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San Bernardino Proves Muslims Are Peaceful – Right Up Until They Start Shooting

Farook and Tashfeen Malik. The latest terrorist killers brought to you by the "religion of peace"

Farook and Tashfeen Malik. The latest terrorist killers brought to you by the “religion of peace”

Did you hear about the shooting in the gun free zone?

Which one, you have to ask. It seems that they all happen in gun free zones! Terrorists and psycho killers aren’t stupid. Well, not completely anyway.

So the latest examples of peaceful Muslims, Farook and Tashfeen Malik, peacefully walked into a gun free zone and opened fire on a group of people celebrating Christmas. Islamist’s are such tolerant people, aren’t they?

They emptied their weapons into as many Christmas Party attendees as possible, then they calmly reloaded and killed some more.

Obama Administration officials are said to be working diligently to find a politically correct term to call this massacre something besides what it actually is. Islamic Terrorism.

Yesterday while this was unfolding, I was driving in my car and listening to the reports and analysis coming in on the radio. Initial reports said that there were three white males dressed in camouflage and flack jackets. This description led to the station I was listening to to speculate that this was the diabolical work of a right wing militia. And I assumed that the left wing media were all salivating over this possibility this was a militia group.Imagi9ne their disappointment when the reports turned out to be completely wrong! And the same media and left wing politicians who have already branded the Planned Parenthood shooter a right wing extremist driven to kill by “highly edited” videos of PP selling baby parts (which are also posted in unedited form) with absolutely not a shred of evidence pointing to any ideology at all, are now all urging caution and a go slow approach before branding this an Islamic Terrorist killing. But this has become the norm for the left wing media and politicos.

And of course Hillary, even before the bodies were carted out started calling for more laws, as if California was a “pro gun” state. And Obama and Bernie Sanders weren’t far behind. I couldn’t help but wonder, once again, exactly how more laws would prevent this from happening again. The people that followed the law, and the gun free zone dictate were unarmed. They followed the law.

However, as usual, the murderers ignored the gun free zone. It remains to be seen if the guns were legally purchased, but it is definitely against the laws to murder people. So exactly what type of gun law will deter someone who plans to commit murder? I can’t think of any.

And did California’s gun law that prohibits changeable magazines do any good? Eyewitnesses say the couple walked into the Christmas Party and began shooting. And when the magazines were empty, they reloaded. Since legally a magazine may not hold more than 10 rounds in California, that makes sense. The number of people shot were more than 20, or 2 magazines. In California, you can install or purchase a gun with a “bullet button”. This requires a tool to change the magazine. So did the happy Muslim couple insert the tool (or key)? Or did they have larger capacity mags without the mag lock? In other words, did they break that law too? Probably.

And California does not allow private gun sales between individuals. You are required to go through a middleman dealer, background checks and the works. This is commonly called the “gun show loophole” where private individuals may sell their personal weapons to others. Was this law broken? We don’t know yet.

And California also has a really tough mental health gun law that, without due process, someone may tip off police that you are dangerous. And you will be on the receiving end of a police raid and all of your guns will be confiscated. You must then prove your innocence, or mental stability, to get the guns back. Guilty until proven innocent. One concern is that gun owners will avoid seeking mental health treatment to avoid gun confiscation.

And yes, in California your driving record can lead to your guns being confiscated.

So if the gun laws are so draconian, why didn’t a neighbor or friends (other peaceful Muslims?) report the couple?

Because of political correctness. Yep. Political correctness.

According to CBS Los Angeles:

Neighbors in Redlands were shocked that the suspects had ties to their area.

“I was in awe that it was happening four houses down from my property,” one neighbor said.

A man who has been working in the area said he noticed a half-dozen Middle Eastern men in the area in recent weeks, but decided not to report anything since he did not wish to racially profile those people.

“We sat around lunch thinking, ‘What were they doing around the neighborhood?’” he said.  “We’d see them leave where they’re raiding the apartment.”

Now I would assume that these people would have no problem reporting militia activity. Or “white guys” looking suspicious. And in today’s politically correct world in the state that is the epicenter of wacky political correctness (to the death!) it is unlikely that the authorities would even act against Muslims. At least not until the shooting starts. For fear of being branded racists.

The solution here is simple. More and tougher gun laws will only embolden Islamic Terrorists and lead to more deaths. And the terrorists, safe in the knowledge that no one else will be armed, can shoot people to their heart’s content until they either run out of ammo or the police arrive.

No, gun control is not the answer. Muslim control must be the next step. There will be a Mosque involved here. There is already a Saudi connection. The couple wed in the Kingdom that produced most of the 9/11 hijackers.

Are yourselves. The government will not be able to help you. Until it is too late. These killers did their murderous deed and then calmly drove away as ISIS and the Muslim world erupted in glee at the American blood spilled using the hashtag #America_Burning.

America has an enemy. They are here to kill us. And as Obama floods the nation with Syrian “refugees” we will see more and more incidents just like this. Or worse. We need to recognize the enemy and be proactive. Watch. Infiltrate the Mosques. Reject political correctness. We must reject the concept of peaceful and radical Muslims. There are only radical Muslims and those who support radical Muslims. This is apparent by the silence from the Islamic community after every Muslim attack. And the lack of Muslims reporting Muslims is proof positive that they support this jihad.

And for those who would call me a racist, intolerant or other politically correct names, eventually you will understand what we are facing. I have a low tolerance for innocent blood spilled by these terrorists. Eventually you will see enough blood to stop ignoring the problem. The only question is how many will needlessly and horrifically die before you wake up.

My eyes are wide open.




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