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Salt & Light in 2014: Important Annoucement!

This was submitted by Felix Cross and is something you should pay attention to!

Happy New Year

Dale and I are happy to report that three Salt & Light Councils are forming in Hanover. Representatives from Fairmount Christian, Mechanicsville Baptist and Beaverdam Baptist have received training and all are proceeding to form Councils. Because our culture continues to exhibit accelerated signs of decline (and has not only embraced but is celebrating the resulting immorality), we’re hopeful you’ll resolve to join these three by creating a Council in your church. The goal of S&L is to inform in order that our conversations are “always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that [we] may know how to answer everyone” Colossians 4:6.

I’m currently reading J.I. Packer’s classic book, Knowing God. In it, Packer describes the effects knowledge of God has on a person. The first of those is that people who truly know God have great energy for Him. To support his observation, he cites the 11th chapter of the prophetic Book of Daniel in which the Messenger of God foretells events that would affect the Jews over the course of the 200-300 years that would follow.

Packer focuses upon verse 32 which describes what would happen during the reign of Syrian King, Antiochus Epiphanes (he of the abomination of desolation fame). This horrific tyrant sought to conquer Egypt but was repelled by the Romans and subsequently fulfilled the Daniel 11 prophesy by taking out his frustration on the Temple (which he desecrated with a statue of Zeus and pig’s blood) and the Jewish people (many of whom he raped and killed). But the prophesy also foresees “people who [would] know their God, stand firm and take action”. As the events foretold occurred, those who took action were members of the Maccabean family. They were ultimately victorious and recovered the Temple. The Jewish holiday, Hanukah, commemorates the event.

Daniel 11 teaches that those who know God must react to events that defy and disregard His Word. They cannot remain idle by embracing a position of neutrality. Kyle Idleman in his book, Not a Fan. Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus, observes that being a follower of Jesus (rather than a mere fan) must cost us something. Jesus affirms that if we do not demonstrate we are for Him, we are against Him. We are called to step out of our comfort zones if we are to be followers of Christ. Defending Truth is not always a comfortable thing to do but Jesus has said He will bless those who are persecuted for righteousness. Obviously, no one will be persecuted for maintaining the silence that is prevalent among many Christians today. But can one be either neutral or silent and considered a follower?

That having been said, Dale and I understand each of you is active in the work of your church. Your name is on this distribution list because we know of your good works. We merely ask that you assess the allocation and nature of the good services you perform. Does your Christian involvement in any way combat the outward defiance of God’s Word in our culture? Most of you are old enough to have witnessed the declining values within society and understand the impact this trend will have upon future generations if permitted to continue at its current pace. Because you know God, we’d like to give you the opportunity to “stand firm and take action” .

Dale and I recently received the full Salt and Light training and, as a result, we see the great potential it has for instructing good Christian citizenship. While we encourage you to consider the immediate establishment of a Salt and Light Council in your church, we recognize you may not be comfortable in doing so at this time; either because you lack a complete understanding of its ministry or you question whether you, without the support of others, can initiate this work in your congregation.

As a result, we plan to form a Hanover County inter-church S&L Council and offer what would amount to temporary membership to all those (regardless of church affiliation) who’d like to come and see what’s involved . Hopefully, those who possess the initial interest will invite other members from their own congregations (including their pastor) to attend our meetings so everyone can become comfortable with the information and instruction S&L provides. While you’re a temporary member of the Hanover S&L group, you might feel led to share the information you’ll be given with your Sunday school class and ask them to take action or invite them to one of our meetings.

The principal goal of the Hanover County inter-church S&L Council will be to develop a critical mass of membership from each of the churches represented and embolden them to go as a group to their respective pastors or governing bodies asking that a Council be formed within their own church. If successful, that group would then leave our Hanover S&L Council (which would have served its purpose as a spawning ground) so that the newly formed S&L group in their own church could receive all of their attention. The plan would be to continue our Hanover Council, inviting new temporary members from other churches thereby replicating the process just described until the Hanover Council has exhausted its purpose. We’re hopeful this effort might provide a template that could be followed by similarly motivated Christians in other Virginia counties.

We believe there are those of you who would welcome this opportunity and, for that reason, we’ve scheduled a Hanover Salt and Light Council meeting for January 28 at 7PM. It will be held in the space where Needle’s Eye Ministry meets each on Tuesday mornings. The space is located in the Hanover Airpark at 10049 Lickinghole Road, Suite D, Ashland , Virginia 23005. There’s no cost or commitment required to join us. Come and see how a Salt and Light Council functions. This effort is not meant to replace the establishment of a Council in your church. It is an opportunity for you to become involved, invite others and collectively assess what S&L can do.

If you feel led to include attendance of our meeting on January 28 among your 2014 resolutions, please let us know so that we can plan a space for you. Our prayer is that we will see you there. Blessings in the New Year, Felix Cross and Dale Hargrove Alderman

PS: We recognize some who will be receiving this message are members of churches located outside Hanover. We invite you to attend as well.

Felix Cross, III

ParisBlank, LLP

10296 Kings Acres Road

Ashland, VA 23005

(804) 550-3990 – phone

(804) 550-3843 – fax

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