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Pro-Islamic Math Problems used to Brainwash Children at Beaverdam Elementary School in Hanover


UPDATED 11/13/2014 at 9:25 AM:

I received the following email from Chip Joseph, Principal at Beaverdam Elementary School:

Mr. White,
To follow up from your earlier email, I have found that the math problem in question was, indeed, a problem that had been cut and pasted from a bank of questions that had been created by various teachers in the county. As is often the case, teachers use student names when creating questions and the name “Jihad” was the actual name of a former Hanover student. Since the name was imbedded in a chart, I am sure the teacher did not catch it as she would be focusing on the quality of the problem itself. Once this was brought to our attention, the name was removed from the problem not only in our building but on the bank of questions so that this would not occur again in any other building in Hanover.  Thank you for your inquiry.

Chip Joseph, Principal

Beaverdam Elementary School

I appreciate the quick and positive response from Mr. Joseph. And I consider this matter resolved.

(End of Update)

The subtle drip, drip, drip of the pro-Islamic brainwashing goes far beyond the showing of a “Blame America” video in classes. And it starts much earlier than we would have assumed.

The picture above is an assignment in a class at Beaverdam Elementary School. The students are obviously learning about bar graphs. If you look at the left column in the picture you see one of the students is named “Jihad”.

Jihad? Really? Is there a good reason for the teacher to use Jihad as a name? Absolutely not! This is nothing more than desensitization training to prepare the young minds for the ongoing pro-Islam education that is now being taught in Hanover Schools.

What is the definition of Jihad? “A holy war waged on behalf of Islam as a religious duty.”

There are so many ways that Hanover Schools under Superintendent Jamelle Wilson are invading the minds of our children.  Teachers and classrooms have become secret as teachers work to hide the truth from parents. Everything they do to promote Islam and the Homosexual Agenda (Click this link to learn about the gay agenda exposed at Mechanicsville Elementary School – BUT WARNING – the Video contains GRAPHIC LANGUAGE!!!).

Ironically, Islam believes homosexuals should be put to death, so clearly the radical left wing agenda pushed in our schools is not well thought out.

Test scores have been falling like a rock in Hanover Schools under Dr. Wilson’s left wing classroom agenda. As one speaker at last night’s School Board meeting noted, “Perhaps the drop in scores in Hanover can be traced to the ambitious promotion of Islam instead of focusing on core curriculum”.

And I agree.

Hanover schools have become a cesspool under Wilson and the more I learn, the more infuriating this all becomes. I have personally reached the point that I feel I cannot trust the schools in Hanover to educate our children and I fear their goal is now pure indoctrination.

Teachers that continue to push the “Hate America” agenda in classrooms need to be identified, exposed and fired. We pay a ton of tax dollars to educate our kids. This is not education!

And by the way, in the picture above, Jihad won. Did you expect any other outcome from Hanover Schools?

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

22 Responses to “Pro-Islamic Math Problems used to Brainwash Children at Beaverdam Elementary School in Hanover”

  1. Smith III says:

    When you put a liberal in charge of anything this is what you get. No surprises here. God Help Us!

  2. Cpt John Smith says:

    Anyone following the events in Montgomery County Md on the latest PC battles.
    This is one the most affluent progressive public school system in USA. The amount of money spent per student is among the highest in the nation. US government money flow into this system in a torrent. The school has buckled to Muslim pressure to have all religious and national holidays erased from the school calendar. Is this were Hanover PS is headed?

    • Galen Muhammad says:

      There was no “buckling“, Cap Tin!! Perhaps you’re not from or in MD and/or you are receiving the typical misinformation from other far right wing fringes of the Internet.

      The Montgomery Co. school board, in its spiteful, childish effort to keep the Muslims from having ONE single day on the school calendar for Eid Ad-Hur, removed the names of Christian & Jewish holidays from its calendar, while maintaining those days closed. Again, school’s still closed on Christmas and Yom Kippur, but they are calling those days off by other names. This was NOT the idea, goal or desire of the petitioning Muslims, but solely the idea of the school board.

  3. Green Jeans says:

    Everyone missed the math problem. The named Roberto raked the most leaves.

  4. Galen Muhammad says:

    I don’t know which is more sad: Not knowing the actual definition of the word “jihad“, substituting it for the terrorists’ version of “holy war” or not knowing that it is just a boy’s name.

    Another sad note: It is the Muslims’ duty to physically fight for anyone being oppressed That, poor, misguided people is jihad…..not “fighting against non-Muslims“.

    My parents grew up in and still visit Hanover County, VA. But I thank Allah that they don’t still live there….!

    • Tom White says:

      The principal admitted the error and the name will never be used again. And I don’t but the story that this was a boy’s name. Perhaps they should use the name Crusade next time. Islam has declared war on America and Israel. I take the threat seriously.

      America is a Christian Nation and tolerant to a point. That point is where we fall under attack for our beliefs.
      Tom White recently posted…Forum: What was your reaction to the President’s New Executive Order On Immigration?My Profile

      • Galen Muhammad says:

        The United States of America is a secular nation. Anyone who believes otherwise is either misinformed, delusional, a hihistorical revisionist or all of the above. Which are you, Tom White?

        This country was founded on RRELIGIOUS FREEDOM. PERIOD. Not Christiansity. I refer you (and other doubters of the truth) to one of this nations founding documents: The Treaty of Tripoli, Article 11, to be exact. I also refer doubters of the truth to the First Amendment’s freedom of religion statement. That, in no way, favors ANY particular religion.

        Now tell me what I’ve already heard and read…. That the founding fathers were all evangelical Christians (which is a BOLD-FACED LIE – some were Deists) or most US citizens were and still are Christians (again, read the First Amendment….and get familiar with OUR Constitution).

        About me: Retired National Guard officer whose parents grew up in Hanover County, VA when racists politicians and school boards believed that the 11th grade was far enough for Black students to advance in public schools. I’m also surprised that Robert Spencer is allowing me to contrdict his lies on his blog as he’s blocked me from doing the same on hisTwitter feed.

      • Galen Muhammad says:


        It is ill-advised to use words whose meanings you apparently have no grasp. The word jihad, for example. They are FOUR types of jihad. The most important of these is the control of one’s own desires. The others are in defense. Now, with this “nnew enlightenment”, can you explain what you see that is wrong with that?

        Forget the paid Islamaphobes’ AND the terrorists’ inaccurate definition of the word.

      • Galen Muhammad says:


        Just an FYI: No one was or is attacking you or any US citizen for their beliefs….uunless that belief is the religion Islam. We see Republicans constantly attaching Islam with terrorism. Now they are inviting someone who no friend to Muslims or Islam….or most Americans to speak before Congress who has no qualms with inappropriately relating Islam with terrorists and terrorism. In the meantime, that same person won’t explain to the American people or Congress why he’s imposing apartheid onto the Palestinians.

        • Matthew Jones says:

          You’re obviously right Galen but sadly this is a forum filled with people like him. A group of us are laughing at this article as I type but I don’t think any will actually comment. Regardless thanks for spreading some wisdom to these folks.

          • Galen Muhammad says:


            Thank you for the compliment! It’s also a pleasure to know other can read between the Islamaphobic lines/lies….!

            I can only assume that the other names used were also a part of the “brainwashing process” and that using a non-Eurocentric name would not help students to understand that the USA consists of people from all over the earth.

        • This is unbelievable says:

          This article makes me sick. Galen, words can not describe how much I agree with you. I admire your courage for posting on a site that is so blinded by ignorance and hate. It is sad to discover that people like this exist, especially in my county. I have lived here all my life and I could not be more appalled by the narrow-minded people here who preach hate. Also, shame on the principal of Beaverdam Elementary for removing the name ‘Jihad’ from the math question after being bullied by Mr. White.

          Unfortunately Galen, people like Mr. White do exist and they will never change their opinions. However, there are tons of people out there sharing this article because of how outrageous and close-minded it is, so you are not alone in your beliefs.

          I am a Christian white-female who IS a Republican so Mr. White do not throw that word ‘liberal’ at me- you use it too much. Oh, and a little government lesson- Amendment 1 guarantees Freedom of Religion so Mr. White get use to it or get over it. America is a melting pot and if you don’t like it, you can just hop on the next flight out of here.

      • Gold says:

        Tom, you are a child. ISIS has declared they wish to destroy western civilization, not the Islamic religion. Just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean all of them are like you, in fact, I know quite a few intelligent men and women of faith. All you are, White, is a sorry radical wishing he still had the muscle density to shove his perversion of a religion down everyone’s throat.

    • Tom White says:

      Perhaps you can explain to me why the Christians living in Muslim countries and Jews living anywhere are being oppressed BY MUSLIMS if it is their duty to fight for the oppressed. But Muslims will never lift a finger to protect non-Muslims. And it is permitted for Muslims to lie to protect the “reputation” of Islam. So it is hard to know what is lie and what is truth.
      Tom White recently posted…Forum: What was your reaction to the President’s New Executive Order On Immigration?My Profile

      • Galen Muhammad says:

        I don’t live in a country that is aligned with any particular religion. I live in and I am a citizen of the United States of America, a secular country whose citizens adhere to many different religions or none at all.

        I cannot speculate why things are the way they are in other countries just as a vast majority of those posting here can’t. But I know what’s going on in THIS country!

      • Galen Muhammad says:

        “But Muslims will never lift a finger to protect non-Muslims.”

        We’re left to assume that you only get your “news” (READ: PROPAGANDA) from far, FAR right fringe media rags like Fox Not-Necessarily-the-News or paid Islamaphobes like Robert Spencer and his ilk….and did not heqr about the Muslims in Egypt protecting the churches during the Arab Spring.

        Interesting . . . .

      • Gold says:

        I have yet to see any of your radical, white supremacist, born-again-Christian types give me any reason at all to think your kind has improved since the era of crucifixion and Crusade. You’re just hateful, ignorant slobs that can’t differentiate the good from the bad unless it’s written in a thousand year old book that’s been changed more times than it has been read.

  5. Galen Muhammad says:

    In the Math problem: The young man, Jihad raked the most leaves… far!

    Apparently, some people are so blinded by their own ignorance and rage, they cannot read an elementary school level bar graph or hash marks. And that’s ALL that means!

  6. Gold says:

    This author is an idiot. Purely opinionated, radical bullshit meant to rally crazy conservatives and scare the actual, moderate ones. Dumbasses like these are why I don’t have much faith in the Republican Party.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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