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VIDEO: Q: ‘Is The Overall Goal To Get Our Price Lower?’ SEC. STEVEN CHU: ‘No’

Dem Gas Price Priorities

President Obama’s Energy Secretary Confirms That Their Goal Isn’t Lower Prices And A Top Senate Dem Only Wants To Increase Production Overseas


Q: ‘Is The Overall Goal To Get Our Price Lower?’ SEC. STEVEN CHU: ‘No’


“The Energy Department isn’t working to lower gasoline prices directly, Secretary Steven Chu said Tuesday…” (“Chu: DOE Works To Wean U.S. Off Oil, Not Lower Prices” Politico, 2/28/12)


·         COMMITTEE QUESTION: “But, is the overall goal to get our price lower?” SEC. STEVEN CHU: “No, the overall goal is to decrease our dependency on oil…” (U.S. House Of Representatives, Appropriations Committee, Hearing, 2/28/12)


STEVEN CHU: “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” (“Times Tough For Energy Overhaul,” The Wall Street Journal, 12/12/08)



(Note: Chu said dependency on OIL, not Foreign Oil!)

Current Price Of Gas ‘In Europe’

Italy: $9.24 Per Gallon

Germany: $8.36 Per Gallon

France: $8.33 Per Gallon

UK:  $8.26 Per Gallon

(“Actual Prices Per On Liter Of Fuel,” Europe’s Energy Portal, Accessed 2/28/12)


Why Not Increase Production In America Too?


“Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), the third-ranking member of the Senate Democratic leadership… wants Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to press Saudi Arabia to boost its production in case Iran cuts supply. ‘The SPR is not as good a solution as the Saudi solution…’” (“Worried Dems Pressing Obama On Gas Prices,” The Hill, 2/28/12)


SEN. CHUCK SCHUMER (D-NY): “These skyrocketing fuel prices are directly linked to the global energy market… To address this situation, I urge the State Department to work with government of Saudi Arabia to increase its oil production… (Sen. Schumer, Letter To Sec. Clinton, 2/26/12)


·         SCHUMER: “… lower production levels have a negative impact on global markets.” (“Schumer Calls For Saudis To Increase Oil Production,” WKBW News [Buffalo, NY], 2/26/12)


“Schumer shepherds his party’s messaging on a range of issues including economic stimulus and election themes that square off with the Republican Party.” (“Schumer’s Wall Street Backers Targeted In Tax Fairness Standoff,” Bloomberg, 2/27/12)

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    Remember when Miha was in trouble last season and Corvino said that it wasn’t in Fiorentina’s DNA to fire a coach midseason? Yeah, that needs to change this season.


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