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McConnell: Dems Can Fund The Troops & Cut Spending Or Else They’re To Blame For A Shutdown

Politico reports today, “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Thursday morning that he was ‘not nearly as optimistic’ about striking a budget deal as he was last night when he left an Oval Office meeting with Speaker of the House John Boehner. . . . ‘I am not nearly as optimistic as I was 11 hours ago,’ Reid said, adding of a government shutdown that ‘it looks like it’s headed in that direction.’ Negotiators have until midnight Friday to strike a deal to fund the government and avert a shutdown.”


Politico also notes, “The House is slated to vote on a one-week stopgap measure paired with a full fiscal year funding of the Department of Defense that Democrats already have said is a non-starter. That measure also includes a provision defunding abortion services in the District of Columbia.”


Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell responded to Reid, explaining House Republicans are offering a very reasonable stopgap measure that funds the government for another week to allow for a deal to be finalized, cuts spending, and funds out troops for the next 6 months. McConnell said, “Throughout this debate, Republicans have consistently said that we prefer a bipartisan agreement that keeps the government running and provides critical funding and certainty for our troops. That is what we have been working toward all along, and that is exactly what the bill that House Republicans are expected to pass today will do. Importantly, this bill will also include a modest reduction in Washington spending — a reduction well within the range that even Democrat leaders have described as reasonable. In fact, the bill that House Republicans will send over to the Senate today is nothing more than a smaller version of the larger bill that Democrats say that they want.”


McConnell elaborated, “The Obama administration and the Secretary of Defense have said that they need an annual defense bill; the House bill we’ll get today does that. Senate Democrats have said they want the government to keep running; the House bill we’ll get today does that. Democrat leaders have identified a number of cuts that they believe are ‘reasonable’; the spending cuts in the House bill that we’ll get today go no farther. Democrat leaders have said they wanted no controversial policy riders; the policy provisions in this bill are provisions that members of the Democrat leadership have already voted for, and that the President himself has previously signed into law.”


And yet, apparently President Obama has threatened to veto this bill, according to CBS’ Mark Knoller. He also reports that the White House calls the very reasonable House bill “a distraction.”


Leader McConnell summarized the situation Democrats are now faced with: “[H]ere’s the bottom line. This bill does everything Democrats have previously said they want. It cuts Washington spending by an amount that Democrat leaders believe is reasonable. The policy prescriptions it contains have been previously agreed to by Democrat leaders and signed by the President. And, most importantly, this is the only proposal out there that keeps the government open.”


“In other words, Leader McConnell said, “If a shutdown does occur, our Democrat friends have no one to blame but themselves — because they have done nothing whatsoever to prevent it. Since they have produced no alternative to the bill that the House is sending over today, this is the only proposal currently on the table that will keep the government open.”


He concluded, “So there are two options at this point: Democrats can either take up and pass this reasonable bill that falls well within the bounds of what their own leadership has defined as acceptable. Or shut down the government. That’s it. That’s the choice.”

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