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Sandy at the Louisa Tea Party Thursday Night!

In what one observer called “dynamic”, Virginia Right blogger Sandy Sanders was at the Louisa Tea Party Thursday April 27.

Oh no, it’s Cousin Bernie!  No Sandy’s not THAT old yet!

Calling it a double honor to speak to the Louisa Tea Party and to be invited by its events coordinator, Fred Gruber, the victorious candidate for Seventh District GOP Chair in 2014 that presciently pointed to the Dave Brat political earthquake 30 days later, Sandy warned the Louisa patriots that events in UK and Europe come here to the USA and that at some point in time, the choice will not be between Republican and Democrat but rather nationalist and globalist.

Giving free (Sandy said the 10,000 Euro fee would be the best use of campaign funds!) and unsolicited advice to French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, to make sure she confronted her opponent Emmanuel Macron at every forum and ask Macron:  Who is your first loyalty to:  The EU or to France?  Macron will either hem and haw about it or boldly say:  Yes my first loyalty is to Europe.

Now local and state legislative elections are not there yet – it will start with Congress and there is no entity like the EU in our politics yet but it is coming.

Sandy exhorted the GOP to find good candidates in NOVA races – Yes he said it out loud:  Running for office is better than sex every day!  (None of the ladies fainted!)

Showed a good example of that – his Constitution example – and said – its great and exciting to tell the truth in the shadow of the Washington Post.  Abortion is not in the Constitution but the right to bear arms sure is!

Then Sandy turned to more local politics:  The fascinating 56th Delegate race – covering Louisa and parts of Henrico, Goochland and Spotsylvania.

Here’s some pictures!

Sandy with George Goodwin:

Sandy with John McGuire, III (brother of Louisa Commonwealth’s Attorney Rusty McGuire):

Goodwin and McGuire both spoke to the group and both were impressive!  Sandy wanted to endorse both men!

George has the best understanding of what to do if elected from a “nuts and bolts” standpoint.  Excellent background and experience – as an legislature adviser to both Senators Garrett and Peake.  Goodwin understood the difference between”may” and “shall” and explained it in a way the audience could understand.  He also wants to carry a bill that would make any Virginia regulation on a subject no stronger than its federal counterpart unless the Commonwealth had a special need for it.  George warned that a state legislator saying “I just balanced the budget this session” is not the answer – if you invaded the rainy day fund to do it.  I know George will do what is right in Richmond and not let the swamp get to him.

But John McGuire was (or is it “is”) a Navy SEAL who runs his own business and after being seriously injured in a home accident several years ago – his neck was broken and his spinal cord was punctured – John won’t last the night they said, then he’ll never walk again (he walked normally with perhaps a slight, slight limp that few would notice at the meeting) and the doctors still cannot say why McGuire recovered.  (I know why:  the Great Physician!  Praise Jesus!)  John McGuire feels he got a second chance and wants to give something back to his community.  John McGuire is the older brother of good colleague Rusty McGuire.  I know John will do it right in Richmond and not let the swamp get to him.

This will be a super tough choice.

I was in a spot to say:  two great fabulous candidates in a six person race (with two Democrats as well) and I am not sure who to endorse although I am leaning toward…wait for it!

Sandy was told by a female audience member he will be invited to her group in Spotsylvania.  And maybe back again in Louisa with a special guest…

After Sandy was the blogger for Bacon’s Rebellion, James A. Bacon, who actually earns a living from blogging (I told him I’m jealous!) and has sponsors.

Bacon said the present recovery is largely funded by borrowed monies and when the money runs out, it will be tough.  Some unexpected “black swan” event such as the sub-prime mortgage crash will set things in motion.  Or a nation like Japan might turn the world economy on its head – maybe when they have to pay out pensions.  Illinois or California might start the crash in the USA.  Very critical to protect that AAA bond rating and the Commonwealth is on a watchlist to perhaps be downgraded.  States and localities who are ready with excellent bond ratings and financial plans will be the places to live during the shake out.  It was a informative but scary presentation.


About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

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