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SHANNON to Mechanicsville Tea Party: Turn Over the Signs to KW Tea Party!

Bob Shannon sent this to the Virginia Right blog:


I would like to preface the following comments by first acknowledging the wonderful men and women who not only helped start the Mechanicsville T.E.A Party ,but has kept it going for the last 7 years. There are so many who warrant recognition but none stands out more than Gerry Baugh, Major Mansfield and Rick Ryan. This group would have never survived its early days without the selfless efforts of these 3 individuals. In 2010 & 2011 I spent countless hours of hard work by their sides and it is one of the most gratifying periods in my adult life.They taught me what it means to be a Patriot. The sacrifices of their time ,energy and talents are recognized by many within the Patriot movement. I have too many others to name them all, the men & women who helped organize the meetings, serve on the Board, helped do research on topics we discussed, helped organize the events we held at Life Church, sent e-mails and other communications to members, the list could go on for pages.

The plea is for this group to recognize a few irrefutable truths. First , how hard it is to maintain one of these groups and keep it relevant in the community. The second is to acknowledge the highly visible public profile of our road side T.E.A Party signs. It is one of the most recognized and visible indicators of our groups health. I labor here in King William to keep about 14 signs painted and re-messaged with some regularity. I am fortunate in that I have two dedicated volunteers who re-paint the signs , and then weather permitting , I get out and put new messages on them. Needless to say it keeps us all busy.

I am publicly asking for the group to turn over the signs to the King William T.E.A Party for two compelling reasons. Nothing constructive comes from seeing the signs either in disrepair or neglect. I have observed we have already lost key locations and this isn’t helpful if the Patriot movement is to have a chance to remain viable.

These signs were put up for a purpose and the damage being done is a direct result of the perception and image they convey in the state of neglect they are and have been in for some time now. It isn’t anyone’s fault. That said the public perception is obvious and damning

Much good could come from an invigorated and fresh start to once again using the signs for the purposes they were intended for, informing the public and holding elected officials accountable. I pledge should the Mechanicsville T.E.A Party agree to turn control of the signs over to the King William T.E.A Party to do 4 things

  1. Find Volunteers to paint and re-message the signs, repair and replace the flags on a regular basis
  2. Raise the funds necessary to keep the signs in good condition
  3. Return the purpose they were originally intended for, holding elected officials accountable
  4. Arrest the loss of any more locations, a loss that is certain to escalate as property owners grow weary of seeing the signs in the condition they are in with the same stale outdated messages.

Bob Shannon Founder Mechanicsville T.E.A Party

Monday night is Mechanicsville TP’s next meeting.  I doubt the leaders of the MTP will do so anytime soon.  But it is an intriguing concept.  The KW Tea Party has been publishing hard-hitting sign messages.  Mechanicsville tends to go to platitudes.  Comments?

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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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