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The results are in and UKIP gained a solid second place finish in Eastleigh, within striking distance of the LibDem winner!

Mike Thornton, Lib Dems – 13,342

Diane James, Ukip – 11,571

Maria Hutchings, Conservative – 10,559

John O’Farrell, Labour – 4.088

Lib Dem hold – Majority 1,711

While it is a bit disappointing that UKIP did not garner the win, and while there are no moral victories in politics, it’s important to remember that UKIP was in a poor third place just a few weeks ago.  And they beat the Tory candidate.  This will cause angst tomorrow at ConservativeHome and probably at Number 10 Downing Street, too.

While some of the UKIP turnout was a protest against overenthusiastic voting practices and the LibDem scandals, there must be concerns among the Conservatives about the UKIP dilemma.  There is only one solution:  The Tories better get tough with meddling EU elites; call a snap election, ditch Clegg and the LibDems, and make sovereignty and liberty the hallmarks of the election with a firm IN/OUT referendum on continued EU membership.

Here is one example from the Guardian blog today.  The EU wants to limit bankers’ bonuses in the UK.  Here’s PM Cameron’s comment:

Britain wants to have effective bank regulation. One of the failures under the last government was the failure of having effective bank regulation.

We will look carefully at the outcome of the negotiations last night …

We are absolutely clear that we must be able to implement the Vickers plan in the UK, which in some ways is tougher than regulations that are being put in place in other European countries. We want to have this proper ringfence between retail banks and investment banks, and the rules must allow that to happen …

We have major international banks that are based in the UK but have branches and activities all over all the world.

We need to make sure that legislation put in place in Brussels is flexible enough to allow those banks to continue competing and succeeding while being located in the UK.

Here’s is what PM Cameron ought to have said to the EU:  BUTT OUT!

Maybe the Tory might have won today with an answer like that.  A blow has been struck for liberty and sovereignty today.  All UKIP needs is the ad man from NO and they’ll win the EU referendum and maybe even a majority in Westminster.



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Tom White Says:

Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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