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I read with dismay this article on Roanoke County voting to remain in the unconstitutional federation known as ICLEI.  Here’s the justification for this vote:

Supervisor Charlotte Moore, who has always supported the membership, voted for it. So did Republicans Mike Altizer and Richard Flora, who opposed a formal resolution from their own party calling for the county to cut ties with ICLEI.

“They’ve never come out so strongly on something so … not fact oriented,” Flora said of the Republican Party’s position. He called the ICLEI opposition a movement similar to McCarthyism of the mid-20th century.

“Tonight I’m part of a fringe element. I’m so proud of myself,” Supervisor Ed Elswick, an independent, said of his vote against ICLEI membership. “It may be a little discombobulated, but we can’t let anyone in and tell us what to do.”

Elswick sympathized with the idea of a United Nations conspiracy and said that citizens could conserve energy without the ICLEI program.

Supervisor Butch Church agreed with Elswick on the issue, after describing his torn feelings. In the end, he said, the outcry from residents against ICLEI changed his mind.

Perhaps Supervisor Flora should study this blog about ICLEI.  What is not factual about:

I also spoke on this issue at the Mechanicsville Tea Party and this video is here.  I am also concerned about the charge of McCarthyism.  That is a strong loaded term and ought not be used except in extreme situations.  It is not McCarthyism to oppose Roanoke County giving taxpayers’ money to join an international organization that has foreign policy goals and implements Agenda 21.  Even the Roanoke Times admitted ICLEI is a “U.N. group”.

By a 3-2 vote, Roanoke County supervisors chose to stay aligned with the U.N. group.

But also there is plenty of pro-ICLEI propaganda in this article (emphasis added):

Roanoke County will stick with ICLEI in 2012, despite cries from tea party members and conservatives who believe the county’s membership in the nonprofit sustainability group is part of a United Nations conspiracy to control people.

At the heart of the ICLEI argument is symbolism.  *  *  *  It’s a way for the United Nations to gain traction so it someday may spy on citizens and control their decisions, some said. Smart meters that control light switches and turn lights off automatically are one of those tools, said Cher McCoy, a tea party member from Lexington.  *  *  *  And the small yearly price tag for the county? That’s part of the conspiracy, to downplay its significance, McCoy said.

Will the Roanoke Times study the issue?  Apparently not, if these blogs from Dan Casey are read.  One example:

The bottom line — and the tea party will readily acknowledge this — is they believe environmentalism is the new communism.

In other words, green is the new red.

So if many Roanokers believe opposing ICLEI is a silly conspiracy theory why should their leaders not believe it.  I invite the Times to research the issue.  Stop taking the word of the ICLEI spokesmen.  You wouldn’t take the word of some other public official.  Why ICLEI?  Perhaps what Roanoke needs is a debate:  Dan Casey versus someone who will show what ICLEI and Agenda 21 really is:  Say Donna Holt.  I’ll help.

My recommendations:  Don’t stop fighting; if you live in a district where a pro-ICLEI supervisor lives, let him or her know how you feel – always respectfully without name-calling.  Continue to educate the public.  We’ll fight again.  We know we’re right.  And in 2015, there is another election in Roanoke County…



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  1. Jay says:

    These people are insane. The Tea Party is proof that aliens have invaded our brains and are seeking to over throw he guberment.

    Only the Tea Party nut jobs will not get the joke. They are the joke.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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