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The American People Sent A Message Last Night And Republicans Are Listening

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said last night, “Americans have been speaking out for two years to cut wasteful Washington spending, reduce the size and scope of the federal bureaucracy, and help create sustainable, private-sector jobs. While Democrats in Washington too often acted as if they didn’t hear the message, tonight the voters ensured their message was heard loud and clear. Looking ahead, Republicans will continue to stand up for the American people and for the priorities they voted for today, and we are hopeful the administration and Democrat leaders will change course.”

Describing the message from voters last night, The Washington Post writes today, “As Democrats suffered steep losses nationwide, evidence mounted that the election was at least in part a repudiation of the president. More than one-third of voters said they cast their ballots as a statement of opposition to Obama, substantially greater than the number that said they voted to support him, according to early exit polls. Meanwhile, a clear majority of all voters said they disapproved of his performance as president, although disapproval of Congress was even higher. More than half said Obama’s policies will hurt the country in the long run, more than the number who said his policies would help.” Sen. McConnell noted this morning, “It’s clear that choosing the President over your constituents is not a winning strategy.”

The Wall Street Journal editorializes, “[Democrats] were ousted from power after a mere two terms for having pursued an agenda they didn’t advertise and that voters didn’t want. Yes, the economy was the dominant issue and the root of much voter worry and frustration with Washington. But make no mistake, this was also an ideological repudiation of the Democratic agenda of the last two years. Independents turned with a vengeance on the same Democrats they had vaulted into the majority in the waning George W. Bush years, rejecting the economy-killing trio of $812 billion in stimulus spending, cap and tax and ObamaCare.”

And according to The New York Times, “Democrats lost significant support Tuesday among nearly all demographic groups in a midterm election that was a referendum on President Obama and a Democratic-controlled Congress in a stubbornly weak economy.” The NYT also notes, “Democrats suffered from defections as the electorate tilted conservative in a year when Republicans were enthusiastic about voting against President Obama and the Democratic-controlled Congress. A majority of voters told interviewers they believed that government was doing too much. . . . A majority said they disapproved of President Obama’s job performance, and nearly 9 out of 10 of them voted for Republicans. About 4 in 10 said one reason for supporting a Republican for Congress was ‘to express opposition to Barack Obama.’ About half of voters said the president’s policies would hurt the country. An even bigger share of voters — nearly three-quarters — said they disapproved of how Congress had done its job. Those voters chose Republicans by about a two-to-one ratio. A strong majority agreed with the statement that ‘government is doing too many things better left to businesses and individuals,’ and by a nearly a four-to-one ratio they voted for Republicans.”

Americans sent a crystal clear message to Washington last night. As Leader McConnell said today, Republicans “are indeed humbled and ready to listen to the American people. And to lead on the issues that they’ve clearly indicated they care about.”

Senate News Briefing 11.03.10

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