Trip: A Political Guide,” Politico, 10/17/11)


“…Obama’s latest attempt to combine campaigning for his jobs bill with campaigning for his re-election.” (“Obama Touring To Support Pieces Of Jobs Bill,” AP, 10/17/11)


“…Senate Democrats planned action first on a longshot plan to help states… In campaign mode on the road, Obama accused Republican senators of saying no…” (“Obama Seeks Votes On Jobs, Piece By Piece,” AP, 10/17/11)


‘A Major Component Of His Reelection Strategy’ 


VP JOE BIDEN: ‘Are we campaigning? … Yes!’ “Vice President Joe Biden lashed out at critics today who have claimed that his and the President’s efforts to get a job’s bill passed is mere ‘campaigning.’ ‘Are we campaigning?’ he said. ‘Yes!’” (“Biden: ‘Are We Campaigning? Yes!’” NBC, 10/18/11)


“David Axelrod… released a campaign memo on Tuesday signaling that Obama would make his American Jobs Act a major component of his reelection strategy, pummeling Republicans who obstruct his attempts to revive the economy.” (“Axelrod To Raise Obama Dough In Arizona,” The Hill’s Ballot Box, 10/12/11)


‘Public Theater,’ ‘Stagecraft,’ A ‘Play’


“…the president collected checks and engaged in stagecraft…” (“Barack Obama Stumps For Jobs Bill, Raises Cash During Orlando Stop,” St. Petersburg Times, 10/12/11)


“public theater … they know it’s going nowhere.” “Democrats may not vote on President Barack Obama’s jobs bill just once. They could hold several votes on it, even though they know it’s going nowhere. But that’s just the public theater.” (“Democrats’ Plan B On Jobs Bill: Go Smaller,” Politico, 10/10/11)


“WH senior aide pre-spinning the Jobs bill defeat in senate: ‘first act of a long term play.’” (@Chucktodd, Twitter, 10/11/11)


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