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S.C. Church Killer’s Facebook Page Reveals About 1/3 of his Friends Are Black – May Not Fit the Sharpton Narrative


Dylann Roof – Suspected South Carolina Church Killer

UPDATE: Dylann Roof has been caught!! He made it about 250 miles away. Brilliant police work to get this killer off the streets with nobody else getting hurt.

I am sure you have heard or read about the disturbing tragedy that happened in a church in Columbia South Carolina. 21 year old Dylann Roof entered the historic black church and sat for an hour listening according to reports. And then he opened fire and killed 9 of the church attendees.

A church is a place where we are supposed to be safe. A sanctuary. Certainly we shouldn’t worship in fear of being gunned down.

But the shooter has been identified. They know who he is.

I located his Facebook page – which will likely be taken down in short order. I had expectations on what I would find, but they were not correct. Based on the news accounts calling this a hate crime, Roof’s description as a light haired “pale complected” young man, I expected to find a lot of skin head friends, white supremest links, and racist music tastes.

What I found was quite different than my expectations. There was not much on the page. Perhaps I must be a friend first, but the only post he had put up was a picture of him posted above. The picture was put up last month.

In viewing his friends, I was surprised to find 30 of his 88 friends were black. I just checked and he is now down to 80 friends, 8 have unfriended him in the last 20 minutes or so.

So I am not seeing the racist, black hating Sharpton bait that the media was portraying. (But that won’t stop Sharpton.)

But it is interesting that the young suspected murderer had so many black friends. Not expected at all.

And before any more of the friends disappear and the page disappears completely, I managed to take screen shots of the friends and they are posted below.

But this guy seems to be more mentally disturbed than a racist hater. But the media will fan the flames of race and use the opportunity to pitch more gun control no matter what. It is a shame they can’t get all of the facts before they decide the outcome. But truth no longer matters. And that is a pity.

For me, at least, this is just another reason to carry. It would have been a heroic story had one of the church goers prevented some or all of these deaths.

It may turn out he is everything the media is reporting (hoping!), and that this is a hate crime. But at this point, none of that is known. But one thing is certain, he will eventually have a date with the executioner as South Carolina still has the death penalty. At least for now.

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One Response to “S.C. Church Killer’s Facebook Page Reveals About 1/3 of his Friends Are Black – May Not Fit the Sharpton Narrative”

  1. Janine Woods


    Thanks for sharing. His page looks diverse and typical for someone his age. He looks very melancholy. Most people post pictures of them smiling as we look our best when we smile. That’s the first red flag.

    This is why you should be able to carry anywhere. Those victims were sitting ducks.

    This is very tragic. I pray for comfort and strength for all involved and the community.

    Again, thanks for sharing Tom. The truth still matters to those of us who choose not to look away.


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