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Scottish Tories Ponder SECESSION from UK Party – While Opposing Independence for Scotland!

From the Nice Bit Of Irony Department:  Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Conservative Party in the Scottish Parliament (called Holyrood from the central capital area they meet in) is quoted in the UK Telegraph (sometimes called the “Torygraph“) as saying that if MP Boris Johnson becomes PM, the Scottish Tories will break away and form their own party.

Ruth Davidson believes the Scottish Conservatives would have to break away from the UK party under a new name if Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister, the Telegraph can disclose as the pair prepare to face off  on Tuesday night in an EU referendum TV debate.

That’s right!  Their own party!  Here’s a confirmation from The National:

RUTH Davidson is coming under pressure from senior members of her Holyrood team to break away from the UK Conservatives if leading Brexiteer Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister.

But yet, Davidson and the Scottish Conservatives want to deny that kind of independence to the people of Scotland – you should not even get a vote!  See here:

A second independence referendum is “not in the best interests of Scotland”, according to the leader of the Scottish Conservatives.

There is precedent for Davidson’s move but she might not like it:  The Communist Party of Lithuania.

In the waning days of the Gorbachev regime (although that was not clear at the time), the Lithuanians (along with the other Baltic republics illegally occupied during the Second World War) sought independence (by the way the Baltics have done great since independence although they should consider their own Brexit from the EU empire) and the move in Lithuania was so popular that even the Communists broke away from the CP USSR!  Here’s the NYTimes article to prove it:

The Communist Party of Lithuania voted overwhelmingly today to break away from the leadership in Moscow, becoming the first local party organization in the history of the Soviet Union to defy the Kremlin by declaring independence.

The party immediately declared that a primary goal was the creation of ”an independent democratic Lithuanian state.”

OOPS!  (By the way the communists are illegal in Lithuania since 1991!)

Now independence for the Scottish Tories might be a good move.  We need a right of center party dedicated to liberty.  But their opposition to independence might make them so toxic when Scotland (note the “when”) becomes its own nation.  We need a party of liberty in Scotland.  A native pro-indy party with the UKIP Scotland platform.  That will only happen when Scotland is independent.

BUT the Scottish Tories would be hypocritical to say:  We want to break away and form our own party and then say – Scotland cannot do the same!

This is actually a good move for independence for Scotland.  Scotland IS a nation and it ought to be recognized as such.

NOTE:  There IS a Libertarian Party of Scotland and they do favor independence.  Here is their FB page and website.  Ron Paul is on the front!  (Good move!  Made me feel welcome!)

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