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In a tiny victory for liberty and the Constitution, the House voted on a largely party-line vote (No Democrat voted yes and twelve GOP lawmakers voted no.) to repeal parts of the No Child Left Behind law.  Here’s a report and another one.

House Republicans voted Friday to dismantle the troubled No Child Left Behind law for evaluating America’s students and schools, saying states and local school districts rather than Washington should be setting rules for ensuring that kids are getting good educations.


Some Republicans have long contended that Washington should have no role in setting education policy and that the Education Department should be abolished. The House bill would eliminate No Child Left Behind’s adequate yearly progress metric and get rid of other federal mandates required of poor-performing schools, giving states and school districts the authority to develop their own strategies for improving student and school performances.

I like all of what I read.  Of course, let’s recall who did the NCLB to start with:  The GOP Congress and President Bush (who was still unrepentant about the issue) passed NCLB in the first place.  (Ron Paul voted no of course.) And now look who’s opposing this sensible bill:

The United States Chamber of Commerce:

“The Chamber believes strong accountability for all schools and all students is of utmost importance, and while [the legislation] would require school performance transparency, it would not require true accountability. The Chamber believes schools must be held accountable for student achievement with clear and ambitious targets for improvement from year to year. States must not only disclose disaggregated student achievement data, but also hold schools accountable for improving student learning and closing student achievement gaps in exchange for federal funding.”

Please, US Chamber, never NEVER again say you are for free markets.  This is not a free market position.  It is simply not the business of the Federal government to hold schools accountable for student learning.  Look at this opponent:

The right-leaning Business Roundtable also released a statement bemoaning SSA’s passage. “While many parts of H.R. 5 align with the kinds of reforms Business Roundtable believes are necessary to strengthen education in the United States, the bill does not go far enough to ensure accountability,” said president John Engler. “Without adequate measures to ensure student performance, postsecondary educators and employers cannot trust that a high school diploma means college and career readiness.”

Again, where is it the business of the Federal government to hold students accountable to learn?  That means Bill Ayers type psychobabble will be in a common curriculum!  Or the teachers will teach to the test (or cheat on the tests!) as we have now.  This corporate opposition leads me to wonder if we are not being undermined from within.  I did not realize the nice-sounding commercials from ExxonMobil are actually pro-Common Core.

But it is a small win for liberty and constitutional government.  This bill prohibits the Federal government from forcing the states to adopt Common Core standards which are a national curriculum in disguise.



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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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