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One of the most vocal complaints so far in the Senates discussion on Health Care reform has been the proposal to turn the Medicaid program back to the states in the form of a Block Grant program.  It is a very smart proposal, contrary to the screams you hear from the predictable corners.

healthcare photo  Countless examples exist for the Republicans to cite as proof of Medicaid fraud .The state’s have a much stronger ability to rein this in .The Republicans can chose to let the media and the Dem’s continue to paint them as uncaring, or put on their big boy pants and fight back.  It is uncaring to continue to allow the false narrative to go on unchallenged.  It is uncaring to let our children and grandchildren’s futures be destroyed because Republicans can’t find any fight in themselves.

For every TV commercial the left runs throwing Granny off a cliff, the Republicans show one with a 30 year old who has had multiple children out of wedlock with multiple fathers and expects society to continue to shelter people like this who have no sense of responsibility or self-control.

The Republicans can run TV commercials showing the immigrants who refuse to marry and sign up the mother of their children for every social welfare program that exist’s, milking hard working tax payers who have Representatives in the General Assembly and Congress who are nothing but cowards.

The Republicans can run TV commercials showing the 70% of people who refuse to follow a doctor’s orders and then experience costly effects of allowing otherwise easily controlled chronic conditions if only they obeyed their doctor’s to begin with. People are not dying because they don’t have health care , they are dying because they won’t obey their doctors instructions to life healthier lifestyles.

The Republicans can run TV commercials showing people at Wal- Mart , morbidly obese loading up their shopping carts when their SNAP cards are reloaded the first of the month with potato chips, soda, cookies , candy  and a host of other foods any reasonably intelligent person that weighs 300 pounds shouldn’t go near. Re-construct the SNAP program like some others ( WIC for example) that places restrictions on junk food that only exasperates the health problems of considerable numbers of recipients.  It is plain stupid to allow the very people who want their fellow citizens to pay for their health care, while simultaneously allowing them to use another tax payer provided benefit that makes them sick because they have little or no self-control.

Republicans can show someone leaving a Medicaid clinic covered with tattoos from head to toe….but would be burdened with paying a $15 co-pay.

Republicans can run a TV commercial showing some 10 year old who has no discipline meted out at home throwing a fit in a classroom and the attending costs of having to place a teacher’s aide in almost every single American public school classroom to act as a Zoo keeper for children who behave like animals , and for no better reason than we don’t want to talk about the national policy of subsidizing illegitimacy for the last 60 years, and the obvious social costs and cultural rot that has accompanied this.

Michael Gierre has consistently made the point of how the Republicans make these grand promises every election cycle, and how they walk away from them as if they had never made them to begin with. Republicans have the intellect and the resources, they just lack the spine to fight, something else Gierre has made clear.

Compassion has become code language for the left, they dole out social benefits like it is candy (including health care ) and then dare to challenge conservatives who simply demand the abuse and waste/fraud be reined in. Compassion is their version of the dog whistle . They accuse anyone who recognizes how much debt this country is in, anyone who understands these programs are unsustainable and anyone demanding reform as uncaring.

Fixing the broken healthcare system must include in the discussion a brutally honest admission of how many Americans have grown far too comfortable gaming a system so long as bloviating pols can guilt us into continuing to pay for it.  Increasingly more Americans have said enough.


Bob Shannon  King William


  1. David Jackson

    Republicans going on the offensive? You jest. The Republican Party has become a toothless tiger. The only offense they would engage in is when there legislative privileges are threatened.

  2. HCA Hospital Nurse says:

    The “Big Lie” from the Left, Mr. Shannon, when the Democrats promise Medicaid Expansion is that Medicaid means Healthcare. Most Doctors don’t accept Medicaid Patients. In Richmond that means you must go to VCU and be treated by the “students” and residents in training.

    VCU just invested millions of dollars in a brand new medical facility in the parking lot of Short Pump Mall ( West Towne Center) in Henrico to get out of the medicaid mill of the City of Richmond. Their doctors want a piece of that private insurance base in Western Henrico and Goochland County that actually PAYS them.

    Medicaid doesn’t PAY… patients are noncompliant… and high risk for physicians. Doctors in private practice won’t see them as a general rule. Even poor patients know this.. All these crazy white women showing up protesting at Republican Congressional Townhalls holding signs “What About Medicaid?”
    they know this- they all have private insurance- these are professional “resist anarchists.”

    Obama’s plan to treat poor people on Obama Care? Reciprosity with 3rd World Countries’ Doctors- FMGs.

    Foreign Medical Graduates…. that is who Obama brought into this country-
    Trust me- YOU DON”T WANT FMGs providing your healthcare but that is who is treating the majority of MEDICAID PATIENTS…. Doctors you wouldn’t let treat YOUR HAMSTER.

    The Big Democratic Lie: that Medicaid means you can find a Doctor who will take it and you have HEALTHCARE- now they all just go to the Hospital ERs for Strep Throat and Toe Fungus.

    All of this is as Charles Krauthammer told America- we will have “Single Payor Healthcare within 5 years” thanks to the Democrats and the RINOS and Obama.

    • Gene Lefty says:

      Your water bucket is so full of holes. If Medicaid expansion is so very bad as you say, please explain why Republicans in the states that expanded Medicaid are blocking Trumpcare because they are not willing to give up their expanded Medicaid coverage???? Somebody is accepting Medicaid dollars because they aren’t sitting in a warehouse gathering dust.

      If Virgina Republicans had taken the over $10 BILLION Virginia has lost so far by not accepting Medicaid expansion, then maybe providers would have a different attitude, along with $10 BILLION more money in their pockets. The healthcare industry in Virginia wanted expanded Medicaid, gerrymandered Republicans didn’t.

      We need to go to single payer. Take the average of what Canada and the U.K. pay their healthcare providers and drug companies for services, and tell the US healthcare providers and drug companies to take it or leave it. And, let the lawyers continue to be quality control agents for our sorry assed, greed based, healthcare regime.

      The heath insurance industry can get Wall St. government backed student loans to train them for some new career path. And then, after they rack up 10’s of thousands of dollars in student loans and get a new degree? They can work in a hamburger joint or warehouse for peanuts. Just like the others.

  3. Amelia Zodye

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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