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Senators McCain and Graham attack GOP hopefuls as ISOLATIONIST; they’re wrong!

I wondered what was the problem when I saw a headline that Senator McCain was upset with the GOP hopefuls.  I soon became concerned there would be an “isolationist” attack on the others (read Ron Paul; I was amazed when three times the other candidates cited Paul as authority in last Monday’s debate!) and I was right.

“I was more concerned about what the candidates said in New Hampshire,” McCain said. “This is isolationism … If we had not intervened, Gaddafi was at the gates of Benghazi … our interests are our values, and our values are that we don’t want people needlessly slaughtered.”

The slaughter of innocents in Libya is none of our business.  It is not worth ONE American soldier, male or female (since we send females to war now it can be a mother killed for one of these feel-good wars) to stop another nation’s slaughter.  And just as I feared, Senator Lindsay Graham (the Mark of the Beast Senator from SC) agreed:

“I will be no part of an effort to defund Libya,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said on NBC’s “Meet The Press” program Sunday.”

It is 2014 already?  Maybe Graham can be beaten in a primary.  I’ll help his opponent if he/she has any credibility.  I will no longer support Senator Graham in any election.  He has called for a biometric ID card for CITIZENS to carry (I call it the Mark of the Beast – no believer in Christ in SC should vote for Senator Graham!) and tried to help carry so-called climate change water for the liberals.  Here is a paragraph from his op-ed with Senator Kerry of Massachusetts:

We are confident that a legitimate bipartisan effort can put America back in the lead again and can empower our negotiators to sit down at the table in Copenhagen in December and insist that the rest of the world join us in producing a new international agreement on global warming. That way, we will pass on to future generations a strong economy, a clean environment and an energy-independent nation.

Graham even offered a deal to the President to trade a military trial for KSM in return for money to close Gitmo.  How would you like your right to a civilian trial traded for an appropriation?  Now he supports the illegal, unconstitutional war in Libya.  Senator Graham needs to be defeated in 2014.  If he votes our way, that is great, but Senator Graham is no friend of liberty or non-interventionism.

Of course non-interventionism is not isolationism.  That is simply a bugbear of Senator McCain he tried to use against Ron Paul in the 2008 race and implied that it was Ron Paul non-interventionism caused Hitler to come to power.  That is ridiculous; Paul favors free trade and free movement among nations but secure borders and a mind your own business foreign policy.  Yes, firm diplomacy rather than appeasement was desirable and might have prevented war in 1938.  But that was not the triumph of McCainian interventionism.  No feel-good wars for my kids to fight in.



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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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