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Relax Liberals! Trump is Just Cleaning Up Obama’s Messes

For eight years we have suffered through unarguably the worst administration in US history. As Barack Obama came into office, the wars in the middle east were won and handed to him on a silver platter. All Obama had to do was keep a military presence until the new governments in Iraq and Afghanistan were ready to maintain law and order. And Obama announces a troop pullout right away and left the area in a power vacuum. ISIS was the result.

And for years, this “Community Organizer” failed to learn how to make executive decisions on the job. I attribute his inability to learn both a lack of any executive experience and his own narcissism.

But I have to admit that Obama did a great job as a Community Organizer. He has managed to fan the flames of hatred and discontent from the Occupy movement to the #BlackLivesMatter terrorists to fanning the flames of anti police sentiment in the black community. While ignoring thousands and thousands of black on black murders, Obama never missed an opportunity to attack any white person who killed a black. It didn’t matter who was wrong and who was right. From the college professor who should have thanked the cops for protecting his property to the self defense killing of Trayvon Martin.

Obama has pushed the myth of Hands Up Don’t Shoot to police misconduct in the Freddy Gray death in Baltimore. Obama was the race-baiter in chief for 8 years.

Obama also stirred much of the anti Muslim sentiment in the US today by importing a flood of unvetted “refugees” which did more to divide America than help refugees.

Do you remember “I won.” Or “I have a pen and a phone”?

Now we are confused as a nation on which bathroom to use. Obama has divided us by sex. Or lack or or mixture of sex.

His health care law attacked Christians by forcing them to violate their beliefs on abortions and birth control. He has sought to silence voices on the right that did not disseminate his propaganda.

Obama has released terrorists into the wild again where most return to the battle. He has pardoned traitors and attacked Patriots. Obama weaponized the IRS.

Obama alienated our allies and rewarded our enemies. He shunned the ones who would help us and warmly received those who would do us harm.

He pushed failed “green” energy and attacked viable sources of cheap energy. He bowed to leaders of other countries as if they were greater than him. But we all knew that his bow was a symbol of a bow of subservience of America.

Sadly, many of the protestors today have been brainwashed by the liberal schools and they do not know any better. They pretend to understand sustainability as it applies to green energy but are clueless as to what it means as a country.

Yes. We have a major cleanup job to correct 8 years of moral and mental decay Obama brought us. And we will have to do it without the liberals who are incapable of understanding America has been headed on a trajectory to a third world nation. They believe President Trump is the worst thing that could happen to this nation. They cannot comprehend what a defeated America would be like. That is why they willingly head down the path of destruction with absolutely no awareness of self preservation, let alone national preservation.

So the little Snowflakes are not going to like what President Trump is having to do to clean up Obama’s messes. But he must fix the America that Obama broke if we are going to remain a nation. It is not like he relishes the job made necessary by a Community Organizer. but in spite of the protests, the bitching, the moaning, and lawsuits, President Trump will clean up Obama’s mess.

That you can count on.


About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

5 Responses to “Relax Liberals! Trump is Just Cleaning Up Obama’s Messes”

  1. Roanoke Veteran says:

    Don’t you just love it when Liberal Leftists in Congress such as Rep. John Lewis go on TV and say Donald J. Trump is not a legitimate President after 8 years of a Community Organizer who NEVER did anything in his adult life but stir up trouble? Dems point to his brief time in the IL Senate where he never voted so there wouldn’t be a record of his political leanings and his election to the US Senate in 2004 where he immediately launched his campaign for POTUS. Hussein never accomplished anything but the destruction of America.

    And yet Trump amassed a fortune across the world as a developer. Hiring tens of thousands of people and signing paychecks on the front instead of Obama who never signed a check anywhere but on the back of it.

    And the Socialists and Commies running the Democratic Party are now the party of Muslim Refugees and Illegal Immigrants. When will the African American citizens of our nation who have suffered under eight years of The Manchurian Candidate Barack Hussein Obama, a man who has no slave ancestry, wake up to the reality of their Democratic Party and join those of us on the Right trying to save our nation from those who would destroy it and our Constitution?

  2. Trump Watcher says:

    Tom, this article is a lie.

  3. robert shannon

    Like most defenders of the Obama legacy , no facts, no details, no specifics, just call your opponent names when you don’t have any of the above. Historians will render the final verdict, and it won’t be kind .

    Political theory and thought is one thing, and in America it is not just allowed but permitted to manifest itself in the formation ,promotion and actual election of men like the former President. He was given an opportunity to test his political and economic theory. Where did it lead us as a nation ,to near ruin. The economic data ( thank technology) is gathered with rapid speed so one can examine the results soon after implementation of said policies. From January 2009—-January 2017 what in the U.S actually got better ?

    I suppose the answer to that question is best measured by how one defines better. Were health care costs reined in as promised ? Did more Americans find gainful fulltime employment ? Were race relations improved ? Did Obama’s foreign policy advance stability and or peace ? Is Congress functioning at a higher level ? Was the national debt reduced ? Did we have some reduction in the ever spiraling costs of a college education ? Was America’s culture enhanced or further damaged by a President that trashed & openly ridiculed thousands of years of cultural norms ?

    I’ve long held that people writing to blogs or other public venues use their identity if they want to be taken seriously, if they can defend their position.

    Anonymous and snide single sentences are not only cowardly but firm evidence of a weak intellect.
    Bob Shannon King William

  4. Granny loves her Tea Party says:

    NPR is a major source of Liberal Leftist Propaganda and LIES in America. Trump should immediately cancel all federal funds to NPR.

    • Paul Thiel says:

      Go Granny Go ! As John Fredericks would say “you are spot on”!

      To be a good liberal you have to be able to pull facts out of thin air and call names !


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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