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RepublicRATS lose control of Virginia House – so what?

car wreck photo

Virginia GOP – A Car Wreck Photo by rictic

Anyone watching the cliff hanger with a single Delegate seat settled with a Democrat winning it to tie the House of Delegates can’t be too surprised, all things considered.

RepublicRATS controlled all 3 power positions, the House and had a precarious 20-20 split in the State Senate from 2009—2012.  What came of that period , was Medicaid reformed, or the convoluted Tax Code fixed ?  Did Education funding get a long overdue repair ? No, the only notable example of any tangible action came in the form of a 6 Billion dollar tax increase.

When given a chance to lead they turned into turnips. Followers all, and people today are puzzled over why Democrats have made the gains they have. Tagging President Trump as many have to explain what happened in Virginia is almost comical if not outright silly. Trump has shown he isn’t afraid of tackling big issues, Immigration, Tax Reform, and now talk of finally taking up Entitlement programs.  That is real leadership. Trump will also make another run at Health Insurance reform, and getting rid of the mandate was an excellent first step.

Had McDonnell and RepublicRATS shown some actual leadership when they had the opportunity to lead, things in Richmond today would look much different.

The Governor –Elect and the new composition of the General Assembly may look different, but the outcome won’t be. State Government is about to get bigger, spend more money ,expand the cradle to grave nanny state and raise taxes.   Sort of like 2009-12.

It calls to mind what Rush Limbaugh said on his show two years ago,”republicans really don’t want smaller government, they just want a turn at running it”

If you are given a chance to lead, and you turn into turnips…’re bound to fall off the back of the truck when you hit the first bump in the road. Unless and until  some new leaders take over the RepublicRAT party they will simply take turns running it—that isn’t leadership.

Bob Shannon   Founder  King William & Mechanicsville T.E.A Party

16 Responses to “RepublicRATS lose control of Virginia House – so what?”

  1. Julian P. says:

    8 years of TWO unfunded wars and a near depression a gift of REPUBLICAN George “W” Bush son of CIA killer George Herbert Walker Bush and grandson of Nazi gun runner Prescott Bush gave our nation 8 years of Barack Hussein Obama the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the United States of America.

    The Republicans did this to themselves in Virginia. Four years of scandalous Bob McDonnell and Ashley Madison subscriber Tommy Norment along with idiots like traffic lawyer Ryan McDougle and Speaker Bill Howell’s INCOMPETENT leadership in the General Assembly where the GOP destroyed Virginia’s retirement fund ( now underfunded by 20 billion dollars) and raised taxes HANDED the DEMONCRATS this victory.

    While the Republicans and VFRW were planning their victory parties and having cocktails the Democrats were actually planning victories.

    The Tea Party didn’t destroy The Republican Party of Virginia, The Republican Establishment did and they have no one to blame but themselves.

    • Martha H. says:

      I love love love this comment posted above.

      Now watching and waiting for RINO Libtard Delegate Chris Peace from Hangover and New Kent Counties to make his move and declare he is running for Governor 2021 as a DEMOCRAT like that crazy lilly white azzzzmother of his. You couldn’t be raised by that LIBERAL and call yourself a Republican and get away with it except in Hanover County where the GOP is nothing but Old Democrats like Frank Hargrove who switched parties to get elected.

      All you VFRW martini sucking gals who think Peace’s LA Julie Coggsdale is a Republican after Peace donated to Levar Stoney for Mayor of Richmond campaign are so STUPID.

  2. Gene the Populist says:

    If Trump is not responsible for Virgina or Alabama? Then exactly who is? You and Tom were in Bob McDonnell’s pocket until it was to late. Just like you are now in Trump’s pocket now. Right now, I’d assume eat a raw turd in my salad than vote for any Republican.

    Trump never set foot in Virginia nor Alabama to campaign because Ed and Roy didn’t want him. Trump is now radioactive anywhere but Republican strongholds. Trump is even radioactive in stongholds like Alabama.

    Calling Trump “leadership” is even worse than calling the incompetant Con man Rob Wittman leadership. 20 sailors dead, billions of dollars in damaged ships and crashed planes since Wittman took over as Chair of the Seapower comittee past January. Bob, you flat out refuse to discuss the lies Trump told to get elected and keeps on telling. You hide from legitimate questions just like Wittman does.

    To think that any long term good will come out of a liar like Trump, or Hillary, is absolute ignorance.

  3. paul says:

    Hey Mr. Populist/Pinko Commie:

    #MAGA Winning with Trump Maganomics

    Lowest US unemployment in 17 years AND Stock Market up 25% so far this year- which means most IRA’s are up 25K

    GDP is almost 4% per cent which was impossible in Obama’s ANEMIC economy

    • Gene the Populist says:

      Then why is it Bob Shannon nor you will not openly debate me in front of his Tea Party, or in any public setting? If its so dogone good, why are you two so afraid of someone with the facts and numbers?

      I don’t play the stock market. Obama created more jobs last year than Trump has for the same time period this year. Those who have stopped looking for work, where are they under Trump? Wage increases, where are they under Trump? The over $20 TRILLION defict under Trump? The trade deficit under Trump?

      Oh, Bob, Tom, and Paul, were has the price of gas and diesel gone since January 20th? Let’s get in front of a crowd and debate???? Surely you 3 could make a fool out of me in a debate??

      This week I paid 33 cents more per gallon for diesel than i paid on Jan. 17. That is substantial. I have logged every tank for over 3 years now.

      • GEORGE K. says:




        • Gene the Populst says:

          Fine. Looks like Obama created 11.3 million jobs in his 8 years. But where was your stock market when Obama went into the White House, and where was it when he left? Where was the unemployment rate when Obama went into office, and where was it when he left? Trump is printing money about twice as fast as Obama did. Why are Trumps job creation numbers substancially lower this year than for the same period last year? Why is the trade deficit substancially higher this year under Trump than last year? All this in spite of every effort made by the rich to punish the middle-class for electing Obama. Obama and Clinton were self made men. Both basically born into near poverty. Bush 43’ and Trump, I doubt either have ever worked a day in their lives. Everything they have came from family and friends. So, there you have it. Trump inherited a gift of gold from Obama versus what Bush 43’ left Obama.

  4. retired teacher Nannette says:

    You know who is winning BIGLY with Trump? Teachers Unions! whose PENSIONS are invested in the stock market. Now if they could only learn to vote their pocketbooks.

  5. Bob Shannon

    It won’t make any difference ….but I’ll try anyway

    Virginia went to Hillary to begin with last year, the State is now blue , Federal gov’t and state gov’t now employ huge swaths of Virginians. These folks are just interested in keeping their own personal self interests protected, they simply don’t care about debt, about the stagnant wages in the private sector or the out of control increases in health insurance, since a large part of their own costs are paid by taxpayers. Virginia is now a public sector welfare state, so long as taxpayers sit still for it.

    Republicans have no leaders, maybe Ben Cline might help at the Congressional level, although I just had an editorial in this weeks Tidewater Review newspaper addressing Delegate Kirk Cox ( R) new proposal to buy the votes of state workers. So much for Bob being in the pocket of the republicRATS.

    Alabama……who would assert this falls on Trumps lap ? You could not have had a more flawed candidate in todays environment with the sexual harassment climate poisoning any chance Moore or any candidate for that matter that is accused of this type of charge—-evidence or no evidence, it is the charge and the medias relentless hounding that gave Jones the Alabama seat. No one today will run for office who has even the slightest hint of this kind of behavior, and certainly no one literally accused of being a child molester or predator can withstand the political fallout, regardless of the merit of the charges. Once they are made it is impossible to cleanse oneself.

    A economic recovery after spending 10 + trillion in bogus stimulus and printing so much money…only to reach the anemic growth levels in the final years of the Obama administration is self explanatory.

    Trumps efforts with Tax Reform, the elimination of strangling regulations, ending the ACA mandate, efforts moving forward to enhance border security, efforts to reform welfare, talk of addressing the entitlement programs are all positives that will bear fruit in the coming years.

    As for carrying water for McDonnell ??? Anyone who attends our meetings, anyone who reads the volumes of letters and articles I write must be laughing at what a really silly statement that is.
    Gasoline and diesel costs ??? What would drive down costs……arbitrarily refusing to increase domestic production ,banning exploration and development, or freeing up American growth of domestic oil/gas production ? You don’t even understand basic supply/demand concepts.

    Take some Economics 101 classes Gene before you take on someone who has a knowledge level that reaches beyond talking points.

    You are the rabid partisan, Bob has no love for either of the two major political parties. Reasonable people already know that
    Bob Shannon

    • Gene The Populist says:

      Okay, I’ll try but it will not make any difference.

      1) Moore a flawed candidate? Sexual offender? How is Judge Moore anywhere near as flawed as Donald J. Trump? Remember the Trump bus recording, and how many women came forward? You want to pick and choose which flawed candidates you support.
      2) I have already posted Trumps job numbers thus far over and over. Substancially worse than Obama’s last year.
      3) The Republicans are outspending Obama by 1.5 to 2 times more, with a tax lie that is going to cut revenue just like Reagan found out 35 years ago.
      4) You do not have a clue about gasoline pricing, not a clue. But, just has Obama was held accountable for fuel prices on his watch, so will your Limbaugh/Trump administration. Pipe lines being built under Trump, but fuel prices on the rise under Trump.
      5) Yes or no, did you vote for Bob McDonnell? At least Tom admits his McDonnell mistake.
      6) Here is how insurance works, and what doing away with the individual mandate is going to do,

      The way any type of insurance is made affordable is by having basically 2 pools of policy holders. One pool consists of those who have claims which have to be paid out by the provider, the second pool consists of those who do not have claims. The second pool provides the finances to help pay the claims of first pool, and provide a profit to the provider. The first pools claims costing the provider far more than the premiums charged. A low risk and high risk pool to offset each other.

      Now, the Limbaugh/Trump administration just passed their tax lie, HR 1. This bill ended the individual mandate from Obamacare that helped guarantee a large second pool of low risk people, which is what made health insurance premiums more affordable by providing a low risk group not likely to make claims. Just as any other type of insurance has to have a low risk pool to affordably exist.

      So, now that 13 million people of the profitable second pool are gone under HR 1, where is the money going to come from to keep the premiums down of the first pool which is a money loser?

      And yes, I know insurance companies make money from investments of their money. But, there is no money to invest without the low risk pool.

      Guess who is going to get the bill for the financial vacuum created by the tax plan lie, HR 1? The Limbaugh/Trump administratration no doubt cannot believe how stupid their base is and have to be ROTFLTAO. But, they gave their base what they demanded.

      The money the middle-class might see in a tempory tax decrease will surely be taken away in increased health-care insurance costs due to the end of the individual mandate.


    • Hyram C. says:

      Rumors running rampant Trumpster Ron Hedlund from Hanover County just retired from his small business to run for US Senate in 2018.

      More Winning!

  6. Gene The Populist says:

    Here is something for you to think about, Bob.

    “Let me tell you more of the story. Most of who follow Limbaugh never had a strong fatherly influence in their lives. As these now Limbaugh followers matured into adulthood, they continued their relentless search for that missing fatherly figure they never had as children. And then one day they discover Limbaugh who gleefully provides something they have lusted for their entire lives, that strong fatherly figure.

    Its ironic that in the story of Adam and Eve, Eve lusted for knowledge she did not have. And along came Lucifer disguised as a serpent with the promise of knowledge if only she would eat of the forbidden tree. And it was free to boot. And Eve was deceived.

    So, now, (30 years ago) along comes Lucifer once again. Only this time disguised as the fatherly figure that that a group of Godless people never had. With that same promise once again of knowledge if you will just allow him into your mind and follow him. Again, all for free. Just let Limbaugh (Lucifer) have your soul, and he will gift you knowledge you will never have without him. And you people are deceived yet once again.

    It is also ironic how the vast major of the followers of Limbaugh (Lucifer) deny they follow him if confronted, just as Peter denied that he followed Christ. Tea Party leadership has denied following Limbaugh face to face when confronted. Yet, now they continually reference his false teachings, as if Limbaugh (Lucifer) were some type of deity.

    So there you have your story. Once Lucifer has your soul, (Limbaugh) I doubt he will ever give it back to you.”

  7. Gene The Populist says:

    Now, the Limbaugh/Trump administration has ended the ACA individual mandate. So, why not end Virginia’s insurance individual mandate? To register an automobile in Virginia requires that it be insured by an insurance company licensed to do business in Virginia. That’s right folks. Virginia forces you to have automobile insurance to register your vehicle. Unless,,,,,,,,

    If you do not want to insure your vehicle you can pay a fee or tax in Virgina. It’s called the uninsured motorist fee. And it ain’t cheap. $500 Sound familar folks? I believe that is about 5 times the fee for no insurance under the ACA.

    Sound familiar Mr. Shannon? Why are’t you complainng and working to right this obvious injustice? Could it be because Limbaugh/Trump has not given you marching orders? Oh, yea, those lobbyist dollars.

  8. Lawrence Wood says:

    Ask yourself as I often have over the last decade why the VRP and it’s elected officials have seen there once dominance position on the state political scene wane election cycle after election cycle? Why have they stood by largely passive, allowing vitriolic and generally useless ideological political in fighting to run rampant while any even semi competent political observer could have realized that their state voter base was growing disenchanted and indifferent to their unfulfilled promises and stale campaign pledges?

    There is likely a long potential litany of both internal and external reasons (excuses?) one could validly claim as a primal focus depending on your partisanship, economic stake and last but not least ego investment but for me it comes down to an individual issue. That issue is simply that “most individuals are built and predisposed to resist or reject change as they always are focused on what they are going to potentially lose so they never manage to break that cycle and spend any thoughtful time of regarding what is they may gain”.

    The RPV is nothing more than a political container it doesn’t define the contents it simply serves as a useful construct to bind it. You don’t need to shatter a container to simply pour its contents out and replace them with fresh ingredients. The last decade of State Republican party politics has in my opinion focused far to maniacally on winning and maintaining control of the cup and little to none on shaping and improving the contents and flavor of what it held as judged by those the whole process was created for and that as often as not come election day promptly spit the contents out post haste.

    The immediate response to this electorate affront by the party stalwarts was let us go back to Richmond and renew our internal fights over who can make a better cup! I wish I could feel more optimistic regarding the party rethinking it’s losing ways in the upcoming 2018 elections but alas I already see the same repetitive arguments already underway, taking shape and commencing, regarding cup styling. Woe is us we haven’t hit bottom yet but we are close.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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