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This appalling video is Senators McCain and Graham calling for yet another war in the Middle East.

For those who cannot stomach the constant warmongering out loud by McCain and Graham I’ll give you a brief summary (My comments are in the parenthesis):

Senator McCain (R-AZ) says first that President Obama’s small assistance is not going to be enough.  He needs to enact a no-fly zone and heavy weapons.  Take out the air power of Syria.  Crater the air fields with cruise missiles.  No American will die.  Besides, Syrians are being slaughtered!  We must act!  Chemical weapons!

And why are we going to war?  To prevent it from becoming a regional conflict.  (Yes he said it!)  Lebanon has sectarian violence.  Iraq is unraveling.  (So why did we go there?  Apology to Ron Paul is in order…)  Genocide and slaughter is occurring in Syria.  Gradual escalating cannot win this war.  So let’s do more!  (Now Genocide is the systematic killing of a group because they are in that group.  But if the rebels win, they will probably slaughter the Christians!  That’s genocide, Senator McCain!)

Senator McCain is right about one thing:  This will be a regional conflict that will cause consequences throughout the world!  He turns it over the Sen. Graham (R-SC) who then starts by saying this chemical weapon stockpiles might fall into the WRONG HANDS (so we arm the rebels so they can take over the country – chemical weapons and all – Islamist anti-Christian rebels.  The slaughter of the believers in Syria can be on your hands!)

60,000 Syrian kids are going to Jordanian schools and the king of Jordan’s throne is in jeopardy!  So let’s go to war!  (It might be cheaper to homeschool each of those kids in the US than go to war again!)  Crater the runways!  (Borrow the money from PRC so we can intervene in another war that is none of our business!)  Stop the Middle East from going up in flames!  (By adding gasoline to the fire in Syria!)

Back to McCain – there is a slaughter!  93,000 people!  The rebels need a no-fly zone!  And if we cannot go to war against a third-rate country – what’s wrong with us!  (Now a no-fly zone is war!)  Can we enforce it without casualties?  (And McCain and Graham know that we’ll need boots on the ground when the rebels win to get all the chemical weapons secured.  Will they be welcomed with cheering in the streets as promised in Iraq?)

Finally, McCain says the truth – we are tired of funerals and casualty lists so we’ll make sure – No boots on the ground!  And then Obama can go on national TV (and lie to the people) – why we are stop the genocide – let’s fight for those who “struggling for the same things we do” – yes he said it!  (The Syrian rebels are fighting for constitutional government?  Really?  I do not want to send my kids to war to stop genocide somewhere else!)

And Senator McCain then pushes my button:  We can do this in the same way we did in Serbia – no boots on the ground in Serbia (McCain called for it!) or Kosovo (We did in fact have boots on the ground in Kosovo! Serbia was the first time we attacked a nation that did not attack us.)

Back to Graham:  It’s in our national security interest to see that the war in Syria is over.  I actually agree!  So why not help Assad instead?  He’d had the weapons for many years and there was no compromise of the weapons to terrorists.  But if we do not help the rebels – Israel is threatened and the next bomb in the USA might have chemical weapons in it!

Back to McCain.  Now the refugee card is played.  We must go to war to prevent refugees!  (Yes he said it.  War will create MORE refugees.)  Now, McCain is worried about blowback by the children of the Syrian rebels!  Yes he really said it!  They might grow up and hate the USA!  (What about the 500,000 Iraqi children who allegedly died due to our sanctions and Secretary Albright said it was worth it!  They won’t hate us…  So let’s give the rebels chemical weapons instead!)  it is a humanitarian and national security mission.  This little new war is really directed at Iran.  Besides, it’s not a fair fight – the rebels are losing. (Yes, ask the Serbs about a fair fight.  We should be thankful they did not have the means to make it a fair fight.)

People call the GOP the Stupid Party.  Well, if the GOP listens to McCain and Graham, they will be the stupid party.  When they turn out to be wrong about the escalation of war and American soldiers die in another useless war, when a chair is empty in family homes because of this war, there will be political blowback.  I would vote for a progressive Democrat if I lived in SC.  If Maxine Waters could move to SC and establish legal residency to run against Lindsey Graham I would blog for her to win.  Where’s that primary opponent?  Senator Graham’s ideas are dangerous.  He wants tyranny at home and perpetual war abroad.  He needs to be defeated at the polls as soon as it is legally possible.  And it is:  Primary day 2014 in South Carolina can be a day of liberation for all of us in the United States.

A hat trick to Liberty Crier for the source of this article!

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Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)


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