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Response to Robert Kenyon’s ‘Christian Taliban Manifesto’ on Bull Elephant

art, artistic, painting It has been longer than I wanted to be getting this response out. Those that follow this blog are probably aware of my recent eye problems and complications after surgery, so pardon the lapse in time. But the piece that Robert Kenyon wrote on The Bull Elephant entitled “Trump Must Burn” begs for a response.

I have watched as the far right Christian Taliban, who are but a tiny portion of the GOP and Conservative base, have isolated themselves and surrounded themselves with only those who share the same far right wing extremist views, and have all succumbed to the same delusional belief that they are both Conservative and a majority.

Let me just state for the record, they are neither. Their tiny little vacuum chamber of pretend Christian extremists have managed to tune out the rest of the party, and most of the world. These people who claim to be Christians are so full of hate and malice towards anyone who dares to disagree with them that they sully the entire party. In fact, most of the over the top rhetoric by Democrats that label the Republicans as woman hating bigoted extremists are not in any way representative of the GOP as a whole, but rather, the minuscule extremists who give us all a bad name.

And Robert Kenyon wants to burn anything Trump and all of his supporters.

Where have we heard this particular brand of lunacy? The Telegraph described it this way:

THE world’s two largest standing Buddhas – one of them 165ft high – were blown up by the Taliban in Afghanistan at the weekend.

After failing to destroy the 1,700-year-old sandstone statues of Buddha with anti-aircraft and tank fire, the Taliban brought a lorryload of dynamite from Kabul. A Western observer said: “They drilled holes into the torsos of the two statues and then placed dynamite charges image, buddha, meditation inside the holes to blow them up.”

The operation to wreck the statues carved into a cliff in the Bamiyan Valley in the Hindu Kush mountains of central Afghanistan was supervised by Mullah Obaidullah, the Taliban defence minister. There has been an international outcry since Mullah Mohammed Omar, the Taliban leader, issued a special edict on Feb 26 ordering the destruction of all non-Islamic statues.

Kofi Annan, the United Nations Secretary-General, had pleaded with the Taliban’s foreign minister, Wakil Ahmad Muttawakil, in Islamabad yesterday to save Afghanistan’s cultural heritage. He was told that all other “moveable statues” – including more than a dozen smaller Buddha statues in the Kabul Museum – had also been destroyed.

Anything they do not like they burn. Or blow up. Kenyon proves that the moniker “Christian Taliban” is an absolutely appropriate description of these extremists.

We have all seen the comments from the Christian Taliban when the Gay nightclub in Orlando was visited with terror and death. Many Christian Taliban commented that this was God’s wrath because the murdered were all sodomites, their favorite word for gays.

But these intolerant extremists are proud to be violently against gays and Islam. Happily calling themselves homophobes and Islamaphobes.


Laughingly, Kenyon calls out Trump supporters, belittles them and spews hatred at them for expecting the Christian Taliban to support the Republican nominee. He criticizes those who support our nominee (whom he hates) for aligning themselves with the rest of the GOP, whom he also hates. And he writes; “Donald J. Trump must fall, but that alone is not enough. We must destroy the nascent movement building behind him, and rout its candidates and supporters at every level. We must make an end of them, and their populism, so that they never rise again. Donald Trump must fall.”

So just to recap, Kenyon hates Trump and his supporters. He also hates the “establishment” and everyone else that is not a #NeverTrump traitor:

Their program appears to be to set themselves up as the foil for the VCN-type establishment Republicans they are now temporarily allying themselves with. Watch media appearances by people like Pam Bondi and other high-level Trump surrogates. They talk about their ‘new’ Republican party. They are playing a longer, stronger game than many realize. They are making use of anger at the long-term persistent betrayal of the grassroots by the Bush wing of the party to try and change the party into something fundamentally different than what it is now.

Which means that the only group Kenyon finds agreeable to his tastes are his Christian Taliban little corner of the world. And in Kenyon’s distorted and delusional view of the Republican Party, he believes that him and his 1 percenters are the party. And anyone that does not want to burn down our nominee and usher in the reign of Queen Hillary is not Conservative, Christian or even Republican.

And he doesn’t see how idiotic and destructive his extremist views are. But it is well documented and seen as a threat by Christians the world over. A website that is part of the issued this scathing warning about the Christian Taliban:

The Taliban of Afghanistan consist of men who worship power above all else and abuse the name of God or Allah to justify their evil ways.

Sadly and tragically certain fundamentalist and extremist men who thump bibles and call themselves ‘Christians’ behave in a similar reprehensible and evil fashion. They themselves constitute that element of society which Jesus Himself so loathed—the power crazed HYPOCRITE!!!

If we continue to lose our basic human rights and freedoms as Americans these evil men will eventually use their extremist and twisted interpretations of Biblical Scripture to terrorize our citizens.

As they gain power and prestige they will launch a campaign of hate, bigotry, and persecution of women, which will mimic the pernicious evil of the Taliban—thus becoming a ‘Christian Taliban’.

Although not yet in power, there are several powerful men who would lead us to believe that they preach the Gospel of Christ and who could easily become ‘Christian Taliban’ if we allow ourselves to be dominated by elected officials who are working toward the destruction of our American Constitution and Bill of Rights.

There are the televangelists who preach a gospel of hate and bigotry against homosexuals, women who believe in freedom of choice, and any person who actually tries to behave as the real Jesus would wish.

There are the politicians and judges who have become the bought whores of the ‘Christian’ extremists who are working to undermine basic human rights.

Yes the “Christian Taliban” is diligently working toward an America where we will be forced to worship their concept of God or face the consequences of their tactics of terror. We will live in a nation where Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu children will be forced to pray to a vengeful and hard-hearted God who will proclaim that they will burn in the fires of hell because a loveless and cruel concept of Jesus is not their personal savior. We will live in a nation where genuine Christians who are the true believers who know that both God and Jesus are the purest form of love will be forced to deny a loving Christ and worship a false ‘Jesus’ who represents oppression, punishment, revenge, hate, and bigotry.

Homosexuals, human rights activists, environmentalists, women’s rights advocates, and others will be persecuted, jailed, and perhaps eventually executed because they will refuse to believe that God is cold-hearted and filled with hate instead of love.

Most of the Ted Cruz supporters have moved to support Donald Trump. Some have rolled up their sleeves and gone to work in the trenches. Some are more reluctant, but doing what must be done to prevent a Hillary presidency. Others may or may not vote for Trump, but they at least have the wisdom and restraint to keep their mouth’s shut and sit this one out.

The rest, the Christian Taliban like Kenyon, have absolutely no loyalty to the Republican Party and have absolutely no place in the GOP. As a Christian, I am deeply embarrassed by the hatred the Christian Taliban display. They are what drives people away from Christ. They give the rest of us a bad name.

Even Kenyon’s man crush, Ted Cruz has endorsed Donald Trump. that must have been a large lump for the Christian Taliban to swallow.

Virginia will never elect a far right extremist like Ken Cuccinelli or his ilk who were a complete embarrassment to Virginia – all of Virginia at the State and National Conventions. Their one desire was to thwart the voice of Virginians and the rest of the nation and force Cruz – a fellow Christian Taliban member – down the throats of the nation.

People like Cuccinelli, Cruz and even Kenyon have managed to unite more Virginians behind Donald Trump by their extremist and shameful antics and constant hate-spewing.

There was a recent meeting sponsored by many of the people that can be considered the Christian Taliban. By no means was everyone in attendance what could be called Christian Taliban. Many are just good Christian people. Unfortunately, many do not see the evil that dwells in the hearts of a number of these people they consider kindred spirits. One of the speakers who was called on by the moderator Daniel Bradshaw was Pat McSweeney. I have known Pat for several years and know that he is both a smart man and a wise one. The audio below starts with Pat talking about something that I realized a long time ago. Virginia has changed. We are no longer a red state, not even purple. There is a lot of truth and a great message in Pat’s words. I am not sure if McSweeney would acknowledge or has even thought about the role that the Christian Taliban has played in scaring Virginians away from their harsh and extreme beliefs. Ken Cuccinelli was used as the boogie man for the majority of Virginians as his extreme views turned off people across party lines. Many in the crowd agreed with McSweeney’s thoughts, but I wonder how many in the group actually realized that their over zealous ways were, in large part, part of the problem that has driven people away from God? And many of the ones that are not the extremist Christian Taliban brand of “Christian”, but just normal people who try to follow the teachings of Jesus, are nothing more than useful idiots being manipulated by these hate mongers.


And at the 5:50 mark in the video below, Travis Witt is introduced and expresses what a lot of the Christian Taliban proudly profess. He says he is homophobic and Islamophobic. A phobia is an extreme irrational fear. It is surprising to hear someone actually admit this publicly. And I assume Witt intended to say he is a hater of homosexuals and Muslims. Extremist views both.

It is one thing to hold a belief system that teaches sin is wrong, but nowhere in my Bible do I find we are to hate the sinner as much as the sin. Hate the sin, love the sinner is what most people who profess to be Christians try to do. It is not for us to judge, nor are any of us free of sin, no matter how pious one acts. It is not up to us to judge.

In speaking to a number of people that attended this meeting, many were appalled at the subservient role women were subjected to. One was allowed to speak, reluctantly I was told.

The Christian Taliban are entitled to their views – considered extreme by most Christians. But they are not entitled to subject their views on others, which is their plan with the Virginia GOP.

Virginia is no longer a state that will elect a far right Republican with Christian Taliban views. And Cruz was surprised that Trump won a majority of the “Evangelicals”, because he fancied himself as one of them. But even the Evangelicals rejected Cruz and the extremist Christian Taliban views. They don’t seem to realize just how small and isolated they have made themselves with their views.

The Christian Taliban have become the Albatross around the necks of true Conservative Republicans. There is nothing Conservative in hate. Most Christians understand that. Love the sinner, hate the sin. But there is a small faction among the Cruz supporters who have shown their true colors this past year. They are dangerous and they are a threat to the Republican Party of Virginia. The very alliances Kenyon despises among the various factions of the Virginia GOP shows how we all unite behind our nominee.  And it proves how small, petty and out of touch Kenyon and anyone that thinks like him really is.

The party needs to reject the Christian Taliban at every turn. They are the true danger to the Party and freedom itself. Many Christians know who these people are and pretend they are benign. they are not! They are a malignant cancer that is seeking to make the GOP in their Christian Taliban image through the government.

America is a Christian Nation – barely. It is not and was never supposed to be a theocracy. Islam is both Government and Religion. America was founded so that our religious beliefs would be free of Government interference. And there are people who would prefer to see the Church rule the Government. History is full of reasons why this is a bad idea.



About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

31 Responses to “Response to Robert Kenyon’s ‘Christian Taliban Manifesto’ on Bull Elephant”

  1. Sammy says:

    Add Shak Hill to the list of Cult Members in Virginia’s Christian Taliban wing of the Republican Party.
    Hill is being courted by Albertson, Shores, and Travis Witt’s Conservative Fellowship. He is a one issue candidate: Right to Life and that’s all folks and will become the GOP’s BIGGEST LOSER in BLUE Virginny in a statewide federal election.

    What is Sooooo Transparent about this Ted Cruz Never Trump Movement is that they are running Hill for US Senate on the bet that Tim Kaine and Hillary Win in November. How Republican is that?

    Hill hasn’t lifted a finger to help Trump win. Well, Maybe his MIddle Finger.

  2. James V. Rollinger says:

    Has the Ed Gillespie for Governor campaign scheduled an emergency conference call about the endorsement they accepted from the “Islamophobic and Homophobic” Republican State Central Committee member Pastor Travis Witt?

  3. Dora the Deplorable says:

    Mr. White:

    Congratulations! YOU just killed Carly Fiorina’s hopes of running for RNC Chair- the Republican Party of Virginia’s Islamophobes and Homophobes hosted an event for Ed Gillespie and who hosted it?

    the now Infamous Travis Witt: see the invitation and host committee below

    Yours truly,
    Dora the Deplorable

  4. Nicki

    Dear Tard –

    You do know Rob is an atheist, right? LMAO!

    Denigrating someone who cannot stand a candidate who is constitutionally ignorant, tyrannical, clueless about nearly every aspect of economic and foreign policy and national security, and ignorant on military issues – IOW everything that POTUS is supposed to understand – speaks climbed about you. Not Kenyon.

    • Tom White says:

      I guess you missed the parts where I stated the Christian Taliban are not Christians at all. You prove my point. It is all about power.

      • Southern Baptist says:

        Russ Moulton, Jamie Radtke, and Steve Albertson’s Conservative Fellowship and their publication The Bullshit Elephant is allowing atheists to publish anti- Republican manifestos? Trump Must Burn?

        Who exactly is keeping score on these State Central Committee members who need to be purged from the Republican Party and where do we go to make sure that gets on Whitbeck’s agenda?

        • Nicki

          Wow. So those who don’t believe as you do shouldn’t have a voice in Republican politics?


        • Steven Brodie Tucker

          I’m very happy with our SCC representation in the 1st District. Not everyone is falling in line with the nominee. We see this every election cycle. We saw it with McCain (I really struggled to vote for him, but came around at the end) and we saw it with Romney. We can all fight to purge ideologies from the party, but we shouldn’t target individuals. Robert just doesn’t think Trump fits with what the Republican Party stands for. I’m not sure why folks are targeting him for his unwillingness to get on board. It happens every election.

          • Fed up with the GOP says:


            Be sure and Ask SCC member Albertson if he received any of SCC member Travis Witt’s $3300 payout from the Garrett Convention before you make any statements like that in the future.

            We don’t remember these guys disclosing their “professional” campaign operative/Consultant status when running for SCC.

      • Nicki

        I guess you missed that part where that has nothing to do with Kenyon.

    • Sweet Tea and Jesus says:

      Rob should hook up with Jamie to EXPLORE GOD

      LMAO now

  5. Nicki

    *speaks volumes. Autocorrect FAIL.

    • Rino Hunter says:

      Muslim Delegate David Ramadan is a #Never Trumper and maintains Rock Star Status in the Republican Party What’s your point?

  6. Janice Bonner says:

    Another casualty of Witt’s potty mouth: Reeves for LG

  7. Robert M. says:

    Can anyone explain why Travis Witt is on state senator Tom Garrett’s FEC finance report as “paid staff” $3,300?

    WITT, TRAVIS STAFF SALARY EVINGTON VA 24550 05/23/2016 $3,300

  8. benjamin says:

    the more relevant topic of discussion is why a Republican State Central Committee member Travis Witt is on Republican Congressional candidate Tom Garrett’s campaign staff payroll

    and what other conflicts of interest should be disclosed by the State Central Committee members of the Republican Party of Virginia?

    • Guccifer 10.0 says:

      Republicans have the right to know who the professional campaign staffers and consultants and advisors are when campaigning for SCC seats.The Christian Taliban advisors have been running under the radar far too long while voting and serving on the State Central Committee. We should demand full disclosure at the next SCC meeting. It will be interesting to discover who else was paid out of that $3300 check paid to Witt by the Garrett campaign.

  9. Galen Copp says:

    Add misogynist to Travis Witt’s Islamophobic and homophobic description. Sources tell us the “little ladies” were dedicated to the Kitchen Help serving lunch at the Aug 6th Christian Taliban meeting in Goochland.
    Meeting organizers had to fight the “men” tooth and nail to allow Carol Stopps of the VTPPF on the program discussing her COLA initiative but the “men” finally relented to “allow” Carol to speak.

    Rick Boyer and Chris Shores had the “nerve” to attempt to recruit conservatives for their “take over” initiatives for the 4th and 9th Districts from the GOPe while a woman they recruited from Richmond’s 4th Congressional District to run for GOP Chairman and then SCC was thrown under the bus by the very “fellowship” during the election cycle. Conclusion: Women NEED NOT APPLY.

    Taliban doesn’t even come close to describing the so called “Fellowship.”

    • Steve says:

      The taliban cuts off heads of children, women and men and is responsible for the deaths of U.S. Service Men and Women. How disturbing for you to make that comment.

      • Galen Copp says:


        I stand by my comment that the Conservative Fellowship aka Christian Taliban run by Albertson, the Boyer brothers, Shores, Bradshaw, Waters and Witt are misogynists, Islamophobic and homophobic- how many quotes and how much audio tape and evidence do you need to realize they are as dangerous as the Taliban to our freedoms?

        Odd some of these are John Adams campaign staffers for 2017?

        • Steve says:

          Actually I am Water’s so I know what I stand for and I can only speak for myself:

          Marriage between one man and one woman,

          That we don’t murder unborn babies,

          That boys use boys bathroom/locker rooms and girls use girls,

          That our Nation was founded on Judeo-Christian Principles,

          That there are two genders/sex, male and female,

          That government is meant to be limited and in line with our Constitution,

          The Right of Free Speech, Religious Liberty, Free Association, All of the Bill of Rights and that were a Nation of the Rule of Law,

          A right to bear arms!

          And more…

          My Christian Faith does have influence on my world view and my political ideology, but as my Faith also instructs, Love and Forgiveness of All, love the sinner but hate the sin as we are all sinners.

          What’s the problem with any of those principles?

  10. Steve says:

    The folks you’re attacking are good, honest people, who live a life based on principles and trying to do the right thing, unlike Master Trump. Maybe instead, we can work on unifying as conservatives by putting no personality above our shared principles.

    • Galen Copp says:

      Dear Taliban Steve:

      Before you lie on this blog post about the good honest people re-read the “Smearing of Michael Del Rosso” which was conducted by these people to nominate Tom Garrett.

      “Michael Del Rosso is a Liar” was Garrett’s only campaign strategy to win the convention with the help of disgraceful Senator Bill Stanley, the Boyer brothers, and Chris Shores and other Taliban company.

      Turns out the Taliban warriors were the only liars and Del Rosso was a Christian Conservative and would have been an outstanding Congressman as a national security expert. Now a Democrat will probably win because Garrett is so weak on all accounts. His campaign finances and donors leave much to be scrutinized.

      • Tim says:

        Actually, I’m a Boyer brother and I supported and voted for Del Rosso. Might wanna check your facts or actually reach out to us to see what we actually do before deciding you know. Just a little friendly advice. Gotta run now, and make sure my barefoot and pregnant wife is fixing my breakfast so I don’t have to beat her again. Gotta have priorities 😉

  11. Steve says:

    The Boyer brothers? Do you even know or have ever had a conversation with the folks you’re attacking? It’s one thing to have an opinion but to publicly attack folks you’ve never met is another. I know I’ve never met you, unless you’re using a fake name.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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