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Thanks to Jessica Bernier of the Vermont Coalition of Food Sovereignty and organizer of her state’s Ron Paul rally.

Here’s Jessica’s endorsement:


Here’s a RP singalong:


And here’s excerpts from a blog report from the Vermont Campaign for Liberty:

On this particular Saturday we were there to further Dr. Ron Paul’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination and commit to real change, the kind of change that can only come when citizens become informed, committed, active and energetic. We were there to reach out to people of all political philosophies, personal persuasions and lifestyle choices. We were farmers and lawyers and housewives and entrepreneurs and musicians and computer geeks. We were from the Northeast Kingdom and the Banana Belt, the ski towns and the small towns. We were Vermont and we were there to try to take our state and our fellow Vermonters back to when we were strong and self-reliant, when we cherished independence and respected each other and ourselves.

*  *  *

“We demand change and we are willing to work for it,” [organizer Steven] Howard said. As citizens of Vermont and the United States, he said, we can no longer accept the status quo and the two political parties which perpetuate it.

*  *  *

Speaker Jessica Bernier, founder of the Vermont Coalition for Food Sovereignty, reminded us that frugality and ruggedness are essential components of the true Vermont character.  “The Vermonter knows how to make do or do without,” Bernier said.

One thing Vermonters would like to do without, Bernier said, is the constant state of war the United States is in. She reminded the crowd that 18-year-old voters today have lived more than half their lives with their nation at war.

Bernier said issues of import to Vermonters have been taken over at the federal level even though people know better than government officials what is best for them. She called for returning authority to people and local institutions and urged us to use ideas to fight for liberty.

*  *  *

Dick Tracy of the Central Vermont Tea Party Coalition said the three core principles of his group are fiscal responsibility, limited constitutional government and support for free markets.  He illustrated the federal government’s inability to retrain its spending by pointing to our nation’s 15 trillion dollar debt.  *  *  *  Tracy cited Ron Paul and his support for free markets, which he described as nothing more complicated than willing buyers and willing sellers. He expressed concern about healthcare legislation which ignores the economic reality that healthcare is a limited commodity and seeks to subvert market forces.

*  *  *

New Hampshire liberty activist Chris Lawless talked about the methods employed in New Hampshire to earn Ron Paul a second place finish in that state’s January primary and urged us to get off our computers and go out and talk to people in Vermont.  You can’t let Romney get fifty percent,” Lawless said. He said Ron Paul needs to win a minimum of twenty percent of the votes cast March 6 in order to gain delegates and that translates into at least 8,000 votes. To reach that number, he said, we need to see through crude stereotypes, form coalitions of people from diverse backgrounds and viewpoints, find commonalities and reach out and get more people involved. Common sense, Lawless said, is our common ground.  *  *  *  “We are on the cusp of the next revolution,” He said. “We, the people, need to make the decisions to take back our towns, our states – take back what is ours.”

Blogger’s note:  We need to prevent Romney from getting 50% in the Commonwealth too!

[Civil libertarian Maurice] Kinney then cited the USAPATRIOT act as a “systematic effort to deprive us of our civil liberties” and said Ron Paul was the only candidate talking about this dangerous law.  *  *  *  Quoting Samuel Adams he said, “It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” He then urged us to be pyromaniacs for freedom.

Keynote speaker Robin Koerner, a blogger at the Huffington Post, publisher of and coiner of the phrase “Blue Republican,” converted to the Austrian economics viewpoint in his early thirties. He looked around the Vermont State legislative chamber at the more than 80 people in attendance and said “This is what a state capital looks like when it is actually filled with people who love liberty,” for which he received a resounding round of applause. *  *  *  Moving on to the current state of the nation, Koerner said Obama is Bush-plus and the only course for principled liberals and democrats is to support Ron Paul. He reeled off a list of abuses by the federal government, including corporations and lobbyists writing federal legislation, violations of the fourth amendment and due process laws, the National Defense Authorization Act and the lack of financial privacy. Some laws, he said, actually make it illegal to tell the truth. For instance, banks are required to file suspicious reports on their clients but cannot tell clients that the government is accessing their records, even if asked.
it was a great day in the Green Mountain state!  Thanks to Jessica Bernier for the info!

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Nothing is more conservative than a republican wanting to get their majority back. And nothing is more liberal than a republican WITH a majority.

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