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Ron Hedlund Responds to RPV Chairman Whitbeck’s Attacks

Editor’s Note: I am posting this for Ron Hedlund. After the worst losing streak in Virginia Republican history, it seems John Whitbeck, the Chairman presiding over the disaster that is the RPV, instead of trying to find ways to win, Whitbeck is busy attacking people like Ron Hedlund. It is my personal opinion that any Chairman worth his salt, after presiding over the annihilation of the Republican Party would offer his resignation. Instead, Whitbeck continues to stir the pot of internal bickering and turmoil. That is not leadership. It is childishness and arrogance. Virginia Republicans deserve better. – Tom White

By Ron Hedlund

From our RPV Chairman:

Now he’s (that would be me, Ron Hedlund) lying again to attack the organization he quit because he has nothing better to do with his time. #getalife
From John Whitbeck

Perhaps our kind, compassionate, Chairman is not aware of why I had to resign from the State Central Committee. If he is not aware, then I can forgive him for this callous commentary. But I suspect he was soon after my resignation made aware of my reasons behind it.

On a side note, I have several friends who are friends with Mr. Whitbeck. And more than one has wondered why I don’t get along with him. When I tell them why, they come back with this old, tired response, “Well, John has never lied to me.” And my response to them is, “YET”.

Back to my resignation:
My mother-in-law came down with very serious health issues a few years ago. Then, nearly three years ago, her husband, my longtime business partner, who was caring for her, suddenly and unexpectedly passed while out of state. Less than one year later, her oldest son, my childhood friend and brother-in-law, passed after a brief terminal diagnosis.

I was actually running for State Central Committee in the 7th Congressional District of Dave David Brat, and running a Chairman’s campaign against John Whitbeck while visiting my brother-in-law for the last time in Iowa.

After burying my brother-in-law, and winning the SCC race, I was solely responsible for running a seven figure small business, while trying to maintain two households between Henrico and Hanover Counties. During this time, my business served as the warehouse and clearinghouse for all Trump materials over a three state area, I helped support the Virginia Trump HQ, had the keys to the Trump storage facility after the primary and I was actively recruiting Trump supporters all over the state, including Trump surrogate support leading up to and during the Cleveland convention.

2017 was a crossroads for me and my family. After much prayer and reflection, we made the decision to move in with Kathy’s mother and become permanent residents of Hanover Co. For those not familiar with the 7th District, Hanover is no longer in the 7th, but now is in the 1st District of Rob Whitman.

I must admit I considered keeping the house in Henrico while living in Hanover and keeping my seat on SCC in the 7th District. I had spent incredible time and treasure to get the four year seat only one year earlier. But, I refused to resort to the same tricks others have employed to hold on to vestiges of power. I even publicly admitted as such when I resigned and let my constituents know why I was resigning. Apparently, Chairman Whitbeck either missed that or forgot. Trust me, it seems he sees or hears of everything I post on FB.

I did deactivate my FB and concentrate on my family and business for the past several months. The good news is that I just sold the business and we are buying the home in Hanover and selling the house in Henrico. Hence, my opportunity to get back on FB and take a look again at the political landscape. And what I am seeing today is just as corrupt and filthy as it was when I got on SCC.

We have a lack of leadership in so many levels of our party. We have so many good folks who used to be a part of RPV and left in disgust. We have so many good folks who want to be a part of a winning agenda. We have so many problems in our party just waiting for leaders to step forward and take the reins.

There are always roadblocks that need unblocking. There are always naysayers that need to be turned into believers. There are always going to be problems that need to be turned into opportunities. The future is a wonderful thing.

I got a life, thank you, John. I had better, more important things to do this past year than SCC and RPV.

Ron Hedlund

About Tom White

Tom is a US Navy Veteran, owns an Insurance Agency and is currently an IT Manager for a Virginia Distributor. He has been published in American Thinker, currently writes for the Richmond Examiner as well as Virginia Right! Blog. Tom lives in Hanover County, Va and is involved in politics at every level and is a Recovering Republican who has finally had enough of the War on Conservatives in progress with the Leadership of the GOP on a National Level.

3 Responses to “Ron Hedlund Responds to RPV Chairman Whitbeck’s Attacks”

  1. Sully Parker says:

    On what planet does the despicable behavior of John Whitbeck get a pass from Republican leadership for his outrageous behavior towards people who volunteer tirelessly for the party spending their own money for gas and lodging and time away from business and family?

    This is not Christian behavior. Why tolerate this? And let’s let the cat out of the bag- Whitbeck ain’t no Christian.

    Demand Whitbeck resign as RPV Chairman now and take that awful John Findlay with him but first find his shoes.

  2. Lawrence Wood says:

    I have nothing personal against John Whitbeck (or his associates) as the role of state party Republican Chairman that was handed to him was depressingly powerless almost to the point of ceremonial and laden with financial debt and a grossly apparent stagnation of new ideas. But after several unsuccessful statewide election cycles where loss and continued Democratic elected state office dominance have prevailed he must now realistic own the reality that this situation has not improved in any given area under his tutelage and indeed has become progressively worse. 

    Indeed Chairman Whitbeck has presided over an increasingly debilitating fractionalization and polarization of the party’s core membership and a depressing level of dissociation of the traditional Virginia Republican voting base from the party as it has branded itself to the mass of non activist voters. This has ALL occurred on his watch and he appears to have been either powerless or unwilling to take any visible corrective actions to address the decline. To try and fail is one issue but to not appear to try at all is totally unacceptable and implies to me that either the job is beyond his given abilities to manage or his own interest has waned and he is simply going through the motions. 

    The greatest failure of all during his tenure in my opinion has been both the covert and overt growth of the deplorable state of affairs he has allowed to develop unchecked between the evolving foundation and infrastructure of the National Republican Party and it’s duly elected national presidential representative Donald Trump. Any significant possibility of leverage from the current national organization and the Trump administration has been simply tossed aside as of no value and indeed many local state party officials openly based their lack of electoral success and their own clearly apparent personal failures on the current national organizations sitting president and the largely unsubstantiated influence he supposedly brings to bear on local and statewide electorate events.

    Chairman Whitbeck has allowed a situation to grow to infection levels in state party messaging that actually blames the highly successful national organization and it’s elected sitting President to be a focal topic for its own long term local failures and loss of elected seats both at statewide and local levels. This can NOT be abided and for it alone and Chairman Whitbeck’s inability to reign in this insanity of blaming your own highly successful national organization (that currently holds both Congressional majorities and the chief executives’ office) for party issues of performance well over a decade in the making he must go immediately prior to the 2018 midterm elections.

    Chairman Whitbeck is the wrong individual, in the wrong position, at the wrong point in American political history to return the state party to some semblance of success. We need someone that will return us to the national fold under our existing Republican administration. Continuing to wander foolishly in the wilderness upon the advice and consent of self serving state party political factions will lead to only further heightening our accelerating demise. The state’s base voters have sent us this message in recent statewide elections, we just need to find party leadership that will listen.


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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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