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Rape, Pillage & Plunder

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Most Americans according to surveys have become jaded and cynical about elected officials of both political parties, the typical citizen does complain but little else. We are inundated daily with examples that clearly illustrate how little these folks care about our views. Two examples  yesterday illustrate why we might consider bringing back public hangings.

In a MSNBC interview Senator Ben Cardin ( D ) of Maryland was specifically asked about Trumps Tax Proposals. He responded that he was supportive so long as the process didn’t increase the deficit or national debt. When was the last time you heard a democrat complain about increasing the annual budget deficit or the national debt ? This guy has been in Congress since 1987, in the House from 1987-2006, since then the U.S. Senate. 30 years in DC and this guy is concerned about debt ? He further strained his credibility when he threw into the discussion that he also supports “ a national consumption tax” ?  Lower taxes, simplify the horrendously complicated 80,000 page tax code………….and then throw in a consumption tax that has the most detrimental impact on lower income and middle class of all means of raising revenue. Maryland is climbing into the stupidity ranks of New York, Illinois ,California  . This guy stays in office for no other reason than the bloated Federal civil service legions that keep sending him back because he is good for big gov’t, Maryland style.

Tom Price, former republican Congressman from Georgia , now serving as  Secretary of HHS ( Health & Human Services) begged forgiveness on Fox last night , telling the audience that he was writing a personal check for some $51,000 from his own pocket to reimburse taxpayers for the private flights he has taken since January. Wonder of all wonders, this guy has apparently done pretty well for himself, casually dismissing this extravagant taxpayer rip-off by simply saying…………”okay, you caught me, I’ll pay it back” Has anyone in government yet heard of “ go to “ ?  How much government travel could be cut with the technology utilized today by the private sector that has dramatically reduced executive travel costs by utilizing these measures. These gov’t types treat themselves as if they are Crown Princes , traveling first class , staying at the finest hotels, dining at the very best restaurants…….all on the tax payer dime…………until someone in the media shines a spotlight on the glaring abuses.  Bret Baire asked him in a follow up question about the report that he had ordered HHS to re-open the closed Executive dining cafeteria. Secretary Price’s response was that the dining area was being reopened to and I quote “ provide HHS executives and other employees another option for lunch , and to have a place where they could eat and work”  Brown bag it Pal like the rest of us working slobs who you stick with the tab for this nonsense.   I don’t have the horse but I have lots of rope.

Bob Shannon King William

15 Responses to “Rape, Pillage & Plunder”

  1. Drain the Swamp says:

    Thanks Bob!
    Roger Stone broke the real story on why Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) won’t seek re-election to the US Senate next year- that FBI Corruption Investigation into his new found fortune while serving in the US Senate.

    Judge Roy Moore was only the beginning for Steve Bannon’s RINO Safari to take place next year.

    • mr green jeans

      The Romans called this the “Bread and Circus” method of control. The apathic middle class are the doops of the rich and powerful. Oh when will they awake?
      “There are only three kinds of people in the world: rich and powerful oppressors, the poor and disenfranchised oppressed, and the middle-class whose apathy perpetuates the status quo.”

  2. Trumpet says:

    Steve Bannon Declares War on GOPe. Can you hear Steven Brodie Tucker screaming?

  3. Danville Tea Party Patriot says:

    Brodie Tucker calls Virginia Republican Patriots who support our President the “Trump Cult” ?

    I will remember that when Tucker peddles some Appalachian still operator as a Whiskey Rebellion Populist for Governor.

    Another “Brodie” Award for Stupid Comment!

  4. Populist Jerry says:

    What unemployed older millennials like 40 yo Tucker who stills owes on his college loans instead of working for a living don’t get about Bannon and Trump is this change called Trumpism moved forward quickly the day Judge Roy won over Strange! It moved faster still when President Trump spoke out against the NFL allowing their players to disrespect our flag and National Anthem. Now, with the fall of Harvey Weinstein, Hillary Clinton has her husband’s morality, Huma Aabbedin her top aid’s morality (Weiner) and her biggest supporter’s morality all clashing with her biggest so-called “cause”, women’s equal this and equal that…she is surrounded by scum! America is seeing that now. The pendulum has swung the other way. 2018 and 2020 will be landslides to the Right. This is happening faster and faster. The Trump train is a movement bigger than all of us. It is working class DEMS just as much as any other group. Just wait. Trump will reach out to minorities in a big way. They have been screwed by the DEMS long enough. Change is coming in waves, not low tide but a Tsunami! Hang in there. Keep watching. The radical DEMS are imploding!

  5. Robert Shannon

    At the King William T.E.A Party meeting scheduled for Thursday November 9th we will chronicle the new paradigm breaking through the surface in American politics, the first sign was of course 3 1/2 years ago when Dave Brat knocked off Eric Cantor. Last weeks 9 point win by Roy Moore in Alabama is one of the latest indicators that this shift is indeed occurring.

    Our discussion will center on both direct and anecdotal evidence that this shift is indeed occurring, and our discussion will center on the best way to capitalize on this Teutonic shift occurring right before our eyes.

    Steve Bannon’s firing/dismissal/resignation was a political stroke of genius . Inside the administration he would have been a constant distraction, fodder for Trumps critics and the media. He can and will be much more effective on the outside, absent the restraints he can utilize his messaging brilliance so much more effectively.

    As for the other Steve……..I watched many of these TEA Party groups, and their leaders go through a political maturation process , from very subtle manipulation , compelling arguments that only through locking arms with the republican establishment will their conservative policies be achieved to what I would gently call the ” growing up stage”, coming to recognize that once a elected official is in any office for 2-3 years either the money , the party bosses or both sink their claws into them and they become deaf to citizens concerns. At that point their is then only one option left—pound the living hell out of them until they submit….or leave office, which we are now seeing in significant numbers.

    I really like Steve Brodie and hope in time he sees that joining forces with the establishment republicans can have no good outcome. The Nation is now at the crucible crossroads and patriotic citizens have simply two very distinct choices, fight or ultimately watch as the nation crumbles under the weight of the debt, the cultural rot and the socialistic policies now embraced by the leadership of both political parties.

    When Canova Peterson, Sean Davis and Wayne Hazzard were permitted almost at every MTP meeting to come in and blather on about what they were going to do if elected I was dismayed that this was permitted to go on as long as it did. No hard vetting, no deep specific remedies, just that they were going to rein in Hanover government, cut spending, reduce taxes blah ,blah ,blah. The local PAC had taught them well how to cleverly coax these patriotic folks to donate their time, energy and money on their behalf…..and their first official action once seated was to eliminate proffers, only to go on a few years later to alter the Land Use Policy to allow for a parcel that had been sold with plans to develop to remain in the land use program . This certainly satisfied their Oligarch patrons but was a far cry from what they SAID they intended to do. Fool me once…..

    Bob Shannon Founder King William & Mechanicsville TEA Party Groups

  6. Drain the Swamp says:

    EPIC BATTLE coming between Trump and the ChamberCrat Republican donor class over Trump’s agenda to repeal NAFTA. Follow the money to the Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell from Swamp Creature Tom Donohue.

    Buckle up.

  7. Mary W. says:

    Goodell says NFL players should stand for the Anthem.

    This is what Winning looks like Folks? Seen any Winning from the US SENATE? Congress? nope.

  8. Liberty!

    It always blows my mind how Democrats like this Ben Cardin always seem to throw out common sense for pure political gain.

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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