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Reconsidering Trump 2016 AND Convention of States

Donald Trump?

When Donald Trump started making noises again that he was going to run for president, I laughed him off. Just a publicity stunt, he’ll never actually run.

Trump could never be a serious candidate, could he?

Besides, I have said many times that while on the surface it makes sense to have someone run the country with a proven business background like Trump, do we really want a guy in the White House that believes his word is the final answer? That he gets to make all of the decisions and will often “go it alone” with a phone and a pen? Isn’t that what we have in the White House now? A Dictator? Why would we want another one?

But as I look at the Republican betrayals all along the way, I know in my heart that I cannot trust them to do what they say. The only party that actually delivers on their promises is the Democrats. And if I were a Democrat, I would view Obama as the greatest deliverer of promises of all time.

The Republicans told us that if they only had the House they could stop Obama. They said the House holds the power of the purse. “We will de-fund Obamacare,” they told us.

So we gave them the House. And John Boehner has betrayed us at every opportunity. And lest the ground swell with opposition, he is punishing Republicans – our own party – for not voting as he tells them as he rewards Obama and the Democrats with more and more power.

We only control 1/2 of the Legislative Branch they told us. Where was the backbone they promised us if we would only deliver the Houes? Still made of jello we see.

“If only we had the Senate we could stop Obama,” they said.

And we gave them the Senate.

And once again we were betrayed. Obamatrade was only the latest fiasco that will haunt us forever. Another “giant sucking sound” of American jobs leaving the US – like NAFTA. But this one reportedly comes with the loss of American Sovereignty as a side dish.

And how are these new Republican controlled House and Senate Committees doing on the scandals committed by this Administration? We have committees promising to “get to the bottom” of every scandal and dirty deed Obama and his band of merry men have committed. And I can’t think of a single one that has been resolved.

Fast and Furious? The Veterans Administration? The IRS? Lois Lerner? Benghazi? EPA? Immigration? Nuclear Iran?

Not a DAMN THING has resulted in the years long investigations. Except for the fact that the Republicans have raised a lot of money pretending to be investigating these scandals and atrocities, nothing has come of any of it. And let’s toss in Obamacare.

There is not a single current or former elected Republican running for the Presidency that I feel I can trust, knowing their history. One of the biggest reasons is money. The path to the Presidency passes through the US Chamber of Commerce and Big Business on the Republican side and the Unions and the special interest hucksters on the Democrat’s side. And to be fair, the GOP has it’s own hucksters. Just not as many.

The only Republican I have the least bit of hope for is Ted Cruz. And I honestly don’t think he is electable. And now that Cruz voted for Obamatrade,  I know I can’t trust him if he were elected President. And the rest of the field ranges from as bad or worse than Obama all the way to slightly better than Obama.

And then there is The Donald.

Flamboyant, cocky, irritating at times, self righteous, know-it-all, and a bit tyrannical to work for I imagine. But you know what? Donald Trump is the only one of the field that I could imagine walking into the White House his first day and producing an Executive Order cancelling every single Obama Executive Order. On day one.

The others may talk about it, but they won’t do it. Even Ted Cruz.

And Trump is also the only one that I could imagine would ever tell Iran to go “F” themselves and promise to blow up every palace in that country if they don’t stop their nuclear bomb plans. And he’d probably do it, too. Not that I am in the mood for more war, mind you, but Iran is a rabid threat to us.

And I guarantee deportations and big fences will both become popular again under a President Trump.

I am not ready just yet to go all in for Trump. It is still early. But every single Republican Candidate except Donald Trump will be beholden to the US Chamber and Big Business. And that is why Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are the corrupt traitors that they are. Follow the money.

And Trump can tell them to kiss off. He has his own money.

He has his own money. And that, my friends, is what it all boils down to. With all his quirks and his eccentricities, he has his own money. And that has put him up there in my book above all the other candidates who will owe some really bad people if they get elected.

On A Convention of the States

I have been strongly opposed to a Convention of States as a means to fix our country. The slogan “Don’t change the Constitution, abide by it” is wise advice. Many of the problems I see us, as a nation, going through are a direct result of failing to follow the Constitution. Liberals have shredded it and ignored it.

But the actions of the Supreme Court these past few days have caused me to reconsider my position. I no longer fear the left coming in trashing our rights, because the Robert’s Court has already accomplished that. Finding “rights” to gay marriage, upholding Obamacare and outlawing proof of citizenship to vote have left that fear unfounded. We no longer have the right to free speech, the right of religious freedom and we have all become serfs under a totalitarian government. States have no rights that can’t be trumped by the Federal Government.

At this point, the only thing we have left is the Second Amendment and we all know that this judicially activist SCOTUS will eventually come for our guns.

My position against a COS was based on balancing the potential harm against the potential good. And the potential to do more harm than good won that equation. I had hope and faith that the Supreme Court would, ultimately, keep the Constitution intact. But they have abandoned that now.

So when I add an activist, out of control SCOTUS, the equation has a different outcome. I believe with such a wild card, a COS may be the only hope we have left to right the unconstitutional actions of this court.

And we already know we cannot count on the Republicans who now have the House and the Senate, an award that has yet to produce dividends. And with Boehner and McConnell in charge, it is unlikely that we will see anything Conservative from those bodies anytime in the near future.

So put me down as Leaning Trump and all in for a COS.


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

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  1. Steven Brodie Tucker

    Really? I’m speechless. I’M SPEECHLESS. lol

  2. Robert Shannon

    Trump resonates for one very simple , easy to understand reason–he say’s what is on millions of Americans minds and other Pol’s don’t have the balls to say publically. Americans are sick and tired of the “campaign promises” they know these scoundrels have no intention should they succeed in implementing once they get there.

    Maybe it will take someone like him to stir things up. Or maybe as my friend Sarge say’s ” their is no political solution left”. Either way Tom White is correct–republicrats have broken so many promises and pledges one can only conclude to cast a ballot for another Bush or establishment candidate only to attempt to fend off another Clinton presidency is just one more example of the “winning” stupidity that seems to prevail. What did Forrest Gump say ” stupid is as stupid does”

    The Issa and Dowdy clowns have become media whores, press conferences and appearances on Fox ……and nothing in terms of results. Blowhards with no spine or principles they won’t sell out for the appeasement of the crony capitalists that are and have been running the show for decades now.

    Scott Walker is the only other candidate that as Governor came remotely close to showing any resolve at all. Carson has the moral compass but lacks any executive experience and Foreign policy experience( which neither of them have) rendering them unlikely to get the support they would need in any event since foreign policy will be front and center.

    Trumps tough negotiator persona is a quality that could come in handy. Academics won’t like him , which is quite frankly a bonus. Remember how academics hated Reagan ? Maybe Tom is on to something .

    Bob Shannon

  3. Minute Man says:

    Okay Mr. White- Trump- I can understand. He sucks all the oxygen out of the room and will keep the debates on target for FIXING this country, which is great…. BUT

    COS? Now you are just talking crazy. Don’t open the Constitution with this INSANE SCOTUS. You want to lose 2nd Amendement Rights? COS should do it. You want Gun Control? COS should do it.

    You want Veterans to lose their rights to keep and bear arms because of their medications? COS should do that, too.

    Trump— I get, but COS with an out of control SCOTUS thanks to Bush and PBO- well that’s insane.

    • Martin says:

      SCOTUS has nothing to do with a COS!

      • Tom White says:

        They proved that they totally disregard the Constitution. Their flawed interpretation needs to be corrected.

        • Martin says:

          I agree. Some argue we just need to “follow” the Constitution. But the only way to reverse the Court is by amendment. No matter how virtuous new office holders may be, they cannot reverse the same-sex marriage decision. They cannot reverse Kelo v. New London. They cannot reverse a future decision that may reverse the 5-4 Heller case. We need to balance the power of the Supreme Court with power by the States.

        • Jerry Rowe

          I agree.
          With a COS we can give SCOTUS term limits, and over turn their inane decisions, plus more.
          Sign the Convention of States Petition and join the fight 

        • Deborah Lee says:

          Which Constitution is it that you believe they disregard? The parchment or pocket Constitution? Or the 3000 page book that has all the precedent included? I would like to get back to the parchment by using a COS to slim down that book!

  4. Sue Long

    There is no need to risk an Article V convention to correct the overreach of the Supreme Court. Referring to the Supreme Court, Mike Farris of Convention of States says “…there is no realistic check on the power of the court other than its own internal sense of self-restraint.”
    But, Congress already has the constitutional means to put the reins on the Supreme Court (Article 3 Section 2) by limiting the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.
    There is also the impeachment possibility.
    It is not the Constitution that is at fault. It is the failure of Congress members to keep their oath of office and act on their responsibility to keep the Supreme Court within its constitutional bounds.
    Do you honestly think that adding to or changing the Constitution, will miraculously cause the same Congress and Supreme Court members who ignore the Constitution and their sacred oath to uphold it, to do any differently ?
    Changing the members of Congress and the Supreme Court , not the Constitution, is the solution.

    • Suzette Rodgers says:

      Changing the members of Congress and the Supreme Court is the purpose of the COS. Maybe you should go to their web site and read what the States are filing for in an Amendment .

      • Sue Long

        I have read COS material at length.I have also read this article.

        Nine Myths from the Convention of States Project

        By Judi Caler

        Rita Dunaway, staff counsel for the Convention of States Project (COS), wrote an article,
        Five Myths about Article Five, which turns the Constitution on its ear. Ironically, her article challenges five premises that are true, while invoking at least 9 myths of her own.

        In fact, the very name “convention of states,” is being used by Article V convention advocates to deceive state legislators into thinking an Article V convention can be controlled by state legislatures; it cannot.

        Rita’s Myth #1: A “convention of states” is the only “medicine that can cure the disease of federal overreach…”
        False: What did our Founders really say we must do when the federal government usurps power? They never said, “When the federal government ignores the Constitution, amend the Constitution.” Instead, in addition to electing faithful representatives, they advised Nullification.

        “Where powers are assumed which have not been delegated, a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy.” – Thomas Jefferson; Kentucky Resolutions, 1798

        According to the Tenth Amendment Center, “Nullification is any act, or set of actions, that results in a particular law being rendered null, void or even just unenforceable within a particular area.” Nullification applies only to unconstitutional acts of the federal government – to usurpations of powers not delegated.

        States, local governments, your County Sheriff or even The People can follow the advice of James Madison and refuse to comply with unconstitutional federal laws right now, without risking our Constitution through a convention. In fact, there were over 200 bills introduced less than one month into the 2015 state legislative season to do just that.

        Rita’s Myth #2: The purpose of Article V is to protect The States and The People from an overreaching federal government.
        False: Amendments are meant to correct errors, not to protect The People from an overreaching federal government. Alexander Hamilton at the constitutional convention on September 10, 1787 pointed out that amendments remedy defects in the Constitution. And he tells us in Federalist No. 85 (paragraph 13) that useful amendments would address the “organization of the government, not…the mass of its powers.”

        You cannot “fix” federal usurpations of undelegated powers by amending the Constitution to say the federal government cannot do what the Constitution never gave it the power to do in the first place.

        Rita’s Myth #3: The reason the drafters added the convention method of proposing amendments to Article V was to give the states a way to bypass Congress.
        False: If Article V were meant for states to bypass Congress, it would have bypassed Congress! Article V gives Congress the power to “call” a convention; and Article I, Section 8, last Clause gives Congress the power to make whatever laws are “necessary and proper” to carry out the powers vested by the Constitution, e.g. Article V.

        It’s true that George Mason wanted states to be able to make amendments without the assent of Congress and in a manner which did not depend on Congress. However Mason lost on this issue and refused to sign the Constitution.

        Rita’s Myth #4: A “convention of states” is different than a “constitutional convention” because of the source of authority of each. The former derives its authority from Article V itself and is limited to proposing amendments to the Constitution we have; whereas at the constitutional convention of 1787, The States gathered pursuant to their residual powers as individual sovereigns.
        False: The only convention for proposing amendments is one called by Congress. And Congress has total power to organize and set it up. But once the delegates assemble, they are the sovereign representatives of The People, as expressed in the Declaration of Independence (paragraph 2) and have the right to alter or abolish our form of government and institute a new one.

        Advocacy groups are using semantics to change the meaning of the term “constitutional convention.” According to Black’s Law Dictionary, a “constitutional convention” is defined as “a duly constituted assembly of delegates or representatives of The People of a state or nation for the purpose of framing, revising, or amending its constitution.”

        COS cannot have it both ways. They cannot proclaim the enormous power of an Article V convention to take back our government; and, at the same time, rein in delegates and deny their sovereignty.

        Rita’s Myth #5: We know how an Article V convention would operate.
        False: Neither COS nor anyone else can guarantee what will happen at an Article V Convention. There are no precedents. With our Constitution at risk, are we to assume 200-year-old “customs” in conventions between a few states would prevail?

        Proof that there are no rules for operating an Article V convention is that various organizations of state legislators, including the Assembly of State Legislatures (ASL) and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), are working furiously to hammer out rules. However, any finished product of such groups will have the “force” of a suggestion only.

        The Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report issued April 11, 2014 confirms that Congress most likely will claim authority over the power to organize and set up an Article V convention. Because of lack of precedent and so many unknowns, the CRS Report suggests on page 27 that they’ll have to call a convention to see what sort of convention they’ll get: general, limited or runaway!

        Rita’s Myth #6: The reason we haven’t had an Article V convention yet is because there have never been 34 applications requesting a convention on the same topic.
        False: This is speculation. Since Congress is given the power to “call” a convention, Congress decides how to count the applications. The hundreds of applications sent in thus far may not have met Congress’s criteria in terms of wording, timing, or any number of factors; or perhaps Congress has resisted calling a convention for reasons of its own.

        Rita’s Myth #7: A limitation on the topic is necessary in order for state legislatures to provide instructions to the delegates.
        False: There is nothing in Article V that calls for instructions to delegates. Since delegates can do whatever they want once the convention is convened, delegate instructions serve only as a gimmick to secure legislators’ votes on applications by giving them a false sense of security in thinking they can control what is totally out of their hands.

        Rita’s Myth #8: Topics for an Article V convention can be limited so that convention delegates cannot re-write the entire Constitution once they assemble.
        False: The delegates who represent “We the People” have the inherent right, as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, to alter or abolish the Constitution and disregard any limitation placed on them by state legislatures, Congress, or anyone else. This is what happened at the constitutional convention of 1787 which was called by the Continental Congress for the sole purpose of amending the Articles of Confederation. The result was a new Constitution with a new mode of ratification. There is nothing to prevent that from happening today.

        Rita’s Myth #9: There are adequate safeguards in place to assure state legislators are in control of a convention, e.g. topic limitations, the ability to recall delegates, and the ultimate safeguard which requires 38 states to ratify any ill-conceived or illegitimately advocated proposal.
        False: Delegates to an Article V convention would have more power than the federal or state governments and cannot be controlled by state laws. Topic limitations and Delegate recalls may be ignored. Also, Delegates may make their proceedings secret, as they did at the “amendments” convention of 1787, and they may vote by secret ballot. If this happens, States won’t know what is going on at the convention. If the States don’t know what is going on at the convention, then how will they determine whether to recall their Delegates or criminally prosecute Delegates who “violate their oaths” to obey the instructions of their states?

        Furthermore, the ratification process may be changed. The Articles of Confederation required all of The States and the Continental Congress to ratify amendments. Nevertheless, the framers wrote a new Constitution with a ratification requirement of only 9 states (3/4 of those present). One Constitution waiting in the wings for a convention to be called would establish a dictatorship and require ratification by a referendum called by the President!

        The only guarantee of power state legislatures have in the Article V convention process is to apply for a convention. Legislators are being duped by Article V convention advocates into believing they can necessarily control the convention rules and the ratification process. Congress controls the “call” and after the convention convenes, the delegates can do whatever they want, including rewrite the Constitution. Does anyone really believe that radical factions with ill-intentions will politely sit on the sidelines and relinquish the opportunity to participate in the demise of our beloved Constitution?
        Judi Caler lives in Nevada City, California and is Article V Issues Director for Eagle Forum of California. She is passionate about holding our public servants accountable to their oaths to support the Constitution we have.

        The Article V Convention to Propose Constitutional Amendments: Contemporary Issues for Congress, Thomas H. Neale, April 11, 2014.

        • Searching says:

          The article you copied simply recycles the anti-COS miss-information developed by liberal Harvard professors in the 1960s. Read this:

          The Liberal Establishment’s Disinformation Campaign Against Article V

          onventionofstates com/the_liberal_establishment_s_disinformation_campaign_against_article_v

          “Some conservative organizations regularly lobby against using the Constitution’s procedure for a “convention for proposing amendments.” Those organizations may think they are defending the Constitution, but in fact they are unwittingly repeating misinformation deliberately injected into public discourse by their political opponents. This paper shows how liberal establishment figures fabricated and spread this misinformation. This paper also reveals the reasons they did so: to disable a vital constitutional check on the power of the federal government.”

          Below is Rita Dunaway’s full article that published on TheBlaze on Aug. 6, 2015.

          Five Myths About Article Five

          The constitutional boundaries separating the three federal branches and setting outer limits on their power are barely visible anymore.

          Many Americans are turning toward Article Five of the Constitution as the only way to restore those boundaries. It provides a way for states to propose constitutional amendments to restrain federal power if two-thirds of the state legislatures (34 states) “apply” for a convention to do so.

          A constitutional amendment is strong medicine, to be sure, but it is the only medicine that can cure the disease of federal overreach that is otherwise terminal to our Republic. Here are five myths about the Article Five antidote and its side effects

          1. An Article V convention is a “Constitutional Convention” or “Con-Con.”
          This point can get confusing, because Article Five is a provision of the Constitution, so a convention held pursuant to its terms could be described as “constitutional” in that sense. But what most people mean when they describe an Article Five convention as a “Con-Con” is that it is the same type of gathering as the one in 1787 that produced our Constitution. And that implication is clearly wrong.

          The distinction between the Philadelphia Convention of 1787 and a convention held pursuant to Article Five lies in the source of authority for each. The states gathered in 1787 pursuant to their residual powers as individual sovereigns—not pursuant to any provision of the Articles of Confederation for proposing amendments.

          An Article Five convention, on the other hand, derives its authority from the terms of Article Five itself and is therefore limited to proposing amendments to the Constitution we already have, pursuant to the prescribed procedures.

          2. We have no idea how an Article Five convention would operate.
          Article Five itself is silent as to the procedural details of a convention, leading some to speculate that we are left clueless as to how the meeting would function. But while it’s true that there has never been an Article Five convention, per se, the states have met in conventions at least 33 times. There is a clear precedent for how these meetings work.
          In fact, many of the Framers had attended one or more conventions, and the basic procedures were always the same. For instance, voting at an interstate convention is always done as states, with each state getting one vote, regardless of population or the number of delegates in attendance (that’s why it’s a convention of states—not a convention of delegates).

          The more detailed, parliamentary rules of the convention are decided by the delegates at the convention itself.

          3. The topic of an Article Five convention cannot be limited, so convention delegates could re-write the entire Constitution once they assemble.
          If states weren’t free to define the scope of an Article Five convention, then America would have already witnessed many of them. Over the course of our nation’s history, states have filed over 400 applications for Article Five conventions. The reason we haven’t had one yet is because there have never been 34 applications requesting a convention on the same topic.

          Moreover, this proposition makes no sense from a historical, practical or legal perspective. In every interstate convention ever held, there was always a specified topic or agenda for the meeting. Practically speaking, some limitation on the topic is necessary in order for the state legislatures to provide instructions to the delegates they send as their agents (states always instruct their delegates).

          4. Congress would control an Article Five convention.
          Anyone who has read James Madison’s record of the Philadelphia Convention proceedings knows that the very reason the drafters added the convention method of proposing amendments to Article Five was to give the states a way to bypass Congress—which has its own, express power to unilaterally propose amendments. They would never have given Congress control over both methods.

          Congress only has two powers related to the convention: to issue the formal call, setting the date and location of the convention once 34 similar applications are received, and to choose between two methods of state ratification for any proposals offered by the convention. That’s it.

          In fact, at least one federal court has definitively ruled that Congress cannot use any of its Article One powers—including its power under the Necessary and Proper Clause—to affect Article Five procedures.

          5. The Article Five convention process has no safeguards to protect our Constitution from rogue delegates or big-money special interest groups.
          To the contrary, the process is so well-safeguarded that it has proven incredibly difficult to invoke! There are numerous, redundant safeguards on the process.

          First, the topic specified in the 34 applications that trigger the convention act as an initial limitation on it. These applications are the very source of authority for the convention, so any proposals beyond their scope would be out of order.

          Second, state legislatures can recall any delegates who exceed their authority or instructions. Convention delegates are the agents of their state legislature and are subject to its instructions. As a matter of basic agency law, any actions taken outside the scope of a delegate’s authority would be void.

          But the final and most effective protection of the process is the simple fact that it takes 38 states to ratify any amendment proposed by the convention. This means that it would only take 13 states to block any ill-conceived or illegitimately advocated proposal.
          The idea that 38 states would ratify an amendment that was proposed by rogue delegates acting blatantly beyond the scope of their authority and against the expressed will of their state legislatures is deeply insulting to the American people, suggesting that we are no longer capable of wise self-governance.

          The government created by our Constitution is only suited to a people who are capable of self-governance. Article Five’s convention process is part of the beautiful constitutional machinery built to protect the states and the people from an overreaching federal government. It is time for us to use it.

          To learn more, visit www conventionofstates com.

          Rita Martin Dunaway serves as Staff Counsel for The Convention of States Project and is passionate about restoring constitutional governance in the U.S.

        • Jerry Rowe

          In addite to what SEARCHING posted, here is the entire document disproving everything you posted and more.

          You have researched and somehow missed all the facts. That was THE intention of the progressives.

          The Liberal Establishment’s Disinformation Campaign Against Article-V>

    • Jerry Rowe

      NOTHING in anything you said has any enforcement teeth. All you mention is telling the transgressors in DC they are wrong and begging them to change.
      We already know they won’t, and in fact re-enforce each other.
      And you say they won’t obey if we pass amendments. Actually, they generally do obey, or did I miss that women can’t vote anymore……
      So here is another they will not and can not disobey:
      Here is an example of why it can make things better. Consider WHO in Congress keeps promising us they will oppose Obama and his policies. It is always the Republican establishment, those who are so long in term that they are fossils. What we can do is impose term limits, which are one of the areas covered in the limited COS application.

      States can pass an amendment for Term Term Limits for US Congress
      States would then Ratify under another process.
      States then RUN the elections. Any not qualified because of Term Limits NEVER make the ballot.
      So then, there is no question of nor opportunity for these Term Limited individuals to ignore the new amendment.
      This action is more than that. You participate by signing the petition which goes to your State Rep/Senator. Then when enough of them are on board, they can pursue the Convention to Propose amendments like this.
      Sign the Convention of States Petition and join the fight

      Amendment I
      SECTION 1: No person may serve more than twelve years as a member of
      Congress, whether such service is exclusively in the House or the Senate or
      combined in both Houses.
      SECTION 2: Upon ratification of this Article, any incumbent member of Congress
      whose term exceeds the twelve-year limit shall complete the current term, but
      thereafter shall be ineligible for further service as a member of Congress.
      Mark Levin: The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic

  5. Janice Harper says:

    The current Constitution is being IGNORED by Congress and misapplied by our SCourt but there is NOTHING WRONG with the Constitution itself! We don\’t need to write a NEW Constitution we just need to FOLLOW THE ONE WEVE GOT!!! If the bastards in Congress won\’t do that then vote them out of office in the next election.

    • Stop the Left says:

      Who said we need to write a new Constitution? Article V says we can AMEND the current Constitution – not get a new one. That is a lie from the Left who don\’t want us to use Article V to restore our republic.

      Using the tool the Founders gave us just as they intended, we can impose term limits (Congress, Supreme Court justices, federal judges), and repeal the 17 amendment which will restore the balance of power the Founders established. There is no other way to get term limits and repeal the 17th except using Article V.

      Please don\’t fall for the disinformation campaign. The left is spreading false information and fear to stop us from reining in the federal government.
      http://www.conventionofstates. com/the_liberal_establishment_s_disinformation_campaign_against_article_v

    • Jerry Rowe

      How is that “election” thing going for you. Please compare the results of elections and the state of government over the last 100 years to before that.
      OK, don’t waste our time.
      When Elections Fail Us We Have One Last Resort>

  6. cliff wilkin

    I fully support the Convention of States movement. Check us out at

    The Federal Government can’t fix itself. We need change from the outside. Per Article V it is the States’ responsibility to rein them in. Just the call of two states led to the Bill of Rights.

  7. George Rombach says:

    I am ever glad that you have seen the light.

  8. Gary Rosenbaum says:

    Glad to have you aboard… We can always use another foot soldier!!

  9. Michael Codding says:

    A xonvention of states is the only way to restore the original intent of the constitution which has made this a great country.

  10. Jeff P. says:

    Welcome to the Convention of States. It is exciting to have you on board.

    Agreed, the Supreme Court has to be stopped! They are a huge threat to our second amendment rights. In Heller vs DC, the Supreme Court voted 5-4 that the second amendment is an individual right. Now that Antonin Scalia has passed away, our 2nd amendment rights are in serious danger.

    Only a Convention of states can limit the power of the supreme court. Gun owners should all be Convention of states supporters because the biggest threat to gun rights is the supreme court.

  11. Linda Behle says:

    Washington DC will never limit themselves and will only seek more and more power to enslave us all. If you think a ConventionOfStates will rewrite the Constitution, think about your rights that are trampled every day by our ruthless, power hungry, tyrannical federal government. The Constitution is in real danger of being completely rewritten by doing nothing about it. The Convention is a meeting! It seems crazy to me that there are people running around saying that once the meeting occurs, there it all goes. It’s all going to run away, opened all up. It’s a meeting folks. Just a meeting to see if we can propose amendments, just propose, to LIMIT the federal government. If Congress were to make an amendment to balance the budget (which they won’t), the amendment would have to be ratified by 38 states. If a convention of 34 states proposed an amendment to balance the budget (which they would), the amendment would have to be ratified by 38 states. The Republic is dying while everyone is running around with their hair on fire afraid of this convention. It’s time to work together and get behind the ConventionOfStates. COSACTION.COM recruiter_id=217434

  12. Paul Adcock says:

    With the betrayal of us done by the GOP today (not to mention the last several years), it should be increasingly clear that, at least at the federal level, both parties are the enemy. Convention of States helps us get rid of the abuses of both of them instead of playing the games of the two-party dictatorship as they profess to us to be the “lesser of two evils”, while moving further and further toward tyranny.

  13. Lynn Wiggers says:

    More and more people every day are turning to a Convention of States as the last hope for our Constitution. Only Convention of States can restructure SCOTUS. Nothing in the Constitution says Supreme Court justices are there for life, let’s term limit them. Let’s have that discussion and far more with some of the best legal minds in the country in attendance. There’s an app for that. Join us at:

  14. don sutton

    I volunteer with the project because I believe it is the only way to reverse the systemic distortions in our current system caused by fifty years of “progress”. The balance of powers has shifted to the Executive branch to the extent we now have a post-constitutional lawless Government.

    “To sit back hoping that someday, someway, someone will make things right is to go on feeding the crocodile, hoping he will eat you last – but eat you he will”

    Ronald Reagan

    Wait for the Tyrannical Federal Government to devour the Civil Society or join us.

  15. Christopher Miller says:

    It’s obvious that the federal government is out of control. Spending, regulations, taxes, and $20T deficit ($200T+ unfunded Liabilities), the “leadership” in our federal government has shown that they only care about their own power. The constitutional abuses are endless and the corruption absolute. Congress can’t get things under control. Article V is the only permanent solution . “…or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution…” http://www.conventionofstates….

  16. Carol Menges says:

    Glad to have you on board the Convention of States Project! For those unfamiliar with the parameters, check out the website, sign the online petition that goes to your state legislators, and volunteer to help patriots throughout the nation. There are many legislative districts that still need District Captains within states. Take that on whether you live in a particular district or not. There are wonderful Tuesday evening online training calls (9:00 PM Eastern Time; they’re also recorded for watching at your convenience) that have been enormously helpful to me. They’re informative and inspirational. You’re needed on deck!

  17. Leonard Wood

    Great read.. Donald Trump was not my first choice but he has won and I believe he is up to the job. Besides, I would vote for Satan himself over Hillary Clinton.

    I am glad to have you onboard with the Convention of States. The idea I believe is only to change the constitution in a way to protect the constitution. The states are supposed to be in charge. The fed is supposed to support them. The fed is out of control.

    Anyone that can and wants should visit the convention of states site. Sign the petition and sign up to help support the cause.

  18. Sherm Kempp says:

    I was also reluctant to support a Convention of States when I first learned about it. But the more I looked into it, the more I saw the wisdom of the Founders in including Article V in the original Constitution (Article not Amendment). I met some great people and learned it is the only safe and civil means we have to maintain our Constitutional Republic and prevent a run-away federal government. There will be an amending convention, and the states will have a way to limit federal overreach and maintain this free republic! Thanks for your support!

  19. Mark Johnson says:

    Article V provides the states with the opportunity to propose constitutional amendments through a process called a Convention of States. This process is controlled by the states from beginning to end on all substantive matters. The constitution has been shredded by the Executive, Legislative and Supreme Court. The COS project seeks only to propose amendments that will begin to roll-back the damage that has been done; and to do that which the corrupt and self-aggrandizing culture of in our national government will NEVER do.

  20. M. Sellers says:

    I am an enthusiastic supporter of the Convention of States project. Every major problem facing our country can be traced back to the unconstitutional overreach of the federal government. The Convention of States is the only solution big enough for the problems in our country. We must use Article V of the US Constitution to bring the power back to the people through the states.

  21. Great thoughts. Pleased to see people reconsidering Convention of States. You bring up a good point with concern to Supreme Court. This seems to be the biggest selling point for a Trump presidency. But as you outlined, the presidency doesn’t need to be the final stand against judicial overreach. A possible amendment through COS could deal with a term or service limit on members of the bench.

  22. alex


    I am a volunteer with a subsidiary of citizens for self governance. We are a grassroots operation involved in the education and organization of citizens throughout the united states, at all levels of government. We believe it is time to try amending the constitution at a state convention, and we intend to do so by informing the public.

    Learn more at; sign the petition and volunteer. We will contact you with more information on how you can get involved in local politics; become a district captain, and begin hosting local meetings in your area. We believe that the power in this country ought to be in the hands of the people, not the legislators. In other words; our representatives and senators ought to do what we tell them to.

    In an amended constitution legislators may receive shorter terms; so they may be more focused on serving the interests of the people.

    In an amended constitution judges may receive shorter terms; so they may be more focused on serving the interests of the people.

    More elections could ensure that the voters have their voices heard, and their interests met.

    Furthermore, amending the constitution to include legislation that will require the federal government to balance a budget; to ensure government programs continue to be funded for future generations.

    There are some great scholarly minds behind these statements; read more at

    This country is out of the money, and the people are ready to do something about it; because, 20 trillion dollars of real debt coupled with 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities is turning the land of the free into the land of the financially oppressed.

    Our government is often attacked for its actions. By it’s own people and by other countries. Sometimes for a lack of action. Sometimes for doing too much. Unfortunately, when the funds disappear so does the help.

    What ever happened to the invisible hand, and regular economic tributaries that made real sustainable growth in capitalistic society possible? My experience has been that the people in this country are interested in getting their paychecks and spending them. They are looking for handouts, but I am wondering if developing a real micro-economic policy over the long term is something that individuals will ever interest themselves with. There is a movement in this country that is burning a hole in our pockets, politically. There are criminals, in the digital age, whom have learned to steal from the taxpayers in this country. There is little accountability from politicians or the american people. Those criminals rely on the rhetoric where they seek government monies; and, by reception of those monies through the political process, are then perceived as heroes in their own walks of life for taking these progressive measures. I am suggesting a lack of transparency is a major offender in american politics.

    I volunteer with convention of states project, because I want americans everywhere to take an advantage with their digital selves, to advance their own agendas. COSP is a grassroots movement; only a non-partisan movement can carry on a conversation long enough to push pen to paper, thus opening the doors of communication between citizens and their government officials.

    A grassroots movement; figuratively, is a plan to water the grass until the roots are quite deep. This metaphor is best explained by the examples of both water and grass: we are the seeds of the movement, and everyday when the sun shines, we either wither or we prosper and grow. Whether we prosper or grow is solely dependent upon whether or not there is rain. Ask any greenkeeper at a golf course; the secret to healthy grass is to water deeply, and the deeper you water, the deeper that the grassroots grow. Figuratively, the water of our grassroots movement relies upon the conversations. We are the people of this more perfect union, and to expect the establishment of justice, provide for the common defense, and ensure domestic tranquility; we must all take actions politically in favor of our own agendas. For with plenty of water the grassroots my prosper, and in a way that could not happen generations ago, we communicate with ferocious speed and accuracy.

    The connectedness of the american people today, is forever changing how the capitalist society ought to function. Without the assistance from firms, which have power on par with the government’s, there is little hope to sustainably navigate the economic tributaries of world affairs.

    So I beckon of anyone and everyone whom may read these words. Contact me, and start a conversation. I am well educated, but furthermore I love this country and the principles on which it was founded. I know we can get through this economic mess; and, I may even know how, but I need your help.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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