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So There IS a Whispering Campaign to Write In Chris Peace for Delegate!

Delegate Peace Ought to Discourage This By Offering to Campaign With Supervisor Scott Wyatt!

Well, it is truly official: I turned over a rock and there is a nice beautiful tarantula. Not too close there, fellow!

In this week’s Mechanicsville Local, we have a lengthy letter to the editor from Ray Alexander from Mechanicsville announcing a write-in campaign for Delegate Chris Peace. Alexander had also commented here at the Virginia Right blog! Rah for Ray! It’s a free country and grassroots activism is one of the things that makes it great. Alexander’s thesis is:

Del. Peace was “thrown under the bus” by the current incorrigible committee members of the local and state Republican Party of Virginia (RVA).

My opinion is not dispositive BUT I think my findings show a strong case of no “rigging” the process to help Scott Wyatt by Wyatt. (I do think and I agreed that Wyatt supporters thought the convention WAS best way to defeat the incumbent. A primary would have been a boon for the Postal Service with what would have seemed like hundreds of mailers from the Peace campaign and other groups supporting the delegate and there would have been covert efforts to get Dems to vote for Peace, too.)

Of course, people can engage in conspiracy theories about Supervisor Wyatt but like the conspiracy theories surrounding collusion between Trump and the Russians, there will never be proof absent a dramatic confession. (I do agree that Scott could have done a better job of distancing himself from the selection process. But that is not proof of collusion. In fact, it can be argued that Wyatt’s ad hoc efforts at the last minute militate against collusion. If he was colluding, he’d made sure no fingerprints of his collusion would exist.)

I am reasonably sure Delegate Peace wants the rematch in 2021 with Wyatt. But if he wants any chance of a unified party behind him, Peace needs to mend fences with the Wyatt supporters. Best way to do that: Campaign hard with Wyatt. Do everything to get the supervisor elected. Not just window dressing. Spend some campaign cash on mailer(s) supporting Wyatt. Go on the Godzilla radio show to help Wyatt.

And one more thing Delegate Peace should do: Publicly thank Alexander BUT ask him to rather support Supervisor Scott Wyatt. The socialists are at the gates. Let’s get behind Scott Wyatt.

About Elwood Sanders

Elwood "Sandy" Sanders is a Hanover attorney who is an Appellate Procedure Consultant for Lantagne Legal Printing and has written ten scholarly legal articles. Sandy was also Virginia's first Appellate Defender and also helped bring curling in VA! (None of these titles imply any endorsement of Sanders’ views)

6 Responses to “So There IS a Whispering Campaign to Write In Chris Peace for Delegate!”

  1. Ray Alexander says:

    THERE HAS BEEN “NO WHISPERING”. I’ve been very vocal since June 2019 about my distaste for the way Scott stole the nomination from Chris and the way he and his cronies have bullied those who didn’t support him. You should be better read if you only just saw the Letter to the Editor this past Wednesday. If you knew what I knew, you’d understand Scott doesn’t have a chance to win. I will be WRITING IN CHRIS PEACE’S name on the Nov 5 General election ballot as will literally thousands of others. I just, for the life of me, don’t understand how you can support Scott???? You’re smarter than that. I’ll share with you the first Letter to the Editor in the Mechville Local. Maybe others later. To move along, that’s a “funny” word you chose to use, i.e. “collusion”. Allow me to share with you me take on that from the first letter to the Local. Letters to the editor MECHANICSVILLE LOCAL: Week of July 24, 2019
    Reader responds to letter about nominating process
    Bill Todd’s July 10, 2019, letter to the editor was an interesting read. In his attempt at brevity, he makes the facts sound like the Republicans’ nominating process was no big deal. So much was left out. That’s just WRONG.
    I’m not going to play tit-for-tat for the events he mentioned. I will mention a few, however. What happened from the very beginning of the campaign captured my attention. Otherwise, I’d be just another citizen voter sitting on the sidelines.
    For Scott Wyatt to say that he couldn’t resign his position on the Republican Local Planning Committee (LPC) doesn’t make common sense. I’ve know for a long time that the best way to oust an incumbent is to use the convention process.
    Yes, Scott took advantage of the “new” law. To hear him tell it, he tried but was unable to formally resign his position on the LPC. Before he resigned, though, his proxy voted to have a convention.
    I’ve NEVER been a part of something from which I couldn’t resign. By all ethical — if not party standards — a person OR his proxy should never vote where he has a personal interest.
    At the vote, Scott Wyatt tells no one when his proxy votes on his behalf that he’s going to run for the 97th General Assembly delegate office held by the incumbent, Chris Peace. He knew it, though. This was planned MONTHS beforehand. What ethics will Scott Wyatt use once in office? How does that sound to you?
    From that point forward, it’s one comedy of ethical if not political wrongdoings after another. The one key and common element in what happened is that the majority of citizens’ voices were suppressed and their votes stolen.
    I attended several of the events mentioned in news reports. Nonetheless, I would strongly encourage each citizen to go back through the news articles as reported by the Richmond Times Dispatch and especially The Mechanicsville Local. And don’t forget to review the Freedom of Information document from the Hanover Public School System that clearly explains the chicanery in obtaining school property for the convention.
    And, yet, when questioned by the LPC, Tom Miller, LPC chair and key player in Scott Wyatt’s campaign, angrily adjourned not one, not two, but three LPC meetings and stormed out of the meetings because he did not want to reveal the details and financial status of the LPC, especially in regards to the convention. Be sure to watch the videos of the LPC meetings he chaired. His behavior is very revealing.
    Because of his behavior, the ability of the LPC to carry on the business of the LPC was hampered and delayed, which caused what eventually turned into insurmountable issues and problems. He may try to justify his behavior but the responsibility of the chair is to promote order, fairness, decorum, and efficiency during the meeting. He pointedly and loudly refused several people’s recommendations to appoint a parliamentarian to help him at the third meeting after he had failed to properly run the first two meetings. How does that sound to you?
    The voices and votes of the 97th District citizens was suppressed and stolen when the Republican Party of Virginia Central Committee’s (RPVCC) Fifty-six ignoble members voted on behalf of the 97th District citizens to elect our nominee. They refused to accept the vote of the 2,400 of those in the 97th District who voted in an OPEN election. The RPVCC voted to accept the restricted convention’s results. You need to know that 100-plus citizens’ opportunity to vote at that convention was engineered to not allow them to vote, or you could say, stolen by the Wyatt Campaign. How does that sound to you?
    MOST of those 56 don’t even live in the 97th District. The convention was expressly cancelled by the Republican Party, i.e. by the LPC and the state RVP chairman in writing via a letter and on the RPV website. We stayed home based upon that. So, of course, Scott got 400-plus votes at a cancelled convention at the time. Chris had over 550-plus votes locked in even if Wyatt didn’t allow the other 100-plus citizens to have a vote at the convention. Chris Peace would have easily won that convention vote if it had not been cancelled by the LPC and state RPV chair. How does that sound to you?
    When the nomination appeals finally made it to the RPVCC, we have learned from those who were there and walking into the meeting, certain party leaders were overheard commenting that they knew how that vote was going to turn out. It didn’t matter what the facts were and it didn’t matter what was or was not presented. How does that sound to you?
    You must realize that this may have been planned since late 2018 by certain Senate Republican Party leaders who approached Scott Wyatt to run for the delegate seat in 2019. These politicians aren’t even in the House of Delegates. This wasn’t really about Chris Peace as a delegate. It’s about him being a statesman and making decisions for his constituents, not always following the party line as established by powers that are in control, and personal issues that have now become even more hurtful between individuals who were friends at one point. How does that sound to you?
    Chris Peace determined that since there were already 19 Republican delegates that were going to vote for passage of the Medicaid bill, Chris had the good business sense to work across the aisle to require accountability in the bill before he negotiated his vote to pass the bill. Is compromise really a bad thing in politics when serving the best interests of citizens? It was not just one sweeping thoughtless vote as some would have you believe. It had nothing to do with undue influence no matter what others like to ingenuously accuse Chris Peace of. Things never are that simple but, in politics, especially dirty politics, opposing sides will make glib, broad sweeping claims to win votes.
    Ultimately, the citizens’ voice will not be suppressed and their votes will not be stolen either. For me, it’s about the RIGHT TIME, RIGHT CHOICE; it is NOT Scott Wyatt.
    Stay tuned.

  2. Ray Alexander says:

    Teresa Weatherspoon – told the following story at her induction into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame on Friday, September6, 2019.

    “There is a story of 3 frogs. Each frog fell into a hole of depression. At the top of that hole as the frogs were trying to jump to get up out of that hole was a bunch of haters telling them what they can’t do.

    As they were jumping, those haters at the top of that hole said, “You can’t do it. It’s impossible. Why don’t you stop jumping? You need to quit. You don’t have any value. No need for you to jump and try to get here.”

    One frog died out. He couldn’t make it. The words were too piercing. The pressure was just little bit too much.

    The other 2 frogs kept jumping. There goes the haters once again. – starting to tell you what you can’t do.

    “You can’t do it. I told you, there’s no value with you. You don’t belong at the top. You need to stop jumping Stop jumping and die out with your other buddy.”

    The 2nd frog dies out. He couldn’t make it. The words were too piercing and the pressure was too much.

    All of a sudden, the 3rd one is jumping; he’s jumping; he’s jumping, trying to get to the top.

    The haters are telling him, “Hey, why don’t you die out and be the 3rd one to die off? You can’t make it up here! It’s impossible. We’re going to sit here and wait. But you can’t make it up here. You need to stop. It’s impossible. You’re not worthy.”

    That frog kept jumping. All of a sudden, then, BOOM! He springs and gets to the top of the hole. They’re looking at the frog and said, “How did you do it? It’s impossible. How did that happen”

    The frog was deaf!

    That’s me. I was that frog – turn deaf ears to what people say you cannot do. Know your worth; know your value.”

    You know what? Teresa Weatherspoon is now in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

    What shall we say then in regards to electing Chris Peace back to the General Assembly as our 97th District Delegate?

    Shall those who dismiss the challenge of a WRITE-IN CHRIS PEACE campaign discourage us and say, “Oh, it’s not possible. Why are you even trying? You need to quit. The write-in campaign has no value. It’s rarely ever done, much less be successful. You can’t do it! It’s impossible!”.

    What, shall we stop and die before we’ve even tried to elect Chris? The probability is HIGH in a very pro-Republican 97th District that the WRITE-IN CHRIS PEACE WILL win the election.

    You know what? Chris Peace will be in the 2020 General Assembly in January with YOUR vote. CHRIS PEACE belongs in the General Assembly.

    Please SHARE.

  3. I posted this first on the Facebook Wall: GRASSROOTS IN VIRGINIA: THE POLLING NEWS IS SO GREAT FOR “WRITE IN CHRIS PEACE”, NO MORE NEEDS TO BE SAID!!!!!! “In a Poll recently released, Del. Chris K. Peace, R-Hanover, leads in the 97th District with 39%, compared with 35% for Kevin D. Washington, (D) and Scott A. Wyatt (R) with 26% of likely voters. The survey of 400 potential voters had a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percentage points.” Just thought you’d like to know, Scott Wyatt and supporters. Must have had to include Chris in the polling data when they kept hearing Chris’ name OR maybe he was already included anyway.

  4. Ray Alexander says:

    Thank you, Nick Collette, honestly. Your words in the Mechanicsville Local today (9-13-2019) did my heart good! I appreciate the fact that you acknowledged that we have a legitimate WRITE-IN CHRIS PEACE effort and stand a great chance of winning the General Election on November 5.

    I understand why the leadership with the Hanover Republican Committee is weak with the way you choose your words and the facts you choose to quote.

    Let’s think about this.

    1. Chris did NOT lose the Primary. “Primary” was the word you used. Chris actually won the OPEN primary with 93% of the 2448 votes cast.

    2. The Convention was cancelled and we were told not to show up by the Republican Party at the state level. So, we didn’t. In fairness, Wyatt actually received 97% of the 432 votes cast.

    3. I understand you saying that the Grisham comparison was “lost”. You certainly lost it. It was about spreading the WRITE-IN CHRIS PEACE effort by word-of-mouth. It had nothing to do with voting. But, you didn’t want to encourage more word-of-mouth so you didn’t mention it.

    4. My “single” opinion? Go back to the June primary where it was an OPEN primary. Consider that 84% more people voted in the Primary than the limited delegate vote of the May Convention. 2448 vs 432

    5. I can appreciate your feelings about Medicaid. That is the “hook” Wyatt used to “throw Chris under the bus”. Unfortunately, you don’t present a proper perspective of the businesslike approach Chris took. Chris was able to institute controls since it was going to pass anyway with the other 19 Republicans voting for it. Do you not get that?

    6. “Arrogance”. Now THAT is an excellent word choice when Chris was not being a pawn for Senator Ryan M. and Sen. Tommy N. They were in the SENATE, NOT the HOUSE and they didn’t like the fact that Chris was his own STATESMAN in this situation, not some political puppet for them. I like that kind of arrogance.

    6. Chris was defeated because Wyatt and his cronies pulled out all the stops to use unethical AND crooked practices from beginning to end. Wyatt gives a new 21st century definition to the phrase “DIRTY POLITICS”. Own it!

    7. You’re right, I don’t always use the correct jargon for the “RPV” vs. my incorrect use of “RVA”. Allow me the opportunity to not know the proper jargon. I assure you, I am very much Republican. I will agree that I’m not the type that blindly follows nor accepts an unethical election nomination. But, you illustrate very well what people say about people like you. In other words, since I am not your pawn/puppet, you define me as something other than a Republican. You are so wrong and the shame on you is that you don’t even know it. Good way to drive people away from being a part of the Committee where you will need volunteers when we will AGREE on just about every other candidate we nominate.

    8. You like that fear-mongering technique, do you? Even with a split Republican vote, there is no way a Democrat wins. And BTW, if Washington wins, you can thank Scott Wyatt, his cronies, and pat yourself on the back while you’re at it. And you might also say thank you to Ryan McDougle and Tommy Norment for asking Scott to run.

    If Scott Wyatt campaigns properly and fairly, this NEVER becomes an issue. Scott did not campaign in the RIGHT way. If he does, Chris wins the primary or even the Convention. Hence, Wyatt had to campaign using “dirty politics”.

    I stand for RIGHT and hence, I could never stand for Scott Wyatt. I stand for Chris Peace.


    Stay tuned.

  5. Andrea Epps says:

    Mr. White,
    Did you read the 91 FOIA documents that clearly show that Mr. Wyatt was planning his own convention, complete with a backup date they never discussed? Or the videos of the meetings? They are informative.


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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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