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It is apparent that President Trump is determined to follow through on his campaign promises to begin the process of righting the ship . Out of the gate the President has taken action on the issues of the border wall, addressing the insane practice of allowing hordes of immigrants into the U.S who we k

now far too often little about, and the regulatory nightmare that hinders U.S economic growth.


Trump identifies a problem , ( say for example taxes ) and like the serious business person he is identifies a solution ( lower them) , identifies regulatory strangulation and  then identifies a solution ( reduce them) identifies the economic, cultural problem with illegal immigration that is clearly  out of control and identifies a solution ( build a wall) . He is decisive , driven and intelligent, and acts in accordance with his words.

This past weekend Republican members of Congress met in Philadelphia for a “ retreat”.  This body encompasses many men and women who for years have decried the growing national debt. Yet , unlike the Presidents approach where action would accompany words, these blowhard clowns , with their small army of staff head off to Philly to discuss whatever was discussed ( assuming this wasn’t a taxpayer funded weekend junket ) when as Dr. Laura Ingraham and Dr. Michael Savage pointed out on their radio programs could have been done at any number of venues around suburban DC at virtually no costs.  Does anyone believe they took the money out of their own pockets for this extravaganza ?  Or are they so jaded that they dismiss 10 million, 20 million—whatever it costs as “ small potatoes” . It is as if a family on welfare decides to take an elaborate vacation, visits their local travel agent and books the trip…..sending the bill to you, the sap taxpayer. Did Congress stay at Motel 6……..they stayed at the most plush and luxurious hotels in Philadelphia, fine dining, nothing but the best for our hard working “public servants”

If clarity of purpose among Republicans existed, if they were serious people wanting to address the problem of our debt , if that was even  a remote consideration, then all retreats & junkets are cancelled……until we get our financial house in order.

This is yet another concrete example of how citizens have allowed the illogical premise of public service to be turned completely upside down. We, the sap taxpayers are the servants, and they, the elitist pols have become the masters. It’s time we set down some new rules.

A great starting point would be to halt the practice of allowing elected officials to call themselves conservatives when their behavior exhibits quite the contrary.  Where was the outcry from Brat, Wittman or any other “ budget hawk” to this wasteful expenditure. Why are they given a pass when such a glaring example like this trip sits like low hanging fruit just waiting to be plucked and publically condemned ?

No household or small business would operate this way, Trump is showing how to behave and act in a businesslike manner. High time the republicrats  take the hint.


Bob Shannon  King William


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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