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RedState, Erick Erickson and Jamie Radtke Have Explosive Breakup

Wow. Just wow.

(H/T to Michael Fletcher for the link)

This is about as ugly an event as you could imagine. The Nationally known blog RedState is one of the top Conservative Blogs in the country. It’s founder, Erick Erickson is a frequent guest on CNN, FoxNews and has a radio show. Erickson was also one of the early supporters of Virginia US Senate Candidate and TEA Party favorite Jamie Radtke, granting his welcomed endorsement to Radtke several months ago.

But since that time, RedState has had little to do with Radtke or her campaign. However, she was invited to speak at the RedState gathering recently. Apparently, the speech was not well received by some. Including Erickson, who apparently didn’t even hear the speech: (Video and Article Here)

I was fortunate not to witness Jamie Radtke’s speech at the RedState Gathering. Fortunate because . . . well . . . here are reviews of her speech from various witnesses to the train wreck, one of which was a link to this YouTube video:

And then these:

I tried to cut myself with a butter knife, it was so horrendous and never-ending.


she gets an invite, gets a nice slot to talk, gets drunk, and gets so embarrassing that I have to duck away rather than embarrass her further with interviewing her


I mercifully did not film it.


I hadn’t realized that it was going to be her campaign speech, and then I was mesmerized by the trainwreck.


She was a drunk rambling idiot that took 30 minutes to introduce a director who himself was confused.


It was beyond painful. At first, I was just embarrassed for her and felt a little sorry for her. But by the end of it – which I for while feared would never arrive – I was all ‘OMG, I *hate* you, STFU.’

And there is more.

Apparently, Erickson was a bit offended that the Radtke campaign attributed a cozy relationship between Erickson’s employer – Eagle Publishing – and fellow Senate Candidate George Allen – as the reason Erickson went limp on his support after the initial endorsement.

The relationship is explained in a Politico piece today:

“This race may be the big grass roots vs. party establishment race of 2012 and a test of the tea party’s continued momentum,” wrote Erickson, who is also a CNN contributor.

The endorsement, Radtke campaign manager Carter Wrenn said, gave the campaign a boost. But soon, he noticed that RedState wasn’t giving Radtke’s campaign much attention.

“The word came back to me that the people who own Human Events and RedState were for Allen and had asked Erickson to step back,” he said.

So, is this accusation from the Radtke Campaign accurate? Did RedState’s bosses actually ask (demand) that Erickson back off of Radtke because of their support and friendship with George Allen?

From the response by Erickson one would think that the Radtke campaign is way off base and the accusations are the figments of the campaign’s collective minds. That RedState and Erickson are personally offended at the thought of being accused of selling out their Conservative values and beliefs because the people that cut Erickson’s checks pulled back on the bridle.

A false accusation like this would certainly merit the indignant and harsh response Erickson posted on RedState.

Except that Erickson confirmed the accusation as truth:

Actually, my bosses at Eagle Publishing do in fact have a relationship with George Allen, and a very good one, and asked me — after I endorsed her — to please go slow for once instead of shooting first and asking questions later.

I love my bosses and my employer and the owner and was happy to accommodate their very first request in my five years of employment to go slow on an endorsement.

To be clear: my bosses were not telling me to stay out, but telling me to wait a while. Perhaps Cuccinelli would get in. Perhaps someone else would get in. Perhaps Radtke would implode.

The article goes on to present what Erickson sees as logic in this move to do as his bosses asked – back off of the Radtke endorsement.

We have a lot of respect for Erick Erickson and his accomplishments. He has become a force in coverage of politics and shaping the dialog and successfully getting good Conservatives elected. And perhaps Jamie Radtke’s campaign has not taken off the way Erickson had anticipated.

But this was not handled well by RedState and Erickson. And the negative impact this could have on the Radtke campaign is troubling, especially since the accusations are true.

And it may make people a bit hesitant to cherish an Endorsement by Erickson, especially when the breakups can be this ugly.

Or, to put it another way:

Boy meets girl
Boy endorses girl
Boy is told he must love another man
Girl finds out, gets mad
Boy confirms cheating, blames Girl
Boy destroys girl, claims girl is not the victim.

That about sums it up.

Update: The Other McCain has some good coverage and updates on this story. And Stacy McCain linked to this post! Thanks, Stacy!

Update – 8/24/2011 @ 8:00 PM –

Here is an audio interview that Jamie Radtke did from the event. While there is apparently no video of her actual speech, Radtke is obviously sober and coherent in this FTR Radio interview.

And an account from a “boots on the ground” blogger America’s Right:

And during Rick Perry’s speech, I sat directly in front of Jamie Radtke, a former Tea Party organizer and activist turned U.S. Senate candidate from Virginia — in speaking with her for only a few minutes, it was clear that she is an absolute dynamo, and I expect great things.

It’s that sort of impact, an impact on a micro, person-to-person level, that makes events like RedState Gathering so effective, and that augments the already established influence of someone like Erick Erickson.

Consider, for example, my limited role as the founder and managing editor of America’s Right.  Taking Ms. Radtke’s candidacy for example, thanks to the magic of Google Analytics I can tell you that America’s Right receives anywhere between 500 and 2000 hits originating from the Commonwealth of Virginia in a given week.  A little more than a year ago, when we did quite a few candidate interviews at AR, traffic from the interviewee’s state jumped visibly in the days following those posts.  Down the road, when I have the chance to sit down and speak with Ms. Radtke at length, that interview will be seen by thousands of potential voters in Virginia by the time I slide it off of AR‘s front page.  The same will go for any piece in which I reach out to Ms. Radtke for a comment on a given timely issue.  And I’m just small potatoes; at the Gathering were countless representatives from sites bigger and smaller than mine, running the gamut from ordinary people who simply reach out to others via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to bona-fide New Media stars from high-trafficked operations such as The Daily Caller.

I have known Jamie Radtke for a couple of years and know her to be a sober and serious person. She likes to laugh, but the lady has focus. I believe that these two accounts are sufficient to cast doubt on the validity of these claims. This appears to be nothing more than political insiders and their friends using strong arm tactics against a Conservative woman. It is a shame that Erick Erickson had to be a part of this.

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

15 Responses to “RedState, Erick Erickson and Jamie Radtke Have Explosive Breakup”

  1. Grammarian says:

    If you’re going to publish a blog, learn to use the apostrophe correctly. It’s is a contraction of “it is”; its is a possessive.

    • Tom White says:

      Its completely understandable that you would find that objectionable. I am a fan of grammar for it's own sake alone. Its a rare individual that cares enough to point out other's mistakes. And its' a type of criticism that is always welcomed here.


  2. PhilipJames says:

    I see you say "But this was not handled well by RedState and Erickson. And the negative impact this could have on the Radtke campaign is troubling, especially since the accusations are true."

    What accusations are true please? The accusation by Erickson and friends that Radtke was drunk and made a fool of herself for almost 30 minutes introducing Steve Bannon and The Undefeated?

    I saw what Eric posted and have repeatedly asked for proof, other than anonymous posts saying it. Apparently there were 400 people there who would have witnessed it, according to Eric, and there is no video proof of it? I asked Red State to give us video of it so we can see this for ourselves and make up our own minds whether she was or not. I find it strange that with 400 people listening to this, none of them held up a phone and recorded any of it… or Red State didn't have any camera going?
    Some at Red State claimed that if there was video, they did not want it to come out as it would embarrass Radtke. Well, when a highly visible Conservative site like Red State has its editor, Eric, post a visible trashing of Radtke with a number of anonymous comments saying that, I think the embarassment already exists. Kind of hard to keep it quiet now.

    I just think that if Radtke was drunk, then thats not good. But what was the point of Eric making it so highly public? I didn't know anything about it until he posted the comments. Was it to trash her in order to cover his buttocks over flip flopping on his support?
    If she was not drunk, then what the heck is going on here. Last I heard, Radtke was a Conservative Republican being supported by the Tea Party. Am I missing something here?

    Either way, this is a mess that should not have happened and did because of ego and buttocks covering. Terrible and really pees me off that this is happening with Republicans.
    Why not trash the Democrat in this race or Democrats in general?

    • Tom White says:

      I don't know what accusations are true. Like you, I have not seen any video evidence to support any such claim of her being drunk.

      But I know Jamie Radtke personally and that is totally out of character for her. She enjoys a good laugh, but is a completely serious person, especially when it comes to running for office.

      I also think it is important to note that Erickson did not make any claim that Radtke was "drunk". He posted comments of others. Without some type of corroboration, that was not a really good move on Eric's part.

      I agree. This mess is better aimed at the Democrats. But this story is getting a lot of attention.

  3. Good work, Tom. Well reported.

  4. MarkM says:

    For days I have been debating with people on Facebook who posted a link to a critical rant and I still have not seen a video or a clear quote of Ms Radtke to justify Eric Ericson’s conclusions. The man in the video says the audience is dumber for having heard it but how did this get on video but her speech did not. I am dumber having heard the Radtke Critic not the candidate. So far the clearest conclusion I can come to with any sanity is Eric Ericson is a hack4hire.

  5. Valene Tsui says:

    Check this one, This one is really useful


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