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Sandy’s Endorsement for Governor: Senator Frank Wagner

This might shock many of my readers and I am well aware of the issues – taxes, slating, some crony capitalism…


I have to choose among the three candidates that are actually RUNNING.

Corey Stewart.  Ed Gillespie.  Frank Wagner.

That’s it.

I did go to the Stewart rally tonight and he stirred me.  He things he can win in at least Prince William County – has won four times already.  Tough place to run.

Stewart made an astute observation tonight:  If they can remove the monuments of the Confederates today due to slavery, tomorrow they will undermine the Founders due to their owning slaves and then attack the documents they wrote – like the Constitution.  I am sure there is some greater effort there to do exactly that.

But I am disturbed by things like the “cuckservative” taunt directed at Ed Gillespie and some associations he has.  I do not and will not ever practice this kind of politics.  I am afraid Stewart will be seen as too shrill for many voters.  I would love to see him win and I would be open to helping him in the general election.

So what’s wrong with Ed Gillespie?  Ask a Tory activist.  I think Gillespie is too much like a Theresa May – sitting on an apparent lead and trying to ride it out to the primary.  I think the Dems will use his past as a lobbyist and GOP national chair against him.  I cannot see Ed going after Perriello for his George Soros connections.

So I reluctantly have to endorse Senator Frank Wagner.  Yes I know about his record.  But he is a mainstream conservative.  Wagner also can work with the legislature after four years of disastrous relations with the General Assembly.  I cannot imagine a Judge Roush fiasco in a Wagner administration.  I do not like the crony capitalism, or the slating or the tax hikes.  But he has the best chance of the three to soothe and win over at least some of the suburban women in NOVA we need to win.



About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

4 Responses to “Sandy’s Endorsement for Governor: Senator Frank Wagner”

  1. Frank Wagner Supporter says:

    “So What’s Wrong with Ed Gillespie?”

    Well for starters he was an advisor to President George W. Bush. Remember TWO unfunded Wars, OPEN BORDERS and an AMNESTY agenda? A near Depression with Goldman Sachs Democrat Treasury Secretary Hank Paulsen at the Wheel to run Bear Stearns and Lehman out of business?
    TARP? NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND? The Patriot Act?

    That Ed Gillespie? Eight years of That Advice gave us 8 years of Barack Hussein Obama in the White House. Gay Marriage and Obamacare- thank Ed!

    Ed has never been elected to public office in HIS LIFE and YOU all have NO IDEA how he will GOVERN VIRGINIA. Except that he will MINE URANIUM at Coles Hill for DOMINION POWER along with MCGuire Woods attorney ( aka Dominion Power’s Lobby firm) JOHN ADAMS IF THOSE TWO ARE ELECTED.


    THAT is what is wrong with Ed Gillespie…. all that Texas MONEY…….

  2. Trump Watcher says:

    Frank Wagner was the chief patron for SB 1349, a bill that cost Virginia consumers and businesses BILLIONS in increased costs for electricity. Also, a job killing bill. Also, probably unconstitutional in Virgina. Case is before the Virginia Supreme Court now. Frank Wagner voted yea for HB 2313, the largest tax increase in Virginia history.

    If you had any credibility before this endorsement Sandy, I doubt you have any now. Frank Wagner is the last thing Virginia needs. What a joke. And you call Wagner a Conservative? Fine, then so is Hillary Clinton by your standards.

    What a joke. Lawyers……..what next, you endorse Jane Fonda for pres as a conservative? Tom, take responsibility for your writers twisted views.

    • Sandy Sanders

      Thanks Trump watcher for coming by again. First, Tom does not censor his bloggers. And you will be pleased to know I actually picketed Fonda and her husband at the time, Tom Hayden when I was in college.

      As for Wagner: His 2014-15 Family Foundation report card score was 94% and the 2016-17 one was 88% and his pro-gun VCDA score was 97%. Sounds conservative to me.

      Who do you like? Thanks again for coming by.


  3. Sandy Sanders

    I think I did consider that, Paul and thanks for coming with thoughtful commentary.



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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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